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Look -- we're a little busy now, ok? We're a little preoccupied here. We got stuff to do. But just because we can't answer the mail doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to read a sampling of it, right? In fact, I daresay some of you should start pulling your weight around here and answer some of these fine people's questions. Now tell me, is that too much to ask?

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 08:17:13 +1300
From: Brent Wheeler <>
Subject: The Whole Damn Thing

Hi - just a thanks for helping (only just at this point) keep a little
sanity. Your music and the ideas in it have helped. I feel a bit like
Lester Young looking at Birdland thru a bottle - so OK we all do, I
guess? Waiting for the danger on the rocks to "surely pass".
Thanks D&W

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 21:41:35 +0100
From: Markus Digion <>
Subject: Produced by Walter Becker

Dear Walter, pls send me a list of all albums where you were the produ-
cer. I am looking forward to receiving your e-mail. Many thanks. md.

From: Jcole5545 <>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 16:11:32 EST
Subject: sports

hey guys,

just wanted to say that i really enjoy the music..'m a 30 yr old sportscaster
covering both the washington and baltimore sports scene. Are you, donald and
walter, big sports fans? who do you guys follow .and do you have any plans to


From: (Jon S.)
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 18:42:45 -0500
Subject: To Donald and Walter

I just want to thank you guys for the countless hours of happiness and
pleasure your music has brought to me...
looking forward to more years of your majestic sounds..
-Jon, Phila PA

Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 00:25:58 -0500
From: Alix Leger <>
Subject: Song Title

How's it going? I'm a big Steely Dan fan but I'm really only familiar
with their hits. Anyway, I've been trying to get a hold of this tune,
either by them or just Donald Fagen but I don't know the title so I
can't find the song. The chorus goes: "What a beautiful world this
would be, what a glorious time to be free". Do you know what the title
is a how I could get a copy of this song? Thanks.

From: "Eric Payne" <>
Subject: Song Title
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 22:08:30 -0600

I am trying to find the name of a song by Steely Dan, but I don't know the
name of it.

It has the lyrics of "What a wonderful world it will be" in it

Can you send me the name of this song


Eric Payne

From: Moran79 <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 06:10:43 EST
Subject: Music

OK, I can't explain why I love the music so much, but I do. I am only 18
years old and a college student at Southern Illinois University, but the sweet
sound of Steely Dan entered my life as a young child. My father, was very
young himself when I was born, was in his late teen years and loved Steely
Dan. I remember sitting in the car, hearing the opening riff of "Reelin' in
the Years" and absolutely hating it. i thought it was just dumb "old people's
music". Well, when I came to my senses and got a clue, after growing out of
my "I think rap music is cool" 12 year old phase, I became a true sixth
grader. My teacher's name was Kevin Harris and he had each and every Steely
Dan vinyl masterpiece. I remember his favorite was "Can't Buy A Thrill" and
all he ever wanted to listen to was "Dirty Work", "Midnight Cruiser", and
"Fire In The Hole". I thought that the music was so awesome, but all the kids
in school thought I was a geek for liking it. Hell, I didn't give half a
shit, it was just great. I do like other kinds of music too, such as the
Beatles, Zepplin, Floyd, ya know, the classics. But there is not one band out
there that will ever, or could ever, compare to Steely Dan. I guarantee you I
have listened to "Aja" over 200 times. I can sing every lyric from cover to
cover from 4 albums. I tried my hardest to see you guys over the summer at
"The World" in Chicago, but I had a funeral to go to, so I had no other
option. I hope to God that you guys tour again soon because I don't want to
go too long without seeing the Dan live. Friends of mine still say "How can
you listen to this shit?" I just say, "You just don't get it." They don't, no
taste. I am just happy as hell that these albums exist and that you guys make
such good music. I had to fill a stress survey for school last week and they
asked what my favorite thing to do to relax was? Sunday morning, rain or
shine, steal Dad's Jaguar, load the CD changer with Steely Dan and drive to
our house in Indiana. Nothing sounds better than "Green Earrings" on those
Harman-Kardon speakers at 100mph. I love it. I just really want to express a
sincere thank you for creating such great music that stands in a world of its
own. Like I said before, nothing compares to Steely Dan or ever will. Thanks

Chris Moran

From: "J. Kelly" <>
Subject: Great job on the web page!
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:02:22 -0800

I have been on line since Thanksgiving of this year. This is the first
site that's made me think it's money well spent. This is the kind of stuff
the Internet should be used for.

Enough gushing. Keep up the good work.


From: "J. Kelly" <>
Subject: Chipmunks Christmas song in Book of Liars?
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 14:59:24 -0800

Maybe it's my imagination, but in listening to the song "Book of Liars," I
swear I hear the melody, "Christmas, Christmas time is near..." from the
Chipmunks. Either I have an overactive imagination, fueled by the subject
of the lyrics, or that Becker, he's pretty slick. That's what I like about
these guys: I've been playing that record since December '95 and I'm still
hearing surprises. Keep up the good work, both of you.


Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 14:38:07 +1100
From: Michael Wayland <>
Subject: stolen van

Dear Mr Steely Dan,

My friends and I are jazz musicians from Sydney,
Australia. And we are planning to release an instrumental album entitled
"Stolen Van" . Among other tracks by other artists we have recorded
several of your compositions including " Rose Darling" , " Babylon
Sisters", "Here at the Western World" , " The Caves of Altamira", "Third
World Man " . Stolen Van is a piano trio , Sean Wayland (Piano) Adam
Armstrong ( Bass) and Simon Barker ( Drums ) . Please email us back and
we will send you a CD if you tell us where to send it. We are releasing
on a small independent jazz label called RUFUS records.

Thank you for your music. Look forward to hearing back.

Yours in Music,

Sean Wayland.

From: "Tyler Convention and Visitors Bureau" <>
Subject: Meaning of "Aja"
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 11:36:12 -0600

Greetings from Texas!!

My husband & I loved "Aja" so much that we named our daughter Aja. (she's
now 15 & beautiful!!) She gets TONS of compliments on her name, and about
three people we know have named their daughters Aja because they like the
name so much. We would like to know what the name means and/or where the
name of the song/album came from...any help out there??

I've searched the web, checking all kinds of sites that give the meaning of
all kinds of names & read all your e-mail, but have never found Aja.

My brother, also an avid SD fan, used to have an Aja t-shirt...any chance
there are still some available?

Thanks for all the wonderful music, great times, memories and a perfect
name for our daughter!

Aja's mom

From: "Cameron, Don" <>
Subject: South Pacific tour
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:25:23 +1300

Dear Donald

Maybe next time you visit Walter in Hawaii you could get him to pack his
bags also and carry on down to the South Pacific. We'd love to see a
concert down here in New Zealand, so come down and check the place out.
I promise all 4 of your fans in the South Island of New Zealand would
come to see you guys play.

Don Cameron.

From: "Dean Pawley" <>
Subject: The Dan
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 03:20:39 -0800

I can't remember the first time I heard The Dan. It must have been when I
was listening to my uncles LP's in the basement of my grandmother's house.
I didn't know who you were, but I liked the music. Hey, I was like, what 8
or 9. I also remember seeing ads on TV for aja. After that, I'm sure I
heard The Dan here and there for years not knowing who you were.

The first time I knew who Steely Dan is was when I was in the service on a
security post guarding something or other in '90. I was in a truck, alone
and all I had was my radio. Then I heard "Black Cow". Yeah, I've heard
that song before I said. Then when it was over and I had stopped singing
along, the DJ said "Steely Dan". The next day I went out to the record
store (they don't sell records anymore, but I still call it that) and bought
the CD with the crinkled paper cover. I know I'm not good with remembering
names, but I remember how things look and feel. I'm sure there are a lot of
die hard fans screaming out something like "Greatest Hits, you moron" or
whatever the name of the CD is, but hey, that's me.

Man, I can tell you if that CD was an old LP, it would have worn out after
two months. I played it constantly. Still do, even after I've lost the CD
case and have scratches all over the CD. Even went out and bought the brand
new (at that time) Karmakiriad CD that Don Fagen put out.

Well, I've babbled enough. And to be honest, I haven't read much of what
other fans have written. I'm sure that what I've said is probably among the
same stuff.

I just wanted you to know that I have heard no other music like Steely Dan
and I really enjoyed the concert I saw at the Shoreline in Milpitas
California. It was the best. If I'm lucky, this Christmas I'll get a box
set of The Dan. I'm not really a fanatic, but I know that I'll always enjoy
whatever you put out.



Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:24:52 -0600
From: Samuel Ramirez <>
Subject: I want the lirics.

I'm a serius fan of Steely Dan Band, I work for Televisa whom makes
televison here in Mexico. I've been searching for the lirics in many
places, but i couldn't find anything.

I would love to have the lirics, so if you don't mind, I will apreciate.
to e-mail my request.

Truly Yours,

Samuel Ramírez.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 13:03:13 -0500
From: Paul Hamer <>
Subject: SEE BELOW





Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 13:51:06 -0500
From: Rush <>
Subject: your autographs

Dear Donald and Walter,

Could you kindly scan in both of your signatures so
that when we buy an autographed item of yours, we know
its legit?

Thanks, Mark

From: (Jon S.)
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 16:06:15 -0500
Subject: To Donald and Walt

You might think I have a fart in my head or something, but I'd like to
propose something to you: I would like to be your promotions manager for
the 20something crowd.
I believe that this is a huge, mostly untapped audience for your music,
and I'd like to try and convey why SD should be listened to.
Though I have no experience in marketing ( just graduated with finance
and economics), I am smart, hardworking, and have good cxommunication
Thanks for your consideration
-J. Shayne

From: "Florida Rebel" <>
Subject: Black Cow
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 09:35:22 PST

Donald Fagen,

In Miami Florida I have a bet going with a local radio station
on what beverage you are referring to in the song "Black Cow".
A quick response would be appreciated due to the radio station has it
on the air right now..
Florida Rebel

From: MSmith4227 <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 19:44:41 EST
Subject: the state of things

I have listened to all of the music over and over again throughout the years.
I keep coming to the same conclusion: You guys are so fucking cool that it
scares me!

P.S. I would love to know where i can pick up a copy of "Dallas" and some more
of the earlier stuff. Any ideas??? Please let me know.

C. Smith

> From: Serge ALBOHAIR <>
Subject: de France...
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 00:24:56 +0100

Depuis si lontemps... je voulais vous dire merci.
Aujourd'hui musicien de jazz, je le suis devenu avec votre accompagnement
depuis + de 20 ans.

From: (Argus Financial)
Subject: The Caves of Altamira
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 08:45:28 -0600

This one has always bugged me, would you please fill in the blank.

...Heard the call and they wrote it on the wall for you and me and the __________?


Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 14:24:32 -0600
From: shankyou <>
Subject: new joint in town

Good day,We have opened a new club in new orleans and are interested in
booking nothing but big name bands and we are trying to get some info on
tours of the bands so we can getan idea of what you guys would like in
terms of the amount of payment,transportation,accomodations,dining and
any other new orleans style of hospitality that we help with. Thank you
and the info you needto contact us is: Jimmy Collings c/o RIVERSHACK
TAVERN 3449 river road,jefferson,louisana 70121 (504)737-8780

From: "Greg Howard" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 11:54:42 +0000
Subject: You CAN buy a thrill...


A brief note of thanks to you for helping provide me with gainful
employment over the past several years. My brother and his original
business partner started their small computer company:
"Pretzel Logic Systems"
(My goodness. Where do you suppose they got their inspiration
from?) in 1987, and it continues to operate (in Michigan) even now.
After three years with PLS, I just moved to the Left Coast, where I
have opened my own computer company. Unfortunately, since the most
appropriate Steely Dan album title is already in use, I was forced to
settle for - AJA Systems, Inc. (Suggestions by some "friends" that I
consider using "The Royal Scam" were dutifully ignored).

Over the years, those few intelligent and discerning folk who
recognized the derivation of the "Pretzel Logic" name, turned out to
be the most satisfying clients we could ask for - as any Steely Dan
fan would expect.
I have no doubt this trend will continue in my new business
incarnation, as anyone who truly appreciates your music tends to have
other admirable qualities as well. (Tho' I will admit that many of
them seem to have lost a few brain cells, that is attributable to
their having "survived" the 60's- not because they listened to your
music for all these years!)

Thanks for all the inspirations, the happy times, and most of all
your music. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors,
with one small caveat: Could you please title your next CD something
like "Internet Dreams"? While Pretzel Logic Systems works
brilliantly, and AJA Systems is nice, I would really appreciate a new
title that more accurately depicts what my business is really about.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Greg Howard
AJA Systems, Inc.
(Former President - Pretzel Logic Systems)

Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 23:53:17 +0100
From: Tomislav Hristic <mchrile-Spam@Stinks-EUnet.yu>
Subject: This day

This day was really bad. With rain, with no calls, with no money...
And then it happened. SD are working again. It was really something.
We love you, Maja & Tomislav from Yugoslavia.

Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 10:19:44 +0000
From: John Cowgill <>
Subject: Epic site you have

I just discovered your site and I must say it is HUGE. Of course I would
expect nothing less from you guys.

John Cowgill

From: "Robert Bursey" <>
Subject: This whole thing is a (royal) scam
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 19:58:00 -0800

I don't think this site has anything to do with the real Dan. Why? Because
the real McCoy would not spend endless hours whining about not having a
reason to go to Cleveland. The guys I remember would tell them to stick it
in their ear. And with a jazzy beat. Are these the same iconoclasts that
spurned the Grammies in 1977? Could have guaranteed admission if they'd
just showed up back then. But no, they had integrity.

Worse still, this is the real Dan, and they've changed. They really are
screaming and crying. Almost as if this popularity contest means something.

And to be like everybody else, they've sold out. They have just given their
new friend and business partner Bill Gates permission to use "Home at Last"
to sell Windows ninety whatever.

"Well the
Crashing of the apps is surely passed
Still it
Remains stable and fast
Could it be
That it is worth the pain at last
Pain at last"

Either way, not a very pretty picture. So outrageous.

Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:26:29 -0500
From: "Brian E. Smith" <>
Subject: A Black Cow?

Kirschwasser? Ok, I've had it. Been busted smoking (not quite)
Coloumbian and drinking Jose Cuervo outside yer show last time in
Cincinati. My question is (being a bartender) is.. What the fuck is a
Big Black Cow? It's not listed in Mr. Bostons guide, or anywhere else
for that matter. Please set my mind at ease and indulge me in my
indulgences. King Richard says Hi and that his kids are well fed. Much
Love and keep on doing whatever it is that yer doin'.
Ky Love...Brian E. Smith

From: "Erling Ruben Holme" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 20:02:15 +0100

Hello fellows!
When are you comming to play in Norway?
Please be soon!
Have you ever played in Norway berfore?
There's a lots of fans here.
There's even a radio-program that plays all your music.
I hope you can make it.

Erling Holme

From: ZtirfThgil <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 07:23:35 EST
Subject: "Time out of Mind" question

This is great, emailing Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, you musical genii! I
have studied your music for pleasure and for much musical inspiration - I'm a
drummer and remain heavily influenced by the stellar performances that you
bludgeoned out of some of the groovin'-est musicians on the scene.

However, I have always been troubled by something. There is one snare drum
hit about half-way through "Time out of Mind" that is muffled and a bit behind
the beat - almost like you tried to punch in an overdub unsuccessfully
(perhaps to replace a lousier sounding snare hit?). What's the story on this?
My brother used to engineer at Sigma Sound studios in Philadelphia (previously
in NYC), and one of the old pro engineers bad-mouthed your SD producer
(Nichols, was it?), hurling scathing invective to the effect that he was
incompetent and that this had to be his fault.

One other problem that is particularly disturbing, concerning the high
standard of hi-fi that you have always espoused: when I bought several of
your CD's (The Royal Scam and Katy Lied in particular), under headphone
scrutiny, and it didn't take much to hear this, I heard disturbing
interference noise - like some track bleeding through at a low volume, running
fast-pitched, backwards, and most noticeably at the beginning and end of
several songs. Again, I mentioned it to the same engineer at Sigma and he
notioned towards Nichols again, rolling his eyes. He made some comment about
him doing a rotten job of transferring the tapes to CD, if I recall correctly.

I remain perplexed that my Steely Dan CD's are tainted like this. I exchanged
the CD's at the store where I bought them and the new ones had the same
problems. After three exchanges, I gave up, deciding that the problem must
have been further up on your end of the production chain somehow - that these
weren't defective CD's per se, but that this problem had to be on all of your
CD's. Does this ring a bell? Are you familiar with the noise I'm referring
to - it's pretty slight, you must be paying attention to hear it, although I'm
sure it would scream loudly at your ears. What can I do to hear these albums
on CD without that noise? Please clue me in if I have somehow missed the

Thanks! Oh - I thoroughly enjoyed your first reunion tour, back in, ... was
it '93? I saw you in Philly, my hometown. Now I rattle the windows with your
tunes in San Diego, Ca. (Carlsbad, actually).

Fritz Light

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:50:46 +0000
From: Phil Jump <>
Subject: swing dan

Is the Donald Fagen produced album of Jazz artists covering SD tracks
available? or is it going to become available?

Excuse my ignorance, i work in a record shop and i'm enquiring on behalf
of one of our customers.

Many thanks


From: Laurie Swygert <>
Subject: Hey, I wonder if this works via my E-Mail program
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 03:29:47 -0500


This is a test. It is only a test. If this had been an actual message then it would say something sparkling and witty. However, this is only a test, so please, get over it.

Thank you and goodbye.

From: PeterB2422 <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 00:37:30 EST
Subject: Digital Equipment

Since the Rock and Roll hall of fame spurned your offer, could I have the
prehistoric digital recording equipment. I beleive I could have a lot of fum
with it, although it may tend to dominate my small apartment.

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 13:48:56 -0600
From: ACC student <>
Subject: Greetings from Mankato, MN!

Dear Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagan,

My father introduced me to your music. When I was a little kid he
used to take me to all of the record stores in Minneapolis and he would
always have the radio on. Whenever a song that he like would come on he
would ask me who it was. I have a great ear for music. Usually I would
have to wait for the singing in the songs to tell him who it was. But,
when you guys came on, I knew it right away and my dad would be so
Well, I am 18 years old now and am a Freshmam at Mankato State
University. I have all of your albums on cd. I would probably have to
say that you are two of the most original and genius musicians that I
have ever heard. I have a question for you though. What excactly would
you call the type of music that you make? I am the only person that I
know of around here that listens to your music and whenever some one
else asks what kind of music it is when I am listening to Steely Dan, I
don't know what to tell them. All I really tell them is to give you
guys an ear because your sound is great.
Hope to hear from you soon.

--Pat Reckinger

From: Joe Silva <>
Subject: Pressure...
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 14:56:20 EST

Don / Walt -

I know you guys might not want to hear
this right now while you're probably
firmly entrenched in the sifting phase,
but after much laboured consideration
I figured it help relieve some of the
undue stress that tends to accumulate
during long and intense bouts of creativity.

As a pop music critic of some reknown,
who's familiar with the massive integrity
of your back catalog, I think I can appreciate
the immense pressure that you both may be under.
And rather than have you guys turn out
sub-standard product, I think you should
both know that as far as the media's concerned
you have the green light to hold back on
releasing this puppy, should you find it
not quite up to snuff at the end of the

Call it a dry run. Call it clearing out
the cob webs. Whatever. And if worst
comes to worst and you need to get
something out on the street because
their are mortgages in the balance
(or any "other" pending debts....),
no one's going to lay into you two
for calling the new record something
or "A PRICEY WARM UP." I'm sure we'll all
be tremndously understanding. Hey, we love
you guys. Besides, the newer kids on the
critique block always need something to
cut their teeth on.

In the interim, have at it! No pressure...



JoE Silva
Senior Contributor
Consumable Online

From: "Roger Carson" <>
Subject: posters
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 18:30:21 -0000

Where can I get some SD posters?



Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 21:28:06 -0300
From: Javier Zajdman <>
Subject: greetigns from Buenos Aires

Nice web Walter
I just wanna tankyou for all these years of great music
By the way. What do you need to play here?

Javi Zajdman

From: "Ed Janx" <>
Subject: Hall of Fame
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 13:27:53 -0500

Because of the insider humor, I am slightly confused with the whole event.
We are planning a HoF campaign w/Deep Purple, so they will hopefully be
inducted w/SD in 99.

Can you clarify a few points? We're SD contacted about the HoF? Did this
initiate the correspondence to the HoF, or did they just assume that they
were being inducted, as this was their first year of eligibility?

Personally, I think SD belong, and it's a shame they weren't inducted in
their first year of eligibility. DP (eligible since 93) will have the same
induction problem as far as multiple personnel in the band, although 4/5th
of the classic line-up is together with Dixie Dregs maestro Steve Morse on

Please contact me, as I'd like to compare notes on what you know about the
induction process. Hopefully, this can lead to a stronger campaign on our

Best Regards,
Ed "Janx" Jankauskas <>
Editorial Team - "The Highway Star"
The Official Deep Purple Website <>
Deep Purple Family Tree Website <>
Help Elect DP to the Rock Hall of Fame <>

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