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Look -- we're a little busy now, ok? We're a little preoccupied here. We got stuff to do. But just because we can't answer the mail doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to read a sampling of it, right? In fact, I daresay some of you should start pulling your weight around here and answer some of these fine people's questions. Now tell me, is that too much to ask?

From: Jamo1000 <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 11:17:13 EST
Subject: 105K...Really?


Imagine my surprise to actually be looking at cringe MTV and actually
hearing an SD mention. Seems like your friends Tariq et al, are a little put
out by your pricing structure on samples. Yeah, well fuck them- they didn't
write it, did they? Kudos for sticking it to the man! The irony's not lost on
me, amigos. The spokesmannequin said 105K was "eight times the average cost"
of a sample. I'd say given the state of popular music nowadays they got off
light. Really drives home Don's "robber baron" remark.

Anyhow, the duo were interviewed and really came off like a couple of pussies.
They bitched and whined and pissed about how their record sold more than black
cow and they wanted you to actually play b.c. live and they would jump in and,
jesus, it's just too awful to even think about. But they slagged you
mercilessly for not returning their calls, and "stealing" (hah) from them. You
really should have your lawyers get a transcript.

I do have a question though, when were you notified of the sample use- before
or after the song was recorded? And how did you decide on $105,000?

Well done!


PS The headshots MTV used made you guys look like soviet moles.

Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:07:23 -0800
From: Zonker <>
Subject: integrity in music

I've been a fan of you guys for a while now, but I recently heard
something that makes me like you guys more. That is that you have
integrity as artists and you won't stand for some rappers ripping you
guys off. It's about time someone stood up for true musical artists
everywhere. Once again thank you for doing what is right.

Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 21:40:40 -0600
From: Chris Mayo <>
Subject: Steelymail

Hi Don and Walt,
I was just listening to the song "Pearl of the Quarter" on Countdown
to Ecstacy. I heard a guitar riff on it very smiliar to the opening to
Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk," only slowed down a bit. Was this
intentional or just an accident?

P.S. My dad too went to Bard College in 1969, but dropped out after his
first semester.

From: MundusViri <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 02:50:21 EST
Subject: Uptown Baby, Uptown Baby....

Somebody ought to stick it to those Lord Tariq and Peter Gunns guys for
bad mouthing Fagen and Becker on MTV....They should have considered $105,000 a
deal. A million dollars would still be doing them a huge favor.
However, the fact that they even made the song could be thought of as a
sizeable gesture of props-giving on their part, as well as considerable
originality in the riff-stealing game, because they could have just ripped off
P-Funk, like everybody else. I hope I never see Steely Dan in a Burger King
On a lighter note, my sister saw Steely Dan back in summer '96 in
Norfolk, or Hampton Rhoads, or wherever the hell you played in Virginia that
summer. She was terribly happy to have been able to see you guys in the flesh
like that. Me, I didn't go, because her boyfriend didn't buy me a ticket,
and I don't get out that much anyway. If Steely Dan came to Richmond, though,
I would definitely want to go.

R. Kevin Pemberton Jr.

Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 21:10:54 -0500
From: Paul Schilling <>
Subject: music

Walter, Donald,

thank you.

From: "Robert M. Lacy" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 20:50:03 +0100

I want to say that I am a 15 year old fan of the dan . M mom is also a fan
and we both hope you come to texas soon. Iheard that you might not because
of some rap group and for that they deserve to die. THE DAN RULES !

From: SteelyD63 <>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 00:29:57 EDT
Subject: No Subject

How long has the polling been closed, and who are Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq?
One more thing, when did you make it into the Hall of Fame?


Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 10:41:48 +0200
From: Martijn Drost <>
Subject: what new one?

Dear Gods,

I've been checking the website for months now, and I don't think I0m
going to keep up very long. i mean, where the hell is the new album!!!
Nice cover-art, though... beautiful doggie. So the title is actually
'Working on it'? Reminds me of that 'Residents' album called 'Not
Available'... Never was released. Don't YOU play this trick on me,
because I will probably spill blood (it is not my own) if the album is
not released this year. Please?

Keep up the important work you're doing and release that bitch. While
you're at it: can we have an album of 'hard to finds' such as 'Dallas'
'Sail the Waterway' et cetera? And some more live recordings? How about
that video?

Love you,
Ralph Jas,
The Netherlands

Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 01:29:58 -0400
From: jesi <>


After discovering your web site for the first time one week ago, I
have visited none other. I am a 20 year old college student and have loved
you since the age of 16. You must know that in my home town anyone who was
anyone owned at least 3 Steely Dan albums. I have turned so many kids on to
the band, and have met a few "die-hards" here at college. Answer this one
question for me PLEASE --- will you ever tour again? I've only seen you
twice and am dying for another taste. Take it easy you guys.

Jesi Demers

From: "Debbie" <>
Subject: MY SON'S ADDICTED to.....
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:16:39 -0700

Oh man...I heard if a parent is addicted to something their kid could be,
too. As a 45 yr-old Mom I just didn't think it would happen to MY son! WHAT

I've been addicted to Steely Dan & now my 15-yr-old son Brandon is! ISN'T
THAT JUST SO GREAT? I expect this addiction in my grand-kids. We've baffled
every shrink who's tried to get us into a 12-step Dan program. Shock
therapy has failed. Medication does nothing. Dan de-programming is just a
joke. We don't need help. We need more Steely Dan!!

We LOVE our addiction!
Frienk & Brand

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 16:05:41 -0400
From: "Christopher J. McEvoy" <>
Subject: What Is Love?

Dear Steely Dan,

My rock n' roll ensemble known "Motor City Burgers" (based in Detroit
coincidentally) would like your permission to use 1.2 seconds of your
hit song "FM" in our new single. We decided that we liked those .1.2
seconds so much that we were able to loop it into a 7 minute epic song.
We do not have any money to pay you for the usage of this loop, but we
figure you've probably already made enough money off that silly rap
group using "Black Cow".

By the way, when you do go on tour we would like to be your opening act.
I think all those big time "Dan Fans" would get a kick out of seeing a
bunch of silly 20 year old guys screaming about "pussy". How about you?

Pay a visit to our wonderful website at
and you'll soon understand why. Period.

The Impeccably Dressed Enduro Fontzepontze,
Vocalist - MCB

Subject: Aloha from Spain
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 16:43:58 +0200

Hello Mr. Fagen or Mr. Becker or Mr. Webmaster (in not especial order):

I'm a real spanish-european fan. My english is del terzo mondo, but I want to e-mailing you, if I find the right words. I'm 26 and I a poor man without friend because they don't know the rarous rock and... group named SD (they like Dire Straits, Jean-Miche l Jarre, Vangelis...) I'm a freak? DF is a neurotic (spanish criticism dixit)?, the music of SD is like "neon and plastic palms" (the same musical critic)? The new one is only an illusion or it is real?.

Please, make me happy and justify my life as SD fan. An autograph? A picture? A silver key for the red door? A simply greeting?

Thanks for your social labour.

From: (Neil Loehlein)
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 16:55:11 -0500
Subject: The coolest music on earth

Dear Mr. Whatever,
I'm a young listener of your excellent music, (Well 18 is probably
pretty young for someone who listens to SD) and just wrote to express
my appreciation for your works. I first experienced Steely Dan about a
year ago in a guitar shop I used to work at. Both of my managers were
big Steely Dan fans. They had Gaucho playing through the store's PA. I
heard Babylon Sisters and thought " Boy, this is the worst music I have
ever heard ". (I was still quite musically closed minded at the time)
After listening to Gaucho and The Royal Scam at work for a month I
slowly grew to liking Steely Dan. The music grooved in a way I never
thought possible. I soon managed to scrounge up some cash and bought A
Decade of Steely Dan. That wasn't enough, I had become hooked on Steely
Dan. I bought Citizen Steely Dan a month later. It was more than worth
the price I paid for it. The cool thing is that some of my friends are
becoming interested in your music. I can't wait for the new album to
come out. If you decide to tour to support the album I will definately
be there. Thanks again for the wonderful music.
Neil T. Loehlein

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 14:00:29 -0400
From: (Scott Taylor)
Subject: Dodo, etc.

...I just happen to be flippen the channels when I saw a gastly vision on my screen,
Donald & Walter on, gasp!, MTV News. Talk about a double take! The bit
went on to say how these rappers samples Black Cow and that Donald and
Walter spurned them on their request to be on MTV live playing Black Cow.
They were also fairly upset that they had to pay around $125,000. for the
sample, nearly three times the industry norm. Well, well, well. First off
I am not the biggest proponant to sampling but you guys got off lightly
paying 125k for the sample. Great job guys. As much as I want to see you
guys live on TV, I just assume wait on the HOF induction ceremony! Oh
yeah, why weren't you in the studio working when Lord Tariq and Co. came by
for a visit? You're never gonna finish it are you? Anyway, the segment
made my day/

Scott Taylor

From: Shondi Lottie <>
Subject: Does Mr. Fagen read his mail?
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:54:36 -0700

Many of the few fond memories of my childhood are intimately tied to your songs. I must have been about 6 years old, and my mom's loser boyfriend had an old VW bug, with an 8 track. The blue Aja 8 track cartridge literally melted onto the player- whenvere the engine was on, so were you. We used to drive west on sunset to the sea, and in the "whitefolks" part of town, our mom did quiet us, turning the jungle music down. We'd drive around Venice Beach in the sun, your words spilling out of that raggedy german car, smiling, knowing we were the lucky ones. My brother and I would just sit in the cramped back seat trying to figure just what these white boys were saying. We especially used to howl at Black Cow. Thats what we'd call our big-hipped mama when she got on our nerves. I didnt know it was a drink until I was 20.

I was raised in South Central Los Angeles, home of the drive by shooting. I am a black woman who has seen to much to soon. I would have never survived the hood if not for your music. When you defiantly announced that your old school could kiss it, my back stiffened a bit. It is painful to hear so many of your songs now. I escaped my concrete hell, and let your words lead me far and away. I wasnt another wasted nigger with heartache for future, I was a sister, and I was from Babylon.

Thank you for being.

Shondi Lottie

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 15:51:05 +0100
Subject: Words not to use in songs

In your "words not to use in songs" you include "SQUIRREL". I would just
like to point out that the song "Century of Elvis" by Belle & Sebastien, a
Glaswegian folk-rock band, found on the EP Lazy Line Painter Jane uses the
word "Squirrel" (three times). Anyone else know songs that use any of these


Harry Smith

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:19:35 -0500
From: Jeffrey Lovell <>
Subject: Time on your hands...

PLEASE tell me that someone other than Becker and Fagan are spending all the
time it must take to put this site together. I can't gripe about it being
short on content (unlike much of the Web), but I am REALLY impatient about the
next album/8-track/CD coming out ASAP.

Just a concerned fan,

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 17:01:30 -0400
From: "Andrew, Curtis" <>
Subject: Suicide et al

I have been trying to end it all for a good number of years now...only
the propsect of a new album has kept me from sucking on a tailpipe...ok
that and pictures of Clinton with his new short fat toothless intern.
Anyway produce one soon or my meaningless death will be on your hands.

A Fan

From: CCAPPEL375 <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 21:30:40 EDT
Subject: Hula Hula

Dan cam? Hawaii? Beatiful Women? Killer Tunes?????????
Walt & Don, I want IN !!!!!!!!!!

From: Invested3x <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:20:30 EDT
Subject: Words To Songs

Dear Steely Dan,
Will you please send me a list of the words to all of your songs
composed by Don and Walt? If you do, I would appreciate it because I'm a big
fan. I like jazz music without electronic instruments but I still like Don on
the synthesizer and Walt on electric guitar and electric bass. If you can make
sure you have these songs: Doctor Wu, Bad Sneakers, Black Friday, Rose
Darling, and Dirty Work. I play the alto saxophone with my school band. My
band teacher is a big fan of yours too, (he was born in New York) I live in
Wilmette, Illinois. Please read this and answer me.

David K.
Huge fan of Steely Dan and jazz

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 21:55:03 -0700
From: xx <xx-Spam@Stinks-xx.xx>

Please do not post my e-mail address on line. I had always heard that the
band was named after a vibrator. Is that just an urban myth? Please
respond. There is a bet riding on this.

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:22:40 -0700
From: Ken Robarge <>
Subject: Bleatings and Salivations

Dear Walt and Don,
I am usually not one to fawn nor swoon over celebrities, but since you
seem to welcome feedback via this website, I thought I'd toss in my two
cents' worth. I have been enamored of the music of Steely Dan since I
first heard "Reelin' in the Years" come over the airwaves back in the
early '70s. I was a bit miffed when I read that Brian Sweet referred to
the song "Through with Buzz" as a "throwaway", since it has always been
a particular favorite of mine. You gotta love a lyric with one line per
verse! I'm sure you fellas didn't consider it a throwaway when you were
recording it, although your feelings may have changed over the years.
Donald, your vocals have always embodied just the right mix of sneering
cynicism and heartbreaking sweetness; Walter, I was knocked out by your
soulful vocal performance of "Book of Liars" on Alive in America. Your
musicianship and the harmonic composition and lyrical content of your
songs is without parallel (fawn, fawn; swoon, swoon).
I look forward with much anticipation to the release of the new Steely
Dan album. Thank you both, and your scurvy brothers, for years of
musical excellence, wry acerbic humor, and definite signs of intelligent
life on earth.
Smoking cobalt cigarettes,
Ken Robarge, luckless pedestrian

From: SAtki21014 <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:04:34 EDT
Subject: more music

walter, donald, theband! We need more music from you! We need more live
appearances. My LPs are worn out. I've replaced them with CDs - they're
wearing out. I sing your songs all day long My kids hate me - why? I can't
sing. I've been sing your songs since 1972. Please do some more shows in
England soon. I saw you twice last time. Can't you get Larry to come with you
some time? Love you, Steve.

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 13:43:10 +0200
From: Patrick Pfau <>
Subject: More expressions to avoid

Hello to all Steely Dan members,
this is Patrick and Denis from Germany.
We wish you the best for the new album.
We like the site with the expresions to avoid in a recording session
best. Maybe you laugh as hard bout the ones below, we certainly do:

Not bad - for a layman.
Trust me - I know something about these things.
If you can't do better, do it anyway.

Hope to see you in Germany soon,
Best wishes and greetings,
Denis and Patrick

From: "mknowles" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:19:46 +1200

Hi guys! I've just discovered your site and I'm delighted that you have not
yet faded away.

I picked up the reference in the New Zealand `Listener' magazine -
co-incidence because it was there that I read are view of you `Aja' album,
bought it for a teenage daughter and started a family affair with your

The kids have now moved up and away - the youngest is 35 - and I now have
this problem. Where does an elderly gentleman find the courage to go into a
record shop and buy CDs to replace the old LPs that have been worn out from
enthusiastic playing from the bright young things at the cash desks ...

I'm listening to too much Bach and Mozart ...


Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:10:56 +2509
From: "Mrs. Jayashre Singh" <>
Subject: vote of thanks

This is a letter of gratitude from a singer/songwriter in India who
learnt it all from you guys - how to sing, how to write, how to listen
to music, how to watch the world we live in - so what can one say but
thanks for changing the way I live and work and play.

Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:00:50 -0500
From: James Cawfield <>
Subject: DODO

Is anybody going to change the webpage? I'm SICK of seeing "Dodo"
everytime I visit. Who the hell is that anyway?



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