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And the winner is.....

Subj: post dan depression
Date: 96-09-17 18:11:53 EDT


me and the wife caught up with you at the nec/birmingham, was that enough for me, was it hell, i needed another fix badly. There i was on the morning of sunday the 15 sept entertaining my two young kids,but my mind was somewhhere else, where, yeah DUBLIN the last of euro gigs. I turned to lindy and said "i've gotta go". she said where, i said ireland. what at 12 0'clock on a sunday from wales, you cant even get a bus outta wales on a sunday, she said!!. I am going (please) and spent the next 3 hours trying to get through to the point theatre box office, continualy engaged.


Subj: nec/point /tokyo ,yeah go for it
Date: 96-09-17 18:58:55 EDT


its me the guy who's demonised computer sent you a half finished e-mail bastard thing any way i think i was rambling i've just gotta see you guys again, wales to tokyo without a ticket youve gotta be kidding, no im not. guys i've gotta see the two tokyo gigs then come home and be a good father and provider (well maybe)

how can i get tix i'm going whether ive got tix or not

point me in the right direction fellas please!!!

jeff blackie
rhewl, mostyn flintshire
wales uk

ps. oh by the way you were great, nice bit of crowd control at the point walt (hee hee)

email me walt!!!


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