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The 2K Touring Digital Darkroom

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

...a few digital pictures from the road. Click on the thumbnail for the larger version.  

Viewing Note: These are digital photos taken and uploaded in low-resolution format. For best fidelity, set your monitor to a moderate resolution and as many colors as possible. All photos © 2000 unless otherwise noted

Better Living...
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The Steely Dan Orchestra 2000

Sept 19, 2000 - Dusseldorf

All Against Nature: The Class of 2000
Not pictured: Doug Casper: Mark Carpenter
Thirty-five sweet goodbyes in progress
[Photos by Jim Pugh and Jon Herington]

Eggheads In Repose

Not Gothic->Almost Gothic->Gothic

In Berlin, Tom Barney checks out
"Schatzi The Safety Bear"
--- his award for saving WB's neck in Rotterdam

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Why, Jim Pugh and the Digeridoo do!

Ted Baker

W&D backstage in Paris with Catherine Deneuve.
No really, she was there!
We were just too flustered to get the shot :-(

CAUTION: Everything sounds good
in French

How do you say "Fifteen Minutes" in French?

Detective Skip House Jr. sings the blues

Art Dreco?

"Oh No -- William and Mary Won't Do!"
London, Sept 10
Aqua Velvet: The Steely Dan women melt a few Brits

Welcome to London

The ever-stylish Jeff Blackie, winner of
1996's "Best Dressed Du Tour" Award,
with WB in Birmingham

Cynthia Calhoun... Glasgow

"If a body meet a body...

...coming through the rye"

Working on wardrobe for Oslo...


The horn section sings!
Premiere of new song at THE STEELY DAN SHOW
in Oslo

I want my MTV3

Cats on the town in Stockholm

Viking hard so you don't have to

The Pyssling:
Coming soon to a theater near you

The Billys -- reunited
[Photo by Victoria Cave]

Buddy Holly Airlines
[Photo by Victoria Cave]

North America

Let's head to Europe

Kevin and Jon's average combined score
for N. American audiences this summer
[figure-skating system]

SD's Traveling Braintrust (from left):
Richard Fernandez [Tour Manager]
Chris Adamson [Production Manager]
Doug Casper [Tour Manager]

The True Crew
[click on photo for IDs]

(from left):
Skip Gildersleeve [Guitar Tech]
Bruce Jacoby [Drum Tech]
Wayne Williams [Keyboard Tech]

Jennifer Dreesen [Production Coordinator]
and Don Garber [Monitor Engineer]

"If these are valid receipts,
then I'm 'Troutfishing in America Shorty'"
Tour Accountant Harvey Schaps

Merchandising Rep Peter Kernan

The ever-enigmatic Michael Leonhart

The ever-glorious Cornelius Bumpus

The EverReady: Ricky Lawson
[Photo by Jim Pugh]

The ever-present danger
[Photo by Jim Pugh]

"Nintey minutes from New York to Paris?!"
Tour Manager Doug Casper will make it happen

Lighting Designer/Director Jon Pollak

Video Visual Master Kevin Campbell

Front-Of-House Sound Engineer Dave Morgan

"Buy & Boogie" Winners Shirl and Jim Talbott
in Raleigh

The Griswalds at Gate 7
[Photo by Jim Pugh]

"Buy & Boogie" Winner Gregg House
with his father Mel House in Columbia, MD

Jim Pugh:
Maybe HE could "play it with hooks"

During the Camden show, Philly native
Ted Baker was presented with the coveted
Bunsen Prize...

...thereafter earning him the approbation
of a certain subset of
the touring party

Brunch in Santa MONKina:
Becker, Herington, Pugh, Baker

Baker and the Leonhart kids
play an 8-bar blues at The Rock
[Photo by Jim Pugh]

F#major distended 7th flat 9 ... baby ?

Roger Nichols:
"Oh, I see:
Cousin Dupree, e=mc2...
it's all relative!"

Ted Baker and friends

Tom's an upright guy

Trumpet pinch-hitter Tony Kadleck
and tutor extraordinaire Jim Pugh

Streakers on the big screen
at Jones Beach

Come Rain Or Come Shine:
Jones Beach, July 3

A genuine V.I.P.

The Healing Waters Of ...

Bob Sheppard and friend

We all breathe a little easier
when it's Jim's turn for hall patrol

We got a crasher!!!

Pretzel Logic

Ted "Mothra" Baker
and Production Manager/Gag Operator
Chris Adamson

It Happened In Milwaukee...

What does it all mean...?

No one seems to know.

"Buy & Boogie" Winners Jeff & Debi Rand
in their seats at Las Vegas

D&W presented with Platinum Sales award for
"Two Against Nature", 6/13/00, with Irving Azoff (l)
and Craig Fruin (r)

And you call yourself a real fan:
Frank Edmonds in San Diego

The Gorge:
A long way from anywhere


Sold Out Tokyo

Opening Night

W. Becker

D. Fagen

Victoria Cave, Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun

Fagen, Cave, Leonhart, Calhoun

W. Becker

Fagen, Jon Herington

Great gig food!

Fagen, Ted Baker, Becker

Vicky Cave, Jon Herington

Tom Of Speed:
Tom Barney on the Bullet Train

Michael Leonhart, Ari Ambrose

Mine is the black one

Cornelius Bumpus, Ari Ambrose

Cynthia Calhoun

Donald Fagen

Jon Herington

A fan with good taste

Carolyn Leonhart, before departure

Ricky Lawson and Japan promoter Massi Hayashi

Jim Pugh

Gear Sluts Convention East:
Roger Nichols and Walter Becker

Things are looking up

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