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This page is dedicated to e-mail received from interested readers of the SD web page, and will include responses from Donald and/or Walter or, occasionally, other relevant individuals who may have information or opinions bearing on readers' questions. Name and e- mail address may be withheld on request.

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 14:03:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: No Subject

Dear Fellas,

Greetings and high praise to you guys. My name is J. Benjamin Collins. I have been a fan of yours since 1981 when I was given a copy of Gaucho for my 8th grade graduation.

I was fortunate enough to win front row seats to your 96 summer show at Alpine Valley. I won them on a trivia question regarding the "Metal Leg" album which I learned turned into Gaucho due to some contractual bullshit with MCA & Atlantic.

I have only been to five major concerts in my 28 years; Rush, Police, Dead & Pat Metheny. Yours was by far the best. I had a hot date and sang along with every song except for the "Jack of Speed" which I had never heard before. It is a show I will remember for the rest of my life for certain; thank you for being so damm good.

As a youth, my friends and I were facinated by the overabundance of references to contraband in your music. We were sort of kids who took our experimentation very seriously and your music was the soundtrack to some very excellent nights and very early mornings...."time out of mind..." We were the sheik crowd who stayed in the shadows with our retro shades and quiet business. People still ask me if I follow the Steely Path and I only answer with a coy grin and a finger snapping point.

Unfortunatly, I was recently busted during a delivery and I am still dealing with lawyers, judges and other related ilk. I have a one in three shot of getting off otherwise I will be addressed as "Felonious" What a lame scene for a little herb.

I am a Graduate of Northland College where I played some mean drums and studied Environmental Policy. My life is on hold now until the gavel goes down. After that happens I would be available to work with you on your next tour. It is a long shot and you are probably raising one eyebrow and scoffing. But I am a good guy who can hold my own in a squeeze..."death before unconciousnes".

I would love to aquire any Steely parifinalia you might have about the house. Tour Jackets, posters, shirts, furniture,cookware,base pipes,(no, not that) old guitar strings, smelly microphone covers, ripped drum heads, anything that has been used to make or represent the highest quality band I have heard.

I am kind of broke due to a $15,000 lawyer bill and College loans to cover. I am using my Mom's computer to send this and I do not know her address.

My address is 2423 Nagawicka Rd. Hartland WI 53029 #(414)367-8349 and I will give you my s.s. number in case you want to do a background check on me. 395-92-3823.

By the way, I was the guy who, at the end of the show, gave my front row seats to a very old lady and her husband and then gave Walter a big fat Shaka Bra. (I used to live on the Big Island & heard he has a nice place on Maui.)

Anyway, thanks for all the great music...Hope to hear something from you
guys. Ben

Let me guess - Puna District? W

From: MAC
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 13:17:18 -0600
Subject: New Orleans

Dear Whoever answers these things,
Why is it that Steely Dan never came to New Orleans on tour? If they never go there, I will never be able to see my favorite band. That is unspeakable. Also, am I the only one that doesn't like My Old School?


Congratulations, you are the very first fan to complain about our encore BEFORE seeing the show itself.

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 00:24:25 -0400
Subject: the dan

I am a very exclusive fan. My stereo constantly has dan coming from the speakers. People always ask me to change it, but what do they know, right? Well you guys have done an aweinspiring job. Words cannot explain the history of your career. Keep playing. Rock on. Let me know if a new one is releasing soon. Alive in america rocks. So do the solo albums by both Don and Walter. Talk again later. Peace, pot, microdot.

Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 14:48:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Collin Richard
Subject: Je me souviens.


I own all yer stuff. I mean ALL yer stuff. Who, other than your
banker/loan-shark, can also make that claim? No one. I even bought 11
Tracks of Whack.

Anyway, so what I want to ask is... I'm a little short on cash (from
buying all your stuff - I even bought 11 Tracks of Whack) so I was
wondering if I could borrow 50 bucks 'til Friday? If you put out another
record I promise to buy that one too. But I'm a little strapped right now
and I wouldn't ask if we weren't such good pals.

I own all yer stuff,

Collin Richard

From: Leo the MAN
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:06:41 -0500
Subject: aja

what are the chord progressions for the song "aja"?

cordially yours


G, G, G7, D7, Em, G. C?

From: Leo the MAN
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:11:59 -0500
Subject: whose idea?

oh yes, and who's idea was it to do the samba rhythm pattern at the end of "aja"?

cordially your momma


Aeschylus's - we stole that one from his "Girl from Iphegenia" on the "Elektra" label

Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 04:27:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: help to a wannabe musician

Dear Steely Dan,

I am a wannabe musician who needs help in the subversive arts and sciences of the eletric guitar. Please ask Mr. Becker to give me guidence by way of a webpage dedicated to the hopeful wannabees who want to learn the meaning of the "Moon" chord.

I would love for Mr. Dias to explain his approach to guitar playing in his soon to be published "Cyber Memoirs". I like to hear what are his favorite jazz guitar records and other subversive recordings.

Since there were many musicians who gave their services to you, please ask them if they would like to give their imput on just how intense those sessions were.



From: (Terrence Dugan)
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 21:09:17 -0500
Subject: Don Knotts

Hey brothers. Listen, I'm not really the kind of guy to ask for favors, but I've been hearing a lot of crap from my bud Don Knotts lately (yes, that Don Knotts). Well, it seems he's pretty tight with Mark Knopfler, the same guy who you humiliated a few years back during the Gaucho sessions. Anyhoo, he thinks you gave Mark a bum rap, and he's saying he's just about had enough of the two of you, calling you "smug jazz punks" and shit like that when he gets drunk, you know. Especially you, Walt: he's threatening to get Ted Knight to whack the stuffing from you when you guys play in L.A. So for me, please, vindicate the poor guy. I dig your music and everything, but Don Knotts is a friend and what he says goes. He suggests, for openers, that you do a cover of "Money For Nothing" on the next record. Tra la?

Yah, Chuckles, too much o' that daytime TV can do you nasty. But you tell Barney to bite down on that bullet, 'cos no way do we cover that "Money for Nothing" track without an express permission from the Magnificent Mr K, plus a taste of the publishing.

Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 10:06:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New CD?

The web page is fun and everything, but it doesn't
mention anything about when (or if) there's a new
release on the way. Is there?

That's what I keep asking myself. W

Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 15:26:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Steely Dan Complete error!

Dear Steely Dan,

Did you know that most of the songs from Aja published in the "Steely Dan
Complete," from MCA Music Publishing are in the wrong key?! (a half step
high). How could this egregious error go unnoticed?

Also, where in Brooklyn is the building that Walter and Donald lived in? I am
also a struggling musician living here, so I'd like to know for inspiration's

Jonathan Sigel

Never mind the inspiration, time to go out and get your cassette player fixed. It's running a little slow.

From Fri Mar 7 12:13:31 1997
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 15:17:21 -0500
Subject: hi guys

I was trying to mail Walter at his personal email address, but either he's moved or he doesn't love me anymore. I was trying to ask him if I invited him and Donald (and Roger) and all with their current chicks to my wedding this coming November, would they be there? Just trying to get the wedding list under control.

Please forward it over.


Gosh, Deb, unless you are looking for some sort of Bimbola Chorus to help out with the wedding march, this is definitely not the way to get your wedding list "under control".

Date: Mon, 04 Jan 04 01:34:06
From: (Stephen V. O`Rourke)
Subject: The Lyrics to Dallas

Hello Walter and Donald and Crew. Just a quick and curious note from longtime 'Dan fan and chronicler Steve O`Rourke. First, many thanx for touring in '96 and allowing us poor fools who missed the two previous tours to see you live. Your performance was extrordinary!'Do It Again' was funky and hip, 'Rikki' cool and "Jobim- esque" and 'East St. Louis' would have made Duke Ellington proud (and also made my wife attempt the Charleston!) But on to the matter at hand: Your first record, a very hard to find 45 called 'Dallas' seems to have lyrics that to my mind are about a "tramp" who witnesses the JFK assassination. Any chance we might see some Iran-Contra lyrics on the new album???


Steve O`Rourke
Oakland CA

Autographed copies of "Dallas" 45rpm are available for a limited time only. Send $2000 money order to: Frenchie, 543 Campo St New Orleans LA

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 19:19:24 -0500 (EST)
Subject: barrytown & haitian divorce etc.

hey donald and walter:
why don't you guys play barrytown or hatian divorce inconcert? well i have never seen you do these tunes. i have been to a few of the gifgs here in new england, great woods, mansfield, ma and the providence civic center. i was even fortunate enough to get second row center in prov.ri. all of this after waitin aprox 20 years. ihave also been trying to write and contact mr fagen for several years. i was first turned on to steely dan when i was a kid, growing up in n. attelboro ma. by my uncle who is a bass player. i have been playing the drums etc. since i was 3 yrs old. the whole steely dan experience has always inspired me. well, im 31 yrs old now and still thumpin'. so as you can imagine, i have a few unanswered questions. what exactly do people from barrytown carry? ref: " i see by what you carry that you come from barrytown". i was lucky to have a good friend attend bard college in the late 80's and i was often a guest at the school. my friend john robinson(who now ,plays bass and livies in nyc) and i checked out barrytown and the old stomping grounds for steely dan, but i am still bewildered by this quaundry. was "kid charlemange" in the song, a drug dealer at the old school? also did you ever recv the old text book on the igy that i sent backstage to you iat great woods? i found it in an old bookstore and wanted to send it as a greeting. my friends and i look forward to the next time steely dan cames around. i hope that one day i could meet you guys. perhaps in nyc . thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond, with no static at all.
regards ,
tim wiencis
po box 765
east wareham, ma 02538

They carry recessive genes, plenty of'em. "Kid Charlemange" was, I guess, a dog dealer, not a dope dealer. J. Benjamin Collins was, or professes to have been, a dope dealer of some sort. That's all I know. W

From: Iain Cummings
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 20:53:34 +0000
Subject: For your entertainment

For the personal attention of those charming Steely Boys :

Transcript of conversation overheard at Birmingham NEC, September '96:

Crowd Person 1: Run that past me again.

Crowd Person 2: Donald Fagen only agreed to be seen on the stage with Walter Becker if Becker had his hair cut.

CP1: Yeah right!

CP2: No fucking kidding. And I also heard that Becker, in turn, demanded that his head be higher than Fagen's throughout the show except at the ends of songs when Fagen was allowed to raise his fists at the backdrop.

CP1: Where did you read this shit?

CP2: Jimmy McNulty's Bonnie Scotland

CP1: What the fuck is that?

CP2: It's like the funniest site on the internet.

CP1: How funny is that?

CP2: Well, you know when the neighbour's cat, the one that kept shitting in the garden, got run over?

CP1: Yeah.

CP2: Funnier than that.

CP1: Jeezus fuck!

CP2: And did Becker get his hair cut?

CP1: Sure did. And did you scrape the cat fur from your Goodyears?

CP2: Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

Jimmy McNulty's Bonnie Scotland

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 22:35:06 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Summer 97

To Donald & Walter

Since the days of the LoneStar Roadhouse gigs it's been just fab to actually have access to hearing and seeing you play live -

Last summer was stunning (especially Jack of Speed) - which leads me to believe you are writing again - possibly recording ??? We hope so -

Please hit the road again this summer - see , it isn't so bad to play those old tunes you once said you despised (i.e. at the Roseland gig , I believe I heard Midnight Cruiser, Do it Again) - Also , Black Cow was extremely refreshing to hear.

Keep it up - who knows, maybe we'll have a Steely Dan / Fleetwood Mac double bill this summer ???

By the way, Donald, who was the musician on KAMAKIRIAD, Illinois Eloyhanu ???

Please tell that person to come on tour



...what, again?

From: Dr Brent Wheeler
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 21:54:14 +1200
Subject: The "Bird"

I am writing two songs. The first is called "A Horn and a Habit". The second is called "He gave me the habit, I might as well have the horn." All lyrical (or chordal/harmonic for that matter) suggestions welcome. My Email

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 18:09:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: finally


i finally heard that damn keith jarrett song. yep, you ripped it good. although it could be argued that you improved it vastly. it's none of my business but a: your exesses have passed into the legedermain of pop iconography (whew) is this a case of youthful exuberance? i know you're both *much* better now. and b: was the punitive sum embarassingly high or absorbed by the sd shadow corporation without a whimper? of course you can always tell me to fuck off, but what the hell- i've bought everything i could find by either of you for twenty years and so has my whole family. not that you owe me or anything quite like that. ah shit this is turning stalker-length so i'll cut the crap. tour '97? where & when? loved the preview tracks live last year...will we see the elusive all-new sd disc? in my lifetime? oh yeah, lost tribe would be a great opening act.. or china crisis if they haven't self destructed. or rise robots's up to you.

i have derived more pleasure from your music than anyone else's. except my own. please continue.

that is all,



ps i realize some of these questions have already been refused in print but ya gotta try....

The corret answer is: c) fuck off.

From: spike
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 20:34:11 -0800
Subject: Stuff

Hi Walt. Hi Don. Thanks for touring the past few years. Your page needs a little, no alot of work. Kind of boring. Will you tour again, or will you do that Cat Stevens thing??

Anyway, Good luck whatever happens.

From: "P. Smith"
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 12:54:51 -0500
Subject: the songs

I just want to say I am 12 years old and Zi love your music my fathe Matthew Fleming Smith turned me on to it because he is one of your biggest fans like me. In fact you may not believe me but I swear I am listening to one of your songs right now it is do it again. My absolute favorite song is Bodisatva it is great I love it you could send me 1million copies of it and I would listen to every sinbgle one and still not be tired of it.

yours truly,
tracey smith

ps send me stuff


From: René Valencia
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 03:16:28 -0800
Subject: HELP!

Dear fellows:

I had been looking for months the lyric of "Rikki don=B4t lose that number", and let me tell you it was a suplicius!. Dozens and dozens of steely dan=B4s homepages and NOTHING!.
Do you know where I can find it!. Please, let me know it.


Jeez, Ren, you can't but walk out on the Internet on a sunny day without tripping over "Rikki don=B4t lose that number". Ask St. Al. Ask Mother John G. Ask anybody.

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 01:01:52 -0600
From: SCouture
Subject: Ink Lips

We saw the August gig at the Gorge. If you do it again, we would love
to go again. Any plans for another tour?
Also, what is the status of the new album that was mentioned? We
thought it was to be out in March of 97?
Who was the guitar player from Oregon?
Churly Bop Dee Bop Dee Bop Dee Bop.

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 15:29:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: tanks a million

Hey fellas, how's it going.....hope all is well with your crew and I just
figured I'd take a moment to tell you I saw you last year at the Garden
States Arts Center (now PNC bank Center) in NJ and you guys were excellent.
All of your albums are masterpieces and keep up the good work. This one's
for Don....hope all is well with you and hope you put out another
solo album and for Walt hope all is well with your two kids and hope to hear
another solo effort from you as well. And WHEN you both do another album as
the infamous group we know and love, I'll be the first one in line to snag a
copy. Thanks for reading this I know you both have busy schedules, but just
wanted to let you know I appreciate the hard work you both put in the past 20
years or so. Later and hope to see you LIVE again in the very near future.

Any time. W

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 15:25:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: song lyric

A friend and I have been trying to figure out what Pegs 'favorite foreign
movie' is.
We are starting a tribute band and want to call it that. What ever that is.

I think the band is great and y'all can make it back to the Portland area

your pal,

I don't know and Donald doesn't either - better check with Pete.

From: "Chris Bellis"
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 13:37:07 -0500


Do you guys know of any way to get a hold of the "Hoops McCann Band plays
Steely Dan" CD on MCA records? Most sources say that the release is out of
print. Saw the band last summer at the Garden State Arts Center in NJ.
Quite a spectacular event!

best wishes!
Chris Bellis

Not much chance of picking up a new copy of the Hoops deal these days. Best bet is to call up Andy McKaie at MCA and tell him how much you liked it. Call early and often; that's what impresses these music biz types.

Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 23:24:25 -0800
From: "R.Somsen"
Subject: new Album

Hello Steely Dan members or representatives,

First of all I very much enjoyed your concert in September in The
Netherlands. I don't need to say that you are the greatest band and all
that stuff. You probably already know.

Secondly I wonder if the album/picture that is on your homepage is the
long expected new album. I am realy dying to buy it. When and where can I
buy it?

Please respond me a.s.a.p.

Best regards from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Robert Somsen

From: Dr Brent Wheeler
Subject: Various Cover Chords of an Irrestiable Nature

D&W - Could it possibly be, life being the little 8 note (unless you are
Charlie Saluba Hakim)thing it tends to be, that Haitian Divorce is
actually "Lady is a Tramp" in drag? It seems to me that Babs is a bit
loose - even if Daddy has no regrets and no heart breakin. Even the
bridge has a bit of that "All of me", "Slow Boat to the Dude Ranch", cum
whatever type stomp in it. Thanks for the stuff - over 20 odd years
I've got a bit by with that sort of help - working on my new songs - "A
Horn and a Habit" and "He gave me the habit might as well have the horn"
- cheers.

...what kind of Dr. did you say you were?

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 17:14:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Thanks

Dear Don or Walter,
Thanks for your inspirations, I grew up on your lyerics and
the jazz rythems.
I am now fourteen and write about detectives in the past and present day of
Los Angeles. The song "Dirty Work" and "Charly Freak" have given me ideas on
the backrounds and plots of my liderature. I thank you very much. The
Detectives name is "Jonny Renovo".

greatest fan,

Patrick Vendetti
Right back

Dear Jonny Renovo: You, my man, are the coolest by far, past and/or present included. Tell J.P I said so when you see him.

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997
Subject: Hey

How about a News Update on this damn web Page, Two months with no new info is giving me Argena.

Hurry Up

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