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Look -- we're a little busy now, ok? We're a little preoccupied here. We got stuff to do. But just because we can't answer the mail doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to read a sampling of it, right? In fact, I daresay some of you should start pulling your weight around here and answer some of these fine people's questions on St. Al's Guestbook. Now tell me, is that too much to ask?

Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 20:51:11 -0700
From: Joe Devich <>
Subject: Set List Suggestions


In the off chance that you venture out again to scare up rent money,
what about a medley of DDLITNYCNM and Monkey in Your Soul? I have no
doubt you could plumb them together harmonically with the proper
inspiration. Seems to me that either or both would hold up admirably
live, and in person.

Thanks for your consideration and the decades of inspiration...


Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 18:04:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The next record album

will be in honolulu 15-23 November.

Can contribut to taht week's chord.

On second thoughts...


CH (Scotland - NOT Glasgow)

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 01:00:04 +0000
From: "randers anders (dk)" <>
Subject: ?DonF on That's the way I feel now ...

Dear all,

the constant demand for distraction only gets stronger.

If my memory doesn't fail there is a Donald Fagen contribution to
Thelonious Monk on *That's the way I feel now* (1984, A&M Records).

None of the real SD maniacs have listed it ...

So, am I wrong?

In case, I am not, which tune is DF covering?

I would like to know before I try hard to get the LP/CD since it's no
longer available ....

randers anders

From: REpifano <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 05:03:57 EST
Organization: AOL (

Are the concert shirts/caps still available?


Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 16:59:37 -0500
From: michael brett meredith <>
Subject: this mess

To Whom it may concern,
I had this vision that the HOF would right all the wrong turns it had
taken in the past and induct Steely Dan this year. Well, at least they
are consistent. But guys, did you really think you had a chance? I
mean, there was no divorce, fighting, bithcing, kicking, biting, or hell
freezing over while you guys were together. Don't you know that it
takes more than good music to get into the HOF? You need controversy,
scandal, drugs, and all the problems in between that make a band truly
great. HOF, make decisions based on musical merit, not personal or
financial ones.
A fan

Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 19:47:59 -0800
From: Greg Voisin <greg&>
Subject: (no subject)

We would love to know when your next concert in Southern California will
be!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon. Love, Rebecca&Greg

From: "Stevie Debe" <>
Subject: You guys are the best
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 16:13:21 EST

Hello Walter and Donald, I would like to tell you that I really love
your music very music. when ever I listen to Deacon Blues or sometimes
just think about it real tears come to my eyes alot, and I don't really
know why. The music is just beautiful.
I almost got a chance to meet Donald while you were recording the
Nightfly album at Soundworks Recording studio in New York. I was walking
by the studio on 54th Street as I passed the studio I ran into Will Lee
(the bass player) I asked him if he was going to your session and he
said no but now that I told him you were down there he would stop in and
say hello and would I like to come. Will Lee being the very cool guy
that he is. I said no like a fool because I was young and didn't want
to disturb the session. I reqret that day. I wish I would have had the
balls to go. I regret that day in my life. I would like to invite you to
lunch here in Manhattan. I know you could not possibly accept pollitics
and all but hey I just want to be real. Anybody that can make me cry
every single time when I here their music is worth a good lunch. By the
way I am an aspiring songwriter.

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 21:48:58 -0800
Subject: Why Kevin Hochman is an Idiot

Kevin Hochman obviously doesn't know how to play any instruments. How can
he call "11 Tracks of Whack" half-finished? Didn't he hear the absurd
changes in the solo section of Junkie Girl? Or the superb craft of Lucky

Which brings me to the inevitable, and probably forever unanswered in a
direct manner, question: is Lucky Henry about Charles Bukowski?

Yours in rapt disinterest,


From: "Dan Chase" <>
Subject: Hello donald and walter
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 23:34:58 -0500

This is cool. I'm sending an e-mail to you guys. I really liked that summer 97 touring thing
you have on this site. You guys always do crack me up. I'm a student at Ball State and
an avid listener. There aren't many fans in this generation. Everyone would rather listen
to that Oasis SHIT. I just had a quick question. I saw Steely on the Art Crimes tour in Mansfield, Mass. and you guys played a couple new tunes that were very groovy, you guys also
said you were releasing a brand spanking new album, I've been waiting since then to hear
anything about it, were you guys jerking me around (I've got my girl for that), or is something coming? let me know if you could. By the way, One of my high school english
teachers said that his mother babysat Donald. His name is Roger Wactel, if that rings any
bells. It's a small world, isn't it? Especially with this internet stuff, anyone can be at your fingertips.

Devoted follower,
Craig Duff

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 18:21:21 -0500
Subject: AJA

Just an observation. Giving my opinion, (not kissing your ass). As a
working musician i just wanted to let you know that i feel AJA is the best
front to back assembly of songs that i have ever been exposed to. I dont
expect to get a response from you, hell i know how it is to be badgered by
the people you entertain, but on the flipside i also know how pleasing it
is to be praised for your work. I was also amazed by the sound you guys
have when you play live. Looking forward to crossing you guys path on the

Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 14:19:49 +0100
From: Fritz Orasch <>
Subject: Austria

First of all thanks for so much wonderfull music I'm enyoiing now for so
many years, Here in Austria you hear nothing from SD ,can you tell me
when the new CD is due? Are you planning another Europe tour? and will
you come to Austria as well then ? That would be great, thanks again
love, Carine. -Vienna Austria

Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 09:40:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Way Cool

Hi Donald...Walter....

Pisser that you guys did not make it to the Hall of Fame.....I will be
avoiding the entire state of Ohio for this injustice.....they deserve nothing
but re-recordings of Wham and Debbie Boone.

By the way....greta site....I will be visiting it often.

Take care...Keep the faith

R. Rosario

Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 22:23:00 -0600
From: Ken Cannon <>
Subject: Pretzel Logic

I have a general question that probably was answered somewhere else a
long time ago, but I can't find any info on it.
What does "Pretzel Logic" mean?
Do the lyrics have any deeper meaning, or is it just a song put
together with little thought? Why the title?

Thanks for your time.

Ken Cannon

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 07:32:54 -0700
From: Kerry Hales <>
Subject: Mesmerized....

I just had to scratch a line to you guys...

I've been mesmerized by this home page for the last week or so! Maybe
it's just the process of getting into your heads and trying to find out
what life is like to be musical geniuses. That's sincere praise, of

I hope you two know that you are inspiring second- and third-generation
musicians out here in the West. I had the pleasure of growing up on
your music during my early years (I was born in 1969), and had never
forgotten the days when one could hear Dan on any given day on almost
any given radio station. (Yes, even in Kansas and Arkansas!) Those
songs held a nostalgic fold in my right lobe for some time, until later
I happened to obtain "A Decade" from a friend, and for some reason,
those songs just haunted me for the past 5 years or so. My wife and I
remember planning our wedding while driving in a convertible through Big
Sur to the tunes of "Peg" and "Babylon Sister"...good memories.

Later, I purchased "Aja" for almost the sole reason of having ready
access to "Josie", which wasn't on "Decade"...and what to my
astonishment! I should have bought that album when it was released! (I
was only 4 or 5 at the time, so excuse the mistake!) Back then, it must
have been like a dream to have those musicians at your disposal...what a
jam session! Michael McDonald's backup on "I Got the News" has burned a
permanent track in my head...along with Steve Gadd's incredible (for
him, normal) chops on "Aja". What an album! You guys have definitely
inspired this 28 year-old musician for a lifetime! I mean that! Every
day I'm in the practice room licking out the percussion for "Black Cow",
"I've Got the News", and of course, the original reason for buying the
CD, "Josie". Those were some great days, bros, and I'm glad to see that
you all are still doin' it!

My kids love your music, too. I have a daughter and two sons...all
under 4, who dance around the joint when Dan is playin'. They're just
like me, they can appreciate great music!

I could only hope to meet you all some day. Several times a year I'm
down in Panama either in Colon or en la ciudad, so I'll save you some
Flora de Ca;na (how do you make that symbol, anyhow?) at Javier's place
in Portobelo where I go diving. (Nautilus Dive Club) Until then, we'll
just keep the CD's spinning at the bar until you guys arrive!

Ciao, pues...y hasta luego!


p.s. If you're ever through Utah, and your drummer breaks his hand or

From: "Morty Torty" <>
Subject: New album?
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 22:23:53 +0100

At the Rotterdam gig of the "Art Crimes" tour mr. Fagen mentioned that a new album was about to be recorded. They also blessed us with two new songs that were to appear on this coming album. What on earth happened? Have mr. Becker and mr. Fagen died or wh at?

Grateful for a hint,

Marten Olsson


Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 16:51:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: song?

I'm not a real "fan" though I do like SD's music when I hear it, it's great!
Especially, I might have the song title wrong - "Hearts Get In the Way"? I
looked at CDs but couldn't find it. Can someone there help me and tell me
where I can find the song? Thanks!

- Steven Fallon

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 18:34:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: web site

I enjoyed spending my day at your website!! I had to work today (Sat), so I
was bummed..but those stories kept me laughing!! Can I be your new tour
manager? I need the money!!

Take it easy!

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 18:42:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: by the way...

I also would like to address all those who keep asking for the new CD....

Get a JOB HIJOS de PUTA! Like, they don't live to give YOU a CD when you

How about that? You guys are cool, and as a musician (drummer) myself, I can
appreciate you telling those guys to, "go to hell" when they cry about a new

Power 2 the People.

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 11:24:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: greatness

i think Steely Dan is the GREATEST rock band out of '70's, and early '80's.
as i write this, i listen to A DECADE OF, and say to myself, "how can these
guys be so good?" its an honor to listen to this music perfection. if you
can send a response, it would be greatly appreciated. my address is or just tw263
talk to you later

Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 17:03:40 -0700
From: Fernando Fonseca <>
Subject: Salutation

It was past midnight when I tuned a broadcasting station and I heard
Third World Man. Being a Mexican, that hit me, even shocked me.
Well guys you seem to depict people rather accurately. Should someone see
me listening to your songs an uncommonly hard question is always asked.
'What kind of stuff is that?'

'It's steelydan music. Never heard it before?' Then I add, 'you see,
there's jazz, rock, new age, etcetera. Well, this is steelydan.'

I hope there's some of your stuff ringing in my ears in my deathbed to
have a happy ending.

Best regards To Donald and Walter.
Alberto, The Mexican.

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 01:58:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: A penny for the Old Guy

Dear Mister Fagen and Becker,

I am 23 years old and an aspiring musician. I have been interested in your
music ever since I was but a wee lad and have always wondered this: where
exactly do your chords come from? Are they composed on the spot or have you
had musical training in some form or another. I am interested, because when I
sit at the guitar or keyboard, my brain would never think to utilize
flattened ninths or jarring major sevenths in such a manner.
Although raised on rock and pop, I have recently, because of your music,
have began an avid fascination in hard bop and jazz. Your tribute to Horace
Silver is one of my favourite inside jokes in your music.

Thank You ever so much for you attention and your Art!

Guy Fawkes

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 15:43:45 -0500
From: Martin Weeks <>
Subject: Little Feat Gtrassroots Movmement

Gentleman, (and I do actually mean that...)
I don't have to read the letter to know that anyone that doesn't
consider Steely Dan a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame icon whether or not some
beurocraP thinks so should be put to immedeate lethal injection. As the
Florida Rep for the Little Feat Grassroots Movement I would like to
invite you to join us in our hairbrained scheme to take over this thing
called rock & roll online and awaken the sleeping giants (the fans!)
Please send along your whatevers for links and to be on the mailing
list, as I personally think of Steely Dan & Little Feat in the same
...ahem...CLASS of music and attitude.

Also, on your way to parts unknown if you have a layover in Miami on the
fifteenth, why don't you swing by Tobacco Road for their anniversary
party and speak with us and the band. They are the healiners and also
have never received any kind of gratitude from the R&RHofF. See ya at
"Da Road!"


Road Dog Marty
Florida Feat Fans Grassroots Movememnt (Salt in your Shoes!)

From: Alan F Dodgen <>
Subject: tower records
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 97 20:39:32 GMT

I myself am not a steeley dan fan by any means, but I thought your fans
should know the following fact.
There I was in tower records in the west village minding my own business
when in walks messrs becker and
fagan. i pretended not to recognise them and kept my head down ( i was
rummaging in the cheap section,
about to purchase a moby grape album and even possibly a lothar and the
hand people cd. ) i was hoping that nobody else would spot them and
interupt their little shopping trip. anyway they wandered around for a long
time in deep discusion, stopped breifly at the reggae section, lingering a
little longer at the blues section, then they went to the rock section
circled around for a while then BAM! they snuck to the counter
with an eagles cd and a kenny g cd. can you believe it? when i approached
them outside the store, they were very embarrassed to have been caught in
posession of this truely offensive material but eventually confirmed that not
only would kenny g would be playing on their new cd, but that it would feature
a version of the greeks don't want no freaks from the long run. i think you
steeley dan fans are in for a hard time of it in the future and i feel like it
was only right to warn you about what's around the corner.

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:46:05 -0800
From: Tom <>
Subject: Tour dates

Where can I get a list of upcoming Steely Dan Concert dates.

From: "fortunate son" <>
Subject: What about the Smithsonian?
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 00:20:32 -0800

OK, Ok, I'm a little slow on the uptake, and you guys are probably hitting
a new high in low tequila textures by now, but let's test the waters with a
little freeform flattery and let the honey slide. You netgringos are still
the original dudes, no matter what glorified makeovers slither onstage for
the HOF Ball. The mind boggles and the stomach leaps at the mental picture
of Ms. Nix and others of that ilk joining you to do the mass love-in jam on
some compressed muzak version of a kinder, gentler 'Babylon Sister'. If
that doesn't bring tears to your eyes...

Senors, dust off those digital relics, do whatever it takes to get those
pieces riding shotgun for one last project. Hmm. How about a totally
instrumental collection of U2 according to Don and Walt? You know,
something that strokes that '80's feelgood mood. Promise you those HOF
agents will be licking up that honeymustard faster than your relatives can
mix it up.

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 19:22:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Too Terrif Not to Say Hello!!


I don't know if this site is maintained by Donald and Walter, personally, or
by others ... but I would like to say hello and hope that Donald and Walter
might receive the note!

It's been a very long time since I was running the first Steely Dan Fan Club
from my bedroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota! I'm back to putting together fan
clubs and setting up my own publicity agency now ... but I have very fond
memories of those early 1970s.

Sure do wish I could say hello in person ... but we can't always have what we
want! So ... I hope this hello will find its way to a coupla guys who might
not have had very "warm" feelings about the whole idea of fan clubs, in
general, but who never gave me anything but wonderful music and performances
to talk about in the newsletters! As I get ready to graduate with my Masters
degree this next May, I remember that, no matter what I do in my life, those
couple years funning your fan club were a couple of the best!

So, to whomever is maintaining this web site, congratulations! It's really
great! And, to Donald and Walter... thank you!! I hope I get a chance to
say that to you in person again someday!

Until then ... take good care!

Jude Calkins
former Steely Dan Fan Club President!

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 18:00:56 -0500 (EST)


...AND HURRY UP!-S#$#-@S@-!!!!

From: "telf" <>
Subject: i want to be famous
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 05:10:24 -0500

dammit put this on your web page. (shit)

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 00:28:56 -0800
From: ron bonilla <>
Subject: what the?

I'm a proud Steely Danner

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 97 12:35:59 -0500
Subject: touring

Dearest all,
Want to prod the new South Americans about doing a few intimate shows
sometime this Spring? Perhaps under fake names, if propriety demands
it. Any news of even a rumor of a show would be grand - send old fart
crimes around the US for the Spring of '98 - that's the message that
needs delivering. We 'young 'uns' weren't all born early enough to
see shows in the glory days, had to work and missed summer of 96
shows, and don't have the cash to jet off to Japan. Let justice be

Plus, if you know of any place to get cheap 96 tour t-shirt leftovers,
I would love to hear about it. The money is burning a hole in my

Care, Ty - a blue deacon at Wake Forest Univ.

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 10:33:30 +0000
From: Don Baird <Donbaird-Spam@Stinks-Admin.Humberc.On.Ca>
Subject: Pretzel Logic

Pretzel Logic is.............lots of Steely Dan music.....played quite
well too.
The Bamboo this Sunday night November 16, 1997 9:30pm, 312 Queen Street
West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Glyn Stevens/Don Baird/Joe Reynalds/Jim Lawliss/Jim Casson/Peter
Mifsud/Dave Johns/Tim Johns/Sean Eisenberg/Bob McAlpine

"I cried when I wrote this song
Sue me if I play too long
This brother is free
I'll be what I want to be"

DF/WB '77

Hope to see ya...I put Donald and Walter + 2 at the door.

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 01:06:24 -0800
Subject: Who are these strangers who walk through your door?

Hi from sunny England.

We crazy bout you guys. Still. Even now in 1997. Yup. I just got Kay
Lied as you can see.

Thanks for everything.


Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 00:57:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: the HOF situation

Dear Mr(s). Fagan and Becker,
I just personally wanted to write you to let you know that you really
shouldn't be all too upset over your status in the Rock and Roll world. You
see, even though you aren't members of the Hall of Fame, you are legends.
Personally, I'd classify you in the ranks of gods, but I am no man to judge
these things. On the other hand, I do believe I hold the power to officially
inform you of your newly appointed "living legend" status. You see, no other
band or collaborration has ever been as succesful as Steely Dan in as short a
period of time. Now, when I say succesful, I don't mean in total record
sales or in overall gross. No, those things are for some corporate peon to
think of. No, I simply think of you as these gods among men because of the
quality of your work, and the amazing talent you showed to us, even if it was
for such a short time.
Stephen J. Melnick

Date: 17 Nov 97 03:32:11 EST
From: "Douglas H Parsley" <>
Subject: Drew Zingg

Hi Guys,
Perhaps you can provide a bit of info about a former cohort, Drew Zingg. What
has he been up to since leaving your fair company? If he is featured on any
other recordings I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Tanx.
A Fellow Infidel,
Douglas Parsley

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:52:39 -0800
From: Stan Yurske <>
Subject: greeting

Hey steely DAN

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:54:10 -0800
From: Stan Yurske <>
Subject: things

there are alot of things I like about your music.

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 17:49:19 +0000
Subject: Beached Whale

Hi Fellas.

How's the trip to south america going? I hope you haven't goten arrested
or thrown in jail. By the way, tell Chico I need help on my spanish
homework! Keep up the work on the web, you might just convince people
you need to be hall of fame'ers, and for the hungry Dan fans out there
your're throwing us a bone(what does that mean). So I hope you guys have
tremendous fun for a while, and remember to keep your fez on! see ya
:) "the green hornet"

From: "Curtis Gates" <>
Subject: Young fan
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 12:02:40 PST

Who needs the Rock and Roll hall of SHAME anyways? I hope you guys are
still considering a tour this summer. I have never been fortunate
enough to see the great Stealy Dan live. I am 17 years old and I live
in Magnolia, TX, just Northwest of the Houston suburbs. If Steely Dan
does decide to tour this summer, The Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion is a
great place to perform in the Houston area. If you need to visit their
website for info, here it is:
Steely Dan is my all-time favorite band, here are my favorite songs:
King of the World, Kid Charlemagne, Josie, Chain Lighning, Deacon Blues,
True Companion, Black Cow, and FM. Well, thanx for taking the time to
read this, which you obviously did if you're reading this sentence.


P.S.- Just Curious, who reads this? Donald? Walter? Some person, behind
a desk, who is payed to read fan mail?

From: "DUANE E MENOR" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 14:09:36 -0600

Thank you for the excellent music you have provided for all of us fans.

Your "Alive in America" should ahve been a 10 disc set! Unbelieveable
precision music!

Keep it up and don't ever plan on stopping!

Duane E. Menor
Lakewood, CO

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 20:14:50 -0500 (EST)
From: Kristopher West <>

I'm a sophomore at Dickinson College and I became a big fan a
couple of years ago. We listen to Steely Dan in our fraternity house all
the time and when people say they don't like your music we tell them it is
because they aren't intelligent enough to understand it. What I'm really
writing about is the rumor I saw on the internet that you might be
recording a new album, if you are I was wondering if you could send me
some information about it and also maybe some touring info. I would
greatly appreciate all the information you could give me. Once again you
are the most ingenious band out there.
Thanks a million,
Kris West

From: (Terrence Dugan)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 22:13:17 -0500
Subject: One simple Goddamned request

By now I've realized that it's you who reads these things, Walt, so I'm
addressing this to you. I've been thinking about the whole new album
thing, and the conclusion I've come to is that I really don't give that
much of a shit about ever hearing it; new music from the two of you
makes me a bit nervous, so I'm thinking of boycotting the whole thing
anyway. Don't worry though, Walt, I am planning to see you bozos play in
New York when you come by, being a nostalgic kind of guy and everything,
but I digress... The favor is a small one: I'd very much appciate it if
you'd play "Time Out of Mind" from the fuzak-like swan song GAUCHO album
. I'm not sure if the lyrical subject matter contained therein lends
itself to the new, happy-go-lucky and drug-free Dan image, but, hell,
you can tout it as an anti-drug song for all I care. The way I see it,
I've bought all your damned albums more than once and I'd like to hear
that one played live for a change. I apologize about the anger and the
terseness but you clowns had it coming.


Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 11:55:35 -0600
From: oleg <>
Subject: New CD

Dear Donald and Walter,

What do you think will be the likely timeframe for the new CD release? How
many songs will Walter sing lead on?

Thank you,

From: "Eric Johnson" <>
Subject: Donald, Berklee and Me
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 12:46:29 PST

Hey there senors. Hopefully those morons at the rnr hof will realize
what a huge mistake they have made and commit suicide in order to fix
their huge mistake. Or they could get rid of Fleetwood (I'm SO freakin
sick of hearing about these whiny, woosy bastards) and induct you guys.
Either one works. Anyway, my question is for the Donald. I am seriously
considering going to Berklee (I am currently a junior in HS) and I am
curious as to what you did when you were there, both in terms of courses
and actual playing. Besides write some kick-ass songs, I'm sure. Also,
when is your new CD coming out? Do you need a drummer for your next
tour? I'll show up those other no-name players you've had before
(joking: how can I play better than Porcaro, Chambers, Erskine, Lawson,
and Godd? (they spelled his name wrong)). Boycott the rnr hof, at least
until next year. Adios, muchas gracias por su tiempo. Si es possible,
escribe a mi, por favor. Do you need a translation? [Thanks, please
write back]

Eric Johnson [the drummer]

From: "Shanonn Raheb" <>
Subject: just another fan
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 13:03:39 PST

Dear Donald & Walter,

Just wanted to let you know how great I think you guys are. In March of
1994, my boyfriend introduced me to you via the radio, and when I heard
that you were coming to St. Petersburg, FLA in August of that year, I
had to run out and buy tickets for us. At the concert, I must admit I
knew only FM & Deacon Blues, but I was hooked all the same.

Since then, the only music that I will listen to is Steely Dan and some
classical. To me, they rate the same. There's never been another
Beethoven, and will never be another Steely Dan.

Thanks for your music, and for opening my eyes to some great stuff!!

Shanonn Raheb

From: "Craig Ralls" <>
Subject: Neuromancer connection
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 17:28:02 -0600

Have you noticed how much Steely Dan figures into the cyberpunk scifi of
Wm. Gibson? The references are numerable, especially clubs like the
Gentleman Loser - in Neuromancer & Count Zero, Burning Chrome etc., & the
Western World in his latest "Idoru." Klaus & the Rooster are even rumored
to frequent the place.

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 21:23:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: music tour

I would just like to say that i am a big fan! I would like to know if you
plan to tour again?If so I would like to come and see your show. I live in
Alabama[crimson tide].I would love it if you would email me and let me know!


Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 09:41:55 GMT0BST
Subject: Donald Fagen's autograph

Dear Sirs,

My boyfriend is a huge Donald Fagen fan and has even learnt how to
play the whole of The Nightfly on his keyboard. I am writing to ask
if you could please send me a signed photograph of Donald so that I
could give him the best Christmas present in the world!

Thankyou and Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Yours faithfully,

Gillian Bristow

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 23:06:08 +0200
From: "David J. Brodow" <>
Subject: systematic desensitization

dear steely dan,

i am a american medical student studying in haifa, israel.
steely dan has been my favorite music for many years. i know all the
songs by heart and pretend that i can sing also.

i love your music. keep up the great work.
sincerely, david

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 00:57:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: A Fan of Dan...


Just thought I'd pass on my appreciation for all the fine work you've done
over the years. And to express my condolances regarding the cruel ommission
by the R+R Hall of Shame. Just goes to show you that you don't belong in the
rare breed worshipped by those powers that be!

And THANK WHATEVER for that!!!

Ya know.... If you could just dumb it down a bit, put out a new 78rpm on
virgin vinyl (does that still exist?), and maybe hire a few more musically
challenged side cars, you might stand a chance next year.


Thanks much for the happy ears.(:>

Deane Delli-Bovi

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 23:17:30 -0500
From: Gino Cardoza <>
Subject: Gratitude & Whatever

Hey Guys,
Sorry that you guys didn't get accepted into the Rock and Roll
Hall Of Fame. That's F!@S%ked up. Oh well, I would wait a while, hey
look at the Velvet Underground? Took them a while didn't it?
Anyway, I've been listening to you guys for a little while now.
My favorite song is the alternate take of "Sun Mountain" on the
"Catalyst" collection (I know you guys probably don't like companies
putting out you demos & stuff unbeknowst to you). By the way, there is
a club called the Cataylst in my hometown of Santa Cruz, Calif.
Just curious to see what you guys are up to for (hopefully) your new
record? Hell, when it gets released it'll reach number one (I Think!!).
then you guys should do MTV Unplugged or better yet VH1
Storytellers....It can go on!!!....Good luck to you guys, and Hey, No
matter what they say or do.........I forget????


Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 03:25:23 -0600
From: Stephen Toon
Subject: Hey Donald Fagen, got a screw driver or a bed sheet?

No joke-this is a sort of personal letter for Donald Fagen, he just might
be interested. If he isn't I guess I tried. I'm a friend of a friend's.

I love your stuff. Never thought it would happen while I was growing up
but I saw you live twice...Vancouver (Canada) shows. Chambers rocks.
I'm a stepson to Rob Battis. He's told me cool stories about drunken dorm
paries with fine escape pans, television roulette and tearing the school
down day by day with a screw driver. The MIDI is alright on this resource
sight, but it's pretty cheesy. At least they're in the right key.
I write music-some inspiration taken from your stuff. I love your solo
stuff, makes me think.
I'll try and make it in this world and maybe we'll have a drink sometime.
O.K. I've said too much. Thanks,
Stephen Toon

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:48:18 +0000
From: x <>
Subject: no fez?

When is the new one due out? What do you guys think of the High Llamas?


PS i miss the fez.

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 12:38:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Kenny Vance/Jay Black Bulletin Board

Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen,

I thought you might be interested to know that there is actually an America
Online bulletin board for the fans of Kenny Vance and the Planotones (listed
among such other luminaries as David Cassidy). Of course, I don't know what
overcame me at the time to cause me to look it over, but I did happen to
notice the frequent mentioning of one Mr. Jay Black. Noting the rather seedy
place in Steely Dan history that Vance and Black inhabit, I then felt
compelled to place a posting of my own, which is what I thought might stir
your keen sense of ascerbic wit. I have sent the aforementioned posting
below. Enjoy:

Subject: The "Never Really Was" Board...
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 1997 5:09 PM

I can't believe there's a bulletin board for the likes of Mr. (Kenny) Vance,
Mr. (Jay) Black, and the many others who's level of relevance and ability is
so unfathomable. If only folks would pay more attention to artists such as
these, we would have no need for other players such as Walter Becker and
Donald Fagen, who, but putting out NOTHING, quite easily prove that the
matter that makes up geniuses like Vance and Black is virtually inert. It
just goes to show that after flogging a dead horse, you can always take its
head to bed with you.


(I thought you'd dig it).

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 14:19:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Kamakiriad

I am looking for guitar tabs for this album.
I am willing to PAY!
I have already stolen as many of your songs off the OLGA as I could but
needed more so I went out and bought the Complete Steely Dan songbook. (see I
did pay)
Then I bought the Nightfly songbook ( I had to special order these of course)
and now I'm looking for Kamakirad material. I'm Desparate !! Any tabs at all
are nowhere to be found and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit there and try
to figure out the changes.
Please tell me if you've put out a song book, let me know where to get it!
Otherwise just tab it out for me ....

I play your material on an old Martin, I do a great rendition of Babylon
Sisters, Goodbye Look, Hey Nineteen, New Frontier, and about 12 other of your
I want to add material from the album that should have won the Grammy for
best Album...let me know something !!
I'm the next best thing to SD musak at the Holiday Inn!

Eben Jones

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 22:33:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: getting into hall of fame

Chico and Hector,

Hey guys don't worry about getting into the hall of fame. What would you guys
do if you got into the hall of fame? What socially redeeming value would it
be to be inducted into the hall of fame? Pete Rose(Charlie Hussle) isn't in
the baseball hall of fame. Now I'm not saying you guys are low lives like
Pete Rose but really you have to put it into perspective. Maybe if you kissed
some record executives big ass then maybe you would have a chance I don't

Very truly yours

Milli Vanilli

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 14:10:56 +0530
Subject: Hi

Dear Steelydan,
I live in India and I am a great fan of steelydan. I have tried to
listen to as many of your songs as possible. However, I cant seem to be
able to locate your album "The Royal Scam". Could you please tell me
where and how I could get my hands on a copy? Please mail me at

Thank you
Ashwin Mahalingam

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 10:05:10 -0500
From: Todd Seager <>
Subject: Wow...I'm a superczar

I just finished reading the latest Vonnegut book and after reading the
entire collection I have come to the conclusion He is the man from Mizar5.
Hmmmm....oddly enough I use to think I was too! Are you two interested in
his writing? It's quite enjoyable and yet bitter and sardonic enough for
you to appreciate.
Keep smiling!

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 23:41:02 -0500
From: decelles <>
Subject: A little letter

Dear Donald and Walter,

Sorry to write to you in a so poor english: it is not my native
language. Probably my way to write will appear very strange...

Just few things to tell you in this letter about my deeplest
appreciation of your music.

I discovered you in 1977 with AJA (I was 17 years old at that time...)
and since then, I was hooked forever. The funny thing is that I didn't
have any kind of knowledgee of the english language: it was the sound,
the music, the voices, the atmosphere... everything!

Here in my city (Montréal) I'm probably your biggest fan (I hope to be
so...) I saw your performance in Toronto last year (I have done the two
ways travel in one day: 1200km). I was, I confess, hypnothized to see
you on stage: an old dream came true...

My native language is french, and I was pretty amazed to see in some of
your songs, some word in french: "Café d'Escargot", "Bon marché",
"Voulez-vous, voulez-vous". I was always curious to know why these
words, why in french...

Now, I'm a teacher in a secondary school, where, sometimes I put your
music in my classes, just for making working atmosphere pleasant for my

And they appreciate it...

Thank you Donald and Walter to have given to me, and other I'm pretty
sure, so much deligthful time in our life just listening you.

Many regards

Sylvain Decelles
Montréal, Canada

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:43:18 -0500
From: "S. Scanlon" <>
Subject: Sad to read....

I'm sorry that the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame was so cold to you. Please
don't get the wrong idea about us Cleveland'ers - we love your music!

If you ever need a shoulder to cry on - call me and we'll have a beer at
Great Lakes Brewery. :)

Susan Scanlon, President
Computerized Office Professionals Inc. (COPI)

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 23:18:26 +0100
From: van der Schouw <>
Subject: Information about video clips from Kamakiriad

Dear Dan friends,

I know that there are two video clips from Kamakiriad;
- Snowbound
- Tomorrows girls
Long time ago I saw them on MTV. Does anybody know if there are any
other clips and how to order them on VHS-Video (Europe)?!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:27:56 -0500
From: Frank Molinski <>
Subject: little green men

Well it's that time to stuff the turkey (again), and as we all go off
onto a long winter I can't help thinking of you stupid idiots and
to-give-as-presents. But.... Ah well, if worse comes to worse I might
have to give people some of your imports (you know "The Roaring Of The
Lamb"), and then you might have to change your name back to "The Leather
Canary"! So sooner than later, hopefully before we all rot and decay,
you should drag your ass into the studio and give us all a new christmas
present. I better call roger and tell him to get you two reeling ( I
wonder if his
past as a nuclear engineer helps any?). So before I get too dismal and
hope for your destruction (destroy the gods
hevens-into-flames-of-steely-danism, yeah right !)
I hope you have a jolly Turkey Dinner, Merry Christmas (you know, the
holiday with the big red fat man.), and a happy new year.
See ya around Fellas, Oh and I still need help on my Spanish!
-" the
green hornet"

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:57:39 -0600
From: Jeremy Severson <>

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a line to my favorite band and say how much I love you
guys. Being a nineteen-year-old, I have not yet been able to experience the
joy of picking up a newly-released Dan CD. I eagerly await this
opportunity. However, don't listen to the ignorant masses bugging you for
the rapid release of a new one. As everyone should know, the production of
good things takes time. Just one request though: update the website more
often! My insatiable hunger for Dan-related info is not being fed! Keep up
the good work,


Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:16:12 +0100
From: Michael <>
Subject: dan fan

Hey WB and DF,

I haven't been able to to focus on any other music since 1995 when I
purchased the "Aja" album because of the song "Peg" with Michael
McDonald's great background vocals. I am pleased to say that I have the
entire Dan collection now and am fascinated by the lyrics, the great
brass you guys incorporate in your songs, the precise drum tracks, and
Donald's great vocals. I love the peculiar phrasing. I can see why you
guys didn't want David Palmer to do lead vocals. Believe me Mr.Fagen,
your vocals are fine and they complete the attitude and sound of Steely
Dan. As a student here at the University of Kansas, I regret not being
able to go to your concert at Kansas City during Aug.96. I can't
pinpoint any favorite song--I like them all for different reasons.
Being that my folks live in NJ, I can see your east coast roots show up
in the songs.

Can't wait until your new studio album comes out. My deepest apologies
for not being accepted yet into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You
guys deserve it.

Thanks for the great music!

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 02:58:19 -0500
From: Sonic Arts Digital <>
Subject: love from cincy

we are in the midst of a recording session in cincy, oh. Three of the
five songs sound like you guys (or we like to think so). When complete
we will e mail you a sample and we hope to be touring with you by next
summer. When is the new album coming out? Can't wait. Next time you
guys are in cincy ring us up at Lucky's house; 513-321-2991 or Jeremy at
513 221 1030. We got the good shit! Keep the steely vibrating!! You
guys are the SHIT!(that's good)

Sincerely, Lucky Spaulding & the Session

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 13:51:22 +0100
From: "Drs. E.M. Drost" <>
Subject: new album

Dear Sirs,

(Never ever would I dream of using your first names - who the hell would
I be to do that?) Although I have listened to all your recorded tracks
for a couple of thousand times, I still can't get enough of your slicky
sound. Everything I want to know is how long will I have to wait (I'm a
very patient man, as I have been a Steely Dan adept since those early
days - you have ways to make people patient...) for 'the new album'. Saw
your Rotterdam show in september 1996 and was amazed by the beauty of it
all. Most important: you promised us a new album, probably to be
recorded 'this winter' (i.e. last winter, 96/97). How probable is
probably when we're talking about the Dan-Clan (30 seconds, and your set
of false teeth will be clean. I will have to explain this one. In
Holland we used to have a false teeth cleaner, to get rid of the really
appetizing remains of food that tend to clutch to your rattlers. In the
TV-commercial, a weary man counted 28, 29, 30 and my set of false teeth
is clean. The name of the - long gone - product? Dan-Clan...)? Please,

Ralph Jas

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997
From: Rock Stamberg
Subject: No hogwash here, Pard

Dear Uncle Danny,
How's Marlo? I'm makin' room for that new CD. Can ya jus' wait a few more years? Swell. I'm just about ready, but not quite. Couple more kamikazes should do the trick, whatcha say? Oh golly, gotta go. Had a nice visit, how-some-ever.


Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997

Hell, I don't even know if I spelled the damn word right. Any way, I just wanted to tell you guys your music is great.(Guess you never heard that one before!). I play in a weekend warrior band here in SC. We are the only people in our area who either have enough balls/or talent(I'm not sure on this one) to do some of your songs. I have been amazed at the response we get. It is really a trip to see the guys from other bands ask us to do this stuff so they can check it out. We are currently working on Green Flower Street and Walk Between Raindrops. This is great stuff, and I love the fun in playing it. Just as a passing note we are all middle-aged (35/45) and have a great respect for your work. In other words, we are not a bunch of wild asses out to slaughter your work.(Technically we may be wild asses, but we don't slaughter your work.) Hope we don't get a call from the musicians guild on this note. We do pay you guys your due when you come to town, We never miss the show. That is unless it is on the weekend.(You do remember how that working musician shit works?) I won't use any more of your valuable time that you can use to write more great songs. Appreciate the great tunes keep'em comin'.


From: "Dean Fox"
Subject: New album
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997

Hey guys,
I am still waiting for the new album. I saw the show in 1996 at the gorge in George, Wa. The best show yet. I have seen two others. I have all Steely Dan, Walter, and Donald solo albums. During the 96 show, Walter stated something to the effect that the new album might be out after Steely Dan. Oh well, take your time and make it another work of art. Will be waiting patiently in Seattle.

A Mondo Fan.


Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997
Subject: Hall of fame snub

Don and Walt,

I have every intention of paying back the "sons-of-bitches" that did this to youse guys. After a hard workday, I enjoy relaxin' to youse guy's music. These lousy bastards have disrespected youse guys and me too. They will pay. I promise.

Huey the Crusher

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997
Subject: Your Work To Me El Primo

I am a ret. lawyer, have a degree in Theology, former executive for AT&T. Played music in Jeresy shore spots and in Phila for 15 years. Have all your works of Art. Saw you in Camden NJ in summer 96. Currently I am a school administrator. For me your music is so excellent. Both of you guys should never doubt that you have made a substancial contribution to the culture of this century. I play your music everyday. The lyrics and sounds have noogenic and existencial value for me. As much as relgion. It is my quest to sometime see you again. I am no ass. Just love your work.

Congratulations on achieving a status that can only best be expressed in emotional admiration. If you have not been admitted to the Hall of Fame then the Hall of Fame is manged by dull, stupid people who have not taken the concept of definning the meaning of synthesis between meaning and music very seriously. S0ome of your sounds are so unique the ie. the round typr siging in FM and the phrase Fm that follows the who;e Aja compositiion is genius per se.

Ed Gibson a sincere devotee to the Death

From: "Stephan"
Subject: When is the new CD coming?
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997

Hi Steely Dan,

Can you send me an e-mail as soon as the new CD is for sale? Thanks in advance

Cees-Pieter den Hartog
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997
From: Howard Weinstein
Subject: Dead, Dan, Dais

Well you got me, I have only been to 50 or so GD shows so I guess you could call me a Dead Head, however i do have a job, so i sit and stare at a computer all day, beats hard labor, anyway, I think it is a good idea to give us Dead Heads hope but I think you might need some adivise to make us feal welcome and at home. Here is a list of ten helpful hints.

10. Start a mail order ticket program so it will be virtualy impossable to get tickets to the best shows.

9. Play on New Years Eve so we have some place to go.

8. Forget the words to Pretzel Logic.

7. Add lots of covers to set list.

6. Let Bruce Hornsby sit in.

5. Tune up on Stage

4.Let the sound guys do the sound check DURING the first set.

3.Supply vegi barritos to the snack bar.

2.Let us bootleg your shows direct from the sound board.

1. Bring Denny back, he kind of looks like Jerry.

P.S. I enjoyed the crossover list and i am glad to say I am leaning towards being a Dan Fan.I am still working on getting that BMW 535, Denny Gave me a ride in his last week, Thats right Denny Dais or should I say Gray Fox, figure that one out. Please feal free to use the list.
Chief Crazy Fingers
Howard Weinstein (halman)

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