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From: Becker
To: Les Weaver
Re: This little problem with the website
Hey Les!

you crusty old fuck...nice work, you blew that old web site up real good, didn't you? And, yes, I couldn't agree more - you look magnificent in brown, it is your perfect color. The only thing, Les, the only thing is this: those complaints about us being too wrapped up in the web deal - those complaints, Les, that was four fucking months ago, well before your girlfriend's arraignment, for crissakes. Nowadays, Les, the word on the streets and on the shit-smeared pages of the Steely webworld is that there's not nearly enough going on on the Dan site, what with the May 98 release date a plausible enough fiction to frighten those geeks, and what with their minus lives and their computer fetishes and their bogus personas - but wait. I'm getting ahead of myself here. The point, Les, is simply that we have got to have some new stuff on this page pretty soon or there's gonna be a torchlight procession heading our way. Under the circumstances, and given the SD Webdrone's shameless abdication of duty in deference to what is laughingly referred to as the Webdrone's "real job", I have no choice but to rehire you in your previous capacity, although at a substantially reduced rate of pay (Lisa will call with the details). So look - here are a couple of items that I want to get fleshed out, pronto.

1. Summer '97 Schedule: this one is way overdue, people are clamoring to know, there is all sorts of rampant speculation going on out there. Let's let everyone know where and when, A.S.A.P. Call up Gail, she could have this ready by 3 PM now that she's not working on the Dylan account anymore.

2. Xanadu East: now that the River Sound mess is straightened out and the makeover is all but complete, shouldn't we start working on the new page? Tell Deb this has to be finished before the wedding.

3. The Deal with Pete: there are now 20 or more "Stump the Fogel" winners out there who have not received their $1,000 bonds - this was a bet I had with Pete, he lost fair and square, now he's gotta pay off those clowns and he's dragging his heels. I know he doesn't have that kind of dough himself but he knows where to get it, right? Send Moishe down there to put the fear of God in that boy. I can't hold back all these winners much longer.

4. The New CD: this is what people are most curious about - and we can maybe give them a 'Dan Workshop' works-in-progress kind of look at what's going on and how we're doing. Last year it was the DanCam, this year's model will be lots better than that.

5. The Making of "Babylon Sisters" - as you are well aware, this baby is all but ready to go. Fix'em up.

...enough already. Bambi says I have to drive her and her babysitter home now. I know you have a lot to do, and not much time or talent to do it with, so welcome back, Brownie, let's get crackin'.

P.S.I almost forgot! During your absence, the access codes to the Executive Washroom have been changed and in fact the seniority requirements have been substantially upgraded as well. Sorry.

Header Graphic: Eric "Rudy" Schuttler

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