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This page is dedicated to e-mail received from interested readers of the SD web page, and will include responses from Donald and/or Walter or, occasionally, other relevant individuals who may have information or opinions bearing on readers' questions. Name and e-mail address may be withheld on request.

Subj: Touring Europe in 96?!
Date: 96-04-14 13:29:58 EDT
From: (Iris Bantle)

Hi Guys,

Greetings from Germany!

Just came across your great home page which I think is one of the best of its kind. Furthermore, it is phantastatic that you are recording and touring again. Finally, the dark days of music seem to be over.

HOWEVER!!! Please don't forget us people here in Europe. After all, it were our grandfathers who discovered your island. So, PLEASE come and tour Europe this summer or autumn.

Hope to see you live this summer!!!

Your devoted fan,


(I am using my girldfriend's e-mail address)

Sehr gut. Hat Ihr "girldfriend" einen "spellchecker"? Benutzen Sie ihn doch. wb

Subj: D&W
Date: 96-04-25 06:31:07 EDT
From: (David Bourne)

First of all, I'm sure as hell you're not reading this thing. Call me cynical...Christ...I'm sure as hell....The thing is, I've also had a couple drinks- and I've been listening to a fine selection of Steely Dan cd's for the last several hours and hell, maybe there's satisfaction in pretending you're writing to Fagen and Becker even when you know they're not going to read it.....I mean, after a couple of hard shots of cheap scotch, one can convince one's self of almost least, it's working for me over here.....Listen, I've got a proposal....You send me something back other than that cheap promotional stuff and I'll owe you one....I mean, hell.....I'll owe you know, anything I've got is yours and all that- blah, blah, blah, stuff....(Jesus, the glare from this fucking monitor is killing's like staring at the God damn moon too long...) Anyway, here's a small list of offerings, proposals, you know...that kind of thing...(not necessarily in any damn order...just off the top of my God damn head)

1. Bridge work: (my dad's a God damn dentist in NH...he claims he works on one of the Clancy brothers...but that's way outside of my league, I mean, the Clancy brothers....hell.) Anyway, if you're in that area way the hell over there (I'm in SF--Ca), I could make a few least, between you and me, he hires some great looking hygenists.......

2. Fuck 2....I mean, fuck this list....I'm God damn tired. I'm lit up like a God damn seven-hundred watt bulb and I'm flickering and pretty fucking wire me any negotiations we might be able to know, let me know....let me know you read this thing (which, by the way, I'm still sure you haven't).......but should you reach me, hell....let me know how you want to barter-- I'll see what I can do over here....I'll pull strings, that kind of thing....Christ, what are ..DB...

Portland, Oregon

Seems like we all owe this guy something - right?

Subj: What's it like?
Date: 96-04-14 21:35:17 EDT

Dear F and B,

Medical scientists say that we regenerate all the cells in our bodies every seven years or so. That may explain why when looking at old photographs of ourselves we have a tendency to wonder who that person is staring back through time. I can't help but notice all attention you both receive for musical accomplishments now some twenty years old. On this week when Ray Davies is up in Cleveland doing a Pinky Lee-esque retrospective on his Kinky career, we who never have been famous, once, have to wonder what it is like? I mean, what is it like to be constantly remembered, known for events and actions that happened so long ago? I know I wouldn't want to have so many people eager to disect every moment of my life in the "70s. So, is it just a kind of pleasant disconnect that comes with the territory, or is it a kind of reverse slow-motion Deja Vu, where it's not so much you've been here before, it's more like you can't seem to get on to the next thing? Like that guy in Ground's Hog Day, the movie. And, after all is said and done do you end up just being a nice guy who really cares? Anyhow.
Concerned for no real good reason in Pittsburgh.

PS. Okay so we want to know, about Hatian Divorce. Anyone we both know?


Subj: Burning questions in life...
Date: 96-04-15 15:10:30 EDT
From: (Richard Westberg)

Hey! Can I ask a question, please??? The cut of FM in the box set has this long sax solo and the guitar solo (one of my favorites) is omitted: HOW COME?!? Isn't that Walter's solo? Don't you like it? That would be too bad. I think the whole character of the song is tougher and cooler with the guitar solo, and the sax sounds like a lot of vamping by comparison. What's the scoop?

Richard Westberg
Portland OR

Just wanted to throw in something different, something not widely available before, but...hell. you are definitely entitled to your opinion of what is tough and cool. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. wb

Date: 96-04-15 19:40:52 EDT
From: (Angela Tretheway)

Dear Dan and Walter, Thank you for touring again this summer. Last summer, my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing/feeling you perform at the Gorge. What a treat that was!! We are moving from Seattle to Phoenix at the end of July, but we are thinking about flying up to Washington just to catch the show. You do fine work. Fondly, Angela

Subj: World Music Chicago
Date: 96-04-19 22:37:16 EDT

Donald and Walter

Please change locations in Chicago! The world sucks, We deserve better.

Haven't we been saying that right along? W

Subj: get on that tour bus
Date: 96-04-15 23:12:06 EDT
From: (Eric Schuttler)

To the bards:

Just procured a half dozen tix at the Raleigh date, right in the good seats. I've seen you cats twice before in the past three years... unfortunately (perhaps not) I was still quite a minor when you first toured, so I have nothing to base it on, but after spending most of my life thinking I'd never see you tour, yatta, yatta,'ve heard most of this gushing before. I'd be surprised if you guys even READ this, right before the summer tour, but I'd feel real fuzzy inside if Iknew you knew that I wish you guys good luck on the upcoming performances. Keep up the chops,brothers. Come to think of it, I'd really like some feedback on my site, based (REAL) loosely on one of the many locales you mention in your trove of ditties, Rudy's (will be up very soon: is its name. I hope I'm not stepping on anybody's virtual toes with the concept. I shall take the ensuing silence (with more than a bit of disappointment) as consent.

Hasta Lumbago,

You'll find the comment on the SD "links" page. My toe is a little ding-ed up right now, but that's not your doing - that coral down in Fiji is razor sharp.

Subj: Playlist Suggestions
Date: 96-04-16 05:34:06 EDT
From: (Larry E. Hager)

Dear Don+Walt,

PLEASE add "Deacon Blues" and "Snowbound" to your playlist for this summer.

Your most humble servant,


"To serve is to rule" R. Kipling

Subj: UK dates and the "height of Craig Fruin"
Date: 96-04-16 11:41:32 EDT

Dear Donald and Walter,

Adam and Susie here..... We have known Craig for a period of two years and he is not tall enough! We remember January 1995 when he rang us in London to complain about the size of his Club World seat! We switched him to Virgin Upper Class and then wrote a stiff memo to Lord King, CEO British Airways, that there was not enough leg room. Eighteen months later British Airways have reorganised their Club World compartments giving an extra 19 inches of leg room!! When will you be flying to Europe? Any chance of a concert at Eton College, Windsor, with all the school boys?
P.S. Craig knows us very well and he IS NOT tall enough!!

We will be heading over to Europe - well, sooner rather than later, I would say. I have always wondered why one can't get a haircut or a massage on a long flight, maybe a little dental work, don't forget the nitrous - see what you can do, would you? Thanks W

Date: 96-04-16 13:45:42 EDT
From: (L. Mydlarski)

You Rule.

See you in Toronto.


Subj: Thanks for everything, well, nearly everything
Date: 96-04-16 19:18:53 EDT
From: (Your_Name_Here)

I'm e-mailing you because I'm using my work e-mail address..... can't post publicly.

I was a very enthusiastic fan at the 1993 Steely Dan concert at Shoreline Amphittheatre, Mt. View, CA. I was going to be a very enthusiastic fan at the 1994 show (same venue) -- had the tickets, decent seats even -- but unfortunately my friend told me the show was on Wednesday anwhen it was really on Tuesday, and I MISSED THE SHOW!!!!!! (I didn't evven get a t-shirt from any other f fiends, er, I mean friends, who wentt.)

So 1995 came and went, no shows. Now I find out that shows are scheduled for 1996, and theyy're at the same place (great) but on August 13th! I'll be in Colorado that week!! So I looked at the Colorado show date -- Denver, August 7th.....great, I'll be in transit to Colorado. I'm not going to be able to see you guys this year either. Can't you do an extra show in Deenver on the 8th? Or how about coming back to Shoreline after August 17th??

Honestly, I think it's a conspiracy to keep me from seeing Steely Dan more than once every 10 years. Can I at least mail-order a t-shirt from this year's vendor?!?!


P.S. I tried to put my name/address in the "From" box on this page but it won't accept it, so here's the information:

Joanne Hiratsuka Petersen, P.O. Box 449, 186 Redwood Drive, La Honda, CA

Can you order a shirt? - I rather doubt it, the gods seem to be a bit angry at you and your attempts to get hooked up - but maybe we can find a way to send you one anyway. W

Subj: Alpine Valley
Date: 96-04-18 17:50:29 EDT

Hello there,
Not that you slick east coast type dudes would care about us cheeseheads in the midwest, but just for the record, (and so you make it to the gig), Alpine Valley is in East Troy, WI, as in Wisconsin, not MI, which is Michigan. Your tour dates web page has it listed incorrectly. I live in Milwaukee, WI. Last time I was in Florida, I told them I was from Milwaukee, and they said, "Oh yeah, I heard Michigan won today." I said, "oh, we hate those guys." So you see, many other folks in the U.S. seem to get WI and MI mixed up too. Well, I guess I'll see you when you get to Wisconsin!

-Bill Frank

See what happens when you tell people you're from Milwaukee?

Subj: 1996 Tour Dates in Gulf South - NOT
Date: 96-04-19 13:48:43 EDT
From: (David B. Sharpe)

Hey, guys. Last year we travelled from New Orleans to catch your show at the Woodlands, Texas, near Houston. This summer's dates seem to steer clear of any Gulf States. What gives? Will there be a part II later on, or have you been mistaken for serial killers in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas?


David Sharpe
New Orleans

One of our former employers referred to us (semi- affectionately) as "Manson and Starkweather", but that was a long time ago. So far as I know, we are, as of this writing, "clean all the way out" as far as the authorities are concerned. W

Subj: Jusst love your stuff......
Date: 96-04-19 20:21:34 EDT
From: (John Bulfin)

Dear Dan,
What can I say? I love your music. UM, okay, Im a 14 year old boy who spends his free time listening to your tunes and day dreaaming about your upcoming concert! (Thanks for doing this tour thing, now I can die a happy man ) I've got tickets for the Toronto show (I live in Florida, but I stay in Canada over the summer....go figure) I cant wait! Anyway, Ive got all of your studio albums as the Dan, and Donald's Nightfly and Kamakiriad (However its spelled...) Dont feel bad Walter Ive got 11 tracks of whack too! Keep up the good work, guys! Rest up for the big tour, but whatever you decide to do, it'll be great!

Best regards and wishes,
Sean Bulfin

Thanks, Sean, I appreciate it. Walt

Subj: new music
Date: 96-04-19 21:14:18 EDT
From: (Rob + Ginger Hykys)

Dear D&W,
My husband is the best pedal steel player alive and a heck of a nice guy. Fresh(in word and deed) and innovative.At anytime just say the word and I'll just bet he would bend some strings for you. We like you lots.

P.S he is only 5'8" and I play tambourine....

Damn. His head isn't going to come up to the red line, unless he's got some kind of pompadour thing going on...maybe next time.

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 96-04-20 06:21:15 EDT
From: petschenospam@nospamStarText.NET (petsche)

donald fagen is the coolest man alive. please send me all the steely dan/ donald fagen stuff you have.

eric davis
1403 riverview dr.
arlington tx, 76012 .

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 96-04-20 07:20:58 EDT
From: (jimmy)

what's up guys? I'm going to see you at the Gorge in August. My whole family love's your music we're all going together.I grew up listening to you, thanks for all the goodtimes! see you in aug.

Subj: One of your youngest fans
Date: 96-04-20 07:20:59 EDT

Dear Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen,

I saw you guys at Roseland last fall (I was right up front). You guys were incredible. I have been listening to Steely Dan since I was in 6th grade, I'm now in 12th. You guys are the reason why I play guitar in a jazz-rock band today. I live on Long Island in a cheesy little town called Oceanside (You guys may be familiar with it since you grew up not to far away). The name of my band is called the Zeckondorfs named after the boulavard. We are a cross between Steely Dan and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anyway, I had recently purchased this album of demo songs you guys had done before you released your first album. It's called the Old Regime and to be honest it sucks. First Question- Who was that guy with that annoying high pitched queer voice singing on "let george do it" and the "old regime!?!?!?" Second Question-Is it true that Chevy Chase played drums in your band at bard? Here's a tip: Try not to play at Jones beach anymore. I saw you guys in '93. The seats were uncomfortable and I wasn't allowed to stand! The audience and the atmosphere sucked. You guys certainly got more respect from the audience when you played at roseland. That was the best concert I have ever seen!! I am planning on seeing you guys when you come to NEW JERSEY this summer. Donald, how much do you charge to use Riversound for a day(me and the band are interested in recording there)?

well, I wish you'd mentioned the Jones Beach thing a bit earlier on, although there will be a different audience this time, which may help. Or it may not. w

Subj: A Couple of Vignettes.....
Date: 96-04-20 08:21:26 EDT
From: (Deacon Blues)

Donald & Walter,
As I sit in my eastside Cleveland law office, staring down at a letter I just received from a really, really important client, I am reminded of a couple of Steely Dan based "vignettes" and thought I would pass them on to you (presupposing, of course, that you have some interest in the events of my life).

I had never heard of you or your band until I won a radio contest and was awarded your Greatest Hits Album in 1978 or thereabouts. I started listening to it on a regular basis, and one day, my mother walked in and asked "what is this?" At the time, I was 16, Mom was 36, and she had turned me on to the Doobie Bros. and Chicago (what a combination, huh?). I said "its this band, Steely Dan." She said, "they sound kind of jazzy and cool." I agreed.

A couple of days later, I came home early from school. The first thing that hit me was that my stereo was blasting "Boddhisattva." I followed the sound down to the laundry room and quietly walked down the stairs. There I found my mother, who had moved my stereo downstairs and was furiously dancing and sorting laundry to your music. Oblivious to my presence, she danced her way right thru each song, with one notable moment being her question to no one in particular "is there gas in the car?" And Donald's answer, "yes, theres gas in the car!". Six months later, she had literally worked down the grooves in the album, and I asked her if she knew how it got that way. She said that she had no idea. So, I like to think that your music was my Mothers little secret which she continues to keep even today.

The memory of this second story was prompted by the letter from my client I reference above. During a particularly mind altering moment in college at Case Western Reserve University in the early 1980's, we were listening to the Greatest Hits album, and while listening to Dr. Wu, I stated before God and everyone that "You know what? Steely Dan grew me up." Evidently, I had begun to believe that every song held some very important nugget of truth which was essential for my development. I thought this was such an important thing to say, that I decided it was equally important that I wrote it down as well.....and there it was, a picture of a smiley face with a hat on it above the words "Steely Dan

...that's about enough of that, don't you think?

Subj: No Subject
Date: 96-04-21 00:36:57 EDT

How tremendously cool to finally stumble onto the Steely Dan Home Page. Greetings from Ohio. Looking forward (again) to catching the show ... this time at Blossom! We have a very swank condo adjacent to Blossom (2 minutes drive, honest) that anyone is more than welcome to indulge in. My wife is an awesome cook !

...and I'm guessing you forgot to show her this letter before you sent it off, right?

Subj: New Tour,Old Songs.... What's the point??
Date: 96-04-21 16:31:17 EDT
From: (Grant Urias)

I already have your old music and I enjoyed it quite alot. I saw you in Santa Barbara a long time ago and was spellbound by the performance. Dias, Baxter, Becker, McDonald, etc., a great show. So... the answer for the 90's is to "time lock" the music, change the players, jazz -up a few arranagements and serve this up as something new to fans??? Oh boy! Who are your musical idols?Did they creatively stand still for 10+ years? Your Alive In America... you're a step away from Three Dog Night. Quit being you F**** cute and start writing something new. I'll check you out in Mountain View....
Grant Urias

a step away and short one dog, to boot.

Subj: bored
Date: 96-04-21 23:37:08 EDT

Im bored update the site. let me win the contest.


I know how you feel - but I already let my friends and family members win all the prizes. w

Subj: Help -I think I 'm susponed .
Date: 96-04-22 02:32:59 EDT

Earthbound to Walter...Am staving off mini-riot from unloved and lonely cd collection . Whack has commandeered the ProTech cd- 3(Crazy Eddie circa 1985 and still in flower) and shows no sign of relinquishing . I , Gulliver-like , lie awake nights in fear of potential jewel box shrouding . Send appropriate codes indicating Achilles heel (if any ) or suggest possible negotiating tactic . Have been hypnagogically transcribing solos in fruitless effort to get free . Down to my last bits of pemmican. May God have mercy on us all .

Q. What did the Zen Priest say to the hot dog vendor?
A. "Make me one with everything"

P.S. If DF gets boring, I know all the changes, do well in tropical weather and have an excellent selection of chile recipes .

your new friend,

Thanks, chum, set a bowl of that 5-alarm stuff in front of the ProTech and the little bastard will pop out sooner or later, that's my hunch anyway.

Subj: Thanks
Date: 96-04-22 09:35:26 EDT
From: (Brian Hunt)

Dear Donald and Walter,
Thanks for the Home Page. After years of listening and playing your music I am very excited to be taking my son (10 year old / big fan) and wife to your concert in East Troy, Wi. on Aug. 3d. This will be his first big concert and very appropriately the best band ever!!
Thx, Brian Hunt

Subj: Songbook
Date: 96-04-22 21:39:45 EDT
From: (Ralph Castro)

Hi! I would love to get a hold of a copy of the songbook, "Music From Four Hit Albums".

Can anybody help me?



Subj: (no subject)
Date: 96-04-22 21:41:42 EDT
From: (sparks)

I'm angry with Ticketmaster. I tried to get good seats for the Steely Dan show at World Theatre at Tinley Park (Chicago) Aug. 2. Tickets went on sale April 20 12:00. I was on the phone talking with a Ticketmaster agent at (Champaign Illinois) at exactly 12:00 that day. She said for $40 I could get the best available seats. I asked what section--she said sec. 102--I asked what about section 103-- she said they weren't available the venue would not release them. After hanging up I called other ticket outlets--same story. I ended up with section 102 row T. I called the box office at World Theatre at 2:00pm a woman named Debbie told me that all seats are available through Ticketmaster and that the agents I spoke with had mininformed me (lied). She told me there was nothing to be done and I must have been beaten out by thousands of others. I thought perhaps the organization of Steely Dan should know about this and I would appreciate some feedback on this issue.
Thank You
Howard Sparks

p.s. I should mention this has happened before. What I want people to know is that my experience is not unique and this makes me angry enough to boycott all events through Ticketmaster

Subj: Questions for Donald
Date: 96-04-23 04:00:42 EDT
From: (Thomas Breene)

Dear Mr. Fagan:

In the past, I've read several unflattering reviews criticizing Steely Dan's music (as well as your own solo efforts) as being too "urbane" for its own good. Also, I've noticed a real reluctance on the part of reviewers to praise the sophistication of your lyrics, which, to my mind, are not only a perfect complement to the harmonic sophistication of the music, but also really good stories. In fact, I'd rank them as the most "literary" lyrics in pop music (if not music in general). "Haitian Divorce," for example is a truly full story, with great characters, plot development, and some cool cinematic imagery ("Now we Dolly back, now we fade to black"). The same can be said for many of the songs on "Gaucho," which have great characterizations that would instantly "paint" a character in, say, a short story or a screenplay (I'm thinking of the Hollywood-type in "The Glamour Profession" and the presumably middle-aged, midlife- crisis-suffering "narrators" of "Babylon Sisters" and "Hey Nineteen").

So, my questions for you are as follows: first, does it cheese you off that the relative hipness of your lyrics is often neglected in reviews or even criticized as being "precious" or "pretentious" (I've seen things to this effect, no doubt from reviewers accustomed to conventional songs: the love song addressed to some unnamed person with whom members of the audience can directly identify, songs that dwell in generalized places or convey general emotions, etc-- I'm heartbroken, I'm angry, I'm in love, blah, blah). And second: do you write fiction? I've read that you are a fan of sci-fi (hence the futuristic "Iliad" spin in "Kamakiriad" and the funny fusion of Barbary Coast and interplanetary colonization in "Sign in Stranger"). But are you also a writer of sci-fi or any other kind of fiction? I know it would be asking a lot of you to give more to the world of art than you already have...But you should write fiction, too!

Thanks for all the great music (thanks also for your instructional video with Bernhart--I love it). In the past it troubled me that Steely Dan hasn't been hailed as some kind of artistic zenith in modern music. I always thought my personal tastes weren't being "validated" as they should be (typical, huh?). Since then, I've taken on a snobby, "intellectual" defense for why your music (and my aesthetics) aren't universally lauded, which is to say famous. It comes from the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, who said:

"Fame is a form of incomprehension, perhaps the worst."

With continued admiration and best regards,


Thanks Tyrone, Donald's thesis at Bard was about Borges. or the Borgia's. One or the other, I think. No, on second thought - it wasn't. W

Subj: europe
Date: 96-04-23 12:20:16 EDT
From: (hans grommel)

Hi guys, my name is Hans Grommel and I live in Holland, Europe. I,m a Danfan since the very beginning in the 70's. One of my greatest wishes is to see you once on stage, so I hope the european tour will take place in september. If it does, do visit The Netherlands!!!

Thanks Hans, the show is in two parts - if you only want to see us once, you can leave at the intermission.

Subj: mail
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 21:28:16 -0400
MIME-Version: 1.0

A few years ago, there was a fairly good, in-depth article about Steely Dan in "Goldmine" magazine. But the article failed to identify the singer on The Dan's original "Dallas" single. It wasn't David Palmer, as I understand it; nor does it bear any resemblance to Becker's or Fagen's voices. I once con- sidered that it might be Jim Hodder, but it doesn't really sound like him either (comparing with the vocal on "Midnight Cruiser"). I believe the article concluded that it was a holdover from the earlier demo or Original Soundtrack era (Kenny Vance or somebody?). So, who the heck WAS it??

The same article featured an early in-the-studio photo of the "band": Fagen seated at a grand piano, in front of which stood Becker, Dias (with Telecaster), a black guy who I assume is Royce Jones, and a white woman. Who was that?

I assume that the voice on the live rendition of "Any Major Dude" that was recorded at the widely-bootlegged '74 Record Plant "studio concert" is also Royce Jones.

Jim Hodder, not sure about the woman, and you assume correct.

Subj: Backup singers audtions
Date: 96-04-23 15:13:59 EDT
From: (Focus Entertainment Group)

So what's a girl got to do to audition for back up on the up coming tour? Sorry I won't be in France end of May..any other possibilities?

Definado, esp. if you are willing/able to focus.

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 96-04-23 16:22:15 EDT
From: (Kurt Clark/Leslie Seifer)

Hey I sent you guys some email... but I am not sure where to look for a response... are you going to e-mail me? is my question posted some where? did this go directly to either Walter or Donald? Did you recieve my e-mail? How is the tour shaping up? Hey if you need some one to go along and do a camcorder biography for the tour let me know. That would be cool.
Sincerly, Kurt Clark

Subj: Denny Diaz
Date: 96-04-23 19:36:31 EDT
From: (Charles and Sharon McKibbin)

Many Thanks for the tunes.
Would someone please fill me in on the whereabouts and musical
status of Denny Diaz? What other recordings has he played on?
Hail the 'Dan
Chuck McKibbin
Somewhere in the Midwest (Elkhart, IN)

he's somewhere on the west coast and one of the greats, discography will be posted soon.

Subj: yu guys
Date: 96-04-27 17:51:51 EDT
From: (Susan Kelleher)

yu gys r cul

Wait til I tell Kawai.

Subj: Whats the Deal!!!! (to Don and Walt)
Date: 96-04-28 01:19:42 EDT

As a loyal and devoted Dan fan I am extremely pissed off at your tour cabal. I previously held very decent tickets to the Steely Dan concert which was scheduled for 8/16/96. Now someone has chosen to cancel the concert. The rumour is that it will be rescheduled and re- venued to Vancouver BC. I am now without tickets. Procuring decent tickets to the Gorge show for the 17th of August is impossible. Ye,t I am sure the usual well connected industry types will be taken care of (front row center). What the fuck is the problem here?!!! I hold entire catalogs of your music in all available formats (vinyl, tape, CD etc.) and I took time of work to buy the tickets. Don't I rate a measure of respect? When I traversed the clubs and studios of L.A. we never treated our fans like this. I would appreciate some sort of public statement and/or apology. I may be overreacting but please try to understand...okay? By the way your solo albums are as impressive and creative as ever. Keep it up the good work !!!
Mike Ashton
Federal Way, WA

Subj: Oklahoma City Is Oh, So Pretty!
Date: 96-04-28 04:39:09 EDT
From: (Rex Cox)

Hey guys, how about a stop in Oklahoma City on your concert tour? It's bad enough we gotta deal with whackos blowing up our federal buildings, but we don't get any awesome concerts either. Cmon, whaddaya say, huh? Pleeze, pretty pleeze? At least play Dallas if you can't come here. I'm desparate! I'm beggin' ya! Besides, I love you guys, man. And I don't even drink Budweiser!


Subj: Australia
Date: 96-04-28 23:33:56 EDT
From: (Richard Longman)

Hi Guys

It's a large island south of the equator... turn left at Tokyo (can't miss it) and closer to Hawaii than Passaic. Almost the same language too. A nice place for a tour warm up or a few harbourside beverages if you need some inspiration for the new album (great news!)... and a great family holiday destination!(ok, not Tasmania, as of yesterday) Looking forward to hearing you in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne soon.

...if not, thanks for the great site and good to see you're in the studio so early in the morning.(I think 'little' Kawai has just reprogrammed your 'Third Arrangement').

Thanks for reading...

Subj: New album?
Date: 96-04-29 16:11:39 EDT
From: (N. Feldman)

Dear Donald and Walter,
Thanks for all the great music. Looking forward to hearing your new material. Will you be recording your new material right after the tour is over? If so do you think there is any chance a new CD will be out by Christmas this year? That would be a great Christmas present! But, whenever it comes out I'll be happy to get it.

no worries Tommy, but don't stay up late hoping to catch us coming down the chimney. You'll be cranky all day.

Subj: religious beliefs
Date: 96-04-29 16:55:38 EDT
From: (Shawn Engle)

Hello Donald and Walter.My the web site is looking good.Keep up the good work.Now I have a question for you and could you be so kind as to reply.You are both Jewish but do you still practice the religion?I am asking because you both have studied other religions and mentioned them in your songs(Bodhisattva,Time Out of Mind for instance)and ,also,Donald has named his dog Bohdi.What I'm asking is do you believe in organized religion and where do you see religion going in the future?I know this can be a heavy subject,but I felt that no one was asking you(two very intelligent men)any serious questions and I wanted to put some intellectual stemuli on the webpage.Also I am in agreement that we need more women to write to the webpage.There's too much testosterone on the site.Well that about covers it for now.Thank you both for your time.
Regards, Shawn Engle

lapsed presbytarian/bodhi owner WB replies: No organized religion for us these days, glad to see you agree on the women thing. Rest assured that I am ever on the lookout for women who may be able to contribute to the web page, as Lorraine Feather has done with her "blinfold test". Thanks for writing.

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 96-04-24 15:16:24 EDT
From: (sumner thompson)

I guess you guys are now 'cool' or 'hip' because of these web-pages. Well, let me tell you, mister(s) delicate sensibilities have been raked over the coals and then turned into process cheese food by the satanic litanies that you two profess! How can I attempt to raise a decent family in this world with decidedly non-family oriented litter-box refuse such as this stuff popping up all over my encapsulated, sugar-coated, over-hyphenated netscape(tm)? Your pages are a real blast. It's good to see that something as tasteful and cynical as this can be easily accessed by the masses and spoon-fed to their children. These pages look like your music sounds...uh, tasteful and cynical. That doesn't even make any sense. I don't even know what the hell that means. I hope that you find it within your souls to come down to Atlanta again. I have really enjoyed your shows here, and I hope to see you again. Don't be frightened of the Olympics. They are your friends! Hope to see you soon. 'Til then, keep on truckin'.

Subj: Some stuff
Date: 96-04-24 15:50:07 EDT
From: Chip.Grahamnospam@nospamFMR.Com (Chip Graham)

Keep Roger. He's the best asset that you have!! You are lucky to have him.

Subj: Thomas Pynchon
Date: 96-04-24 16:11:15 EDT
From: (Scott R. Metz)

I was wondering if the songs "Gaucho" and "Time Out of Mind" were in any way "borrowed" from Thomas Pynchon's novel "V.". In the novel there is a character named Gaucho and the saying "time out of mind" is mentioned a couple of times. I ask this because i read in the MOJO interview with Mr. Fagen and Mr. Becker that they were(one or both, i can't remember) were fans of Pynchon's. Just wondering as to whether I might have any insight on this. Muchas gracias, Scott Metz

Two Pynchon guys in one batch of mail. The new record, far as I can tell.

Subj: gratitude
Date: 96-04-25 23:57:02 EDT
From: (James Veal)

Hi guys!

My first consciousness that Steely Dan was something special came when I first heard "Peg" over an AM radio in the parking lot of an Athens, Georgia redneck discount store called "Sky City," where fishermen liked to show off big carp that they had caught. I was 14 or 15 years old. Fat, pasty families in polyester were waddling about on the hot asphalt and I had just heard the music that would flow out of the sputtering speakers of five compact cars over the next 16 years. It wasn't long before I had all your albums, listened to them until they were ruined, and groused against you privately because my friends could go to Atlanta for Boston concerts and where the hell was I supposed to go? Seeing you at the Omni in 1993 made up for all that. How could I have imagined in that Sky City parking lot that one day I would be playing around on something called the internet and find a means of getting a message to you? The years have brought many changes.
Thanks for all that great music.

Fondly, Jim Veal

Subj: a short letter from tokyo guy
Date: 96-04-26 00:06:54 EDT
From: (idea)

Hello! nice to meet you. my name is Reiji. i'm japanese graphic designer, live in Tokyo. i like your music. Cos its crossover, and confortable. last time you play in japan, I could'nt go, Cos i was so busy. I hope you will show up again in japan. bye!

(this is what they sent me - honest. w)

Subj: july 16
Date: 96-04-26 17:06:23 EDT
From: (Keefe, Dan nospam@nospam BR50)

dear dan,
looking forward to seeing you in cincinnati in july. my wife and i saw you 3 years ago, but we couldn't enjoy the show because my wife was about ready to give birth! but it was a great show anyway! any chance on getting backstage passes to meet you guys? thanks! dkeefe email:

None whatsoever - next time the old girl's in a bad mood, leave her home. You gotta live too, don't you?

Subj: Dan Cam
Date: 96-04-27 10:12:46 EDT

My whole family and I (except Alexis) are great fans of yours. I especially want to say that we all (with just the one exception) really enjoyed "11 Tracks of Whack" and hope that Walter will grace us again with his solo product. I mention this specifically because it goes without saying that Donald is happening. Anyway, I use AOL to access your home page and I don't have a 'helper' app to view the DanCam images. I would appreciate it if Da Kine Dave could put in a link to a suitable viewer. I saw you guys at Great Woods both tours and plan to go to the Hartford show this time out. I don't think I'm alone hoping that Donald will take a hack at singing Dirty Work. Whatever the verdict on that little suggestion, you guys are the greatest.

Your pal, Bruce (and Linda, Adrian and Lydia, and probably
Alexis, although I could be wrong)

Subj: Good page!
Date: 96-04-27 15:56:20 EDT
From: (Annie Pulis)

I just wanted to say you guys are GREAT and I just added your spiffy web page to my music links on my homepage (
c623827). Sad to see you aren't coming through St. Louis or Kansas City on your tour this summer, but, quite frankly, I don't blame you. I wouldn't do it either. Love ya.

Subj: So What's Up?
Date: 96-04-29 19:50:27 EDT
From: (Focus Entertainment Group)

Do you ever read this shit or what?

Subj: Contest
Date: 96-04-29 20:57:32 EDT
From: (Pioneer)

Hey Walt, I see Don never replies to the mail. Walt come on man, ask some new questions on the contest. Its driven me fricken nuts. Jesus christ has anyone won? What in the hell does "what exit is 9 year old Donald Fagen from" mean. Im staring at my fuckin computer for two hours like some fricken moron trying to figure this out. Now I have severe eye strain from this. Can you sue for that? I swear I'll kill my roommate if you guys don't change it. Just give me the damn lithograph-we will forget this ever happened. Well I love you guys, that is if grown men can love eachother. Give me the lithograph. I'll find you when I see you guys in Kansas City. We will go eat some ribs at Gates BBQ-you'll love it. Bring the lithograph with you-you don't want my roommates blood on your hands do you? By the way, on "Oh wow it's you" do the lyrics say "I let er' rip just like a gypsy dog in nam"? cant quite figure that one out. Thanks.
Give me the lithograph,
A Pioneer

Editor's note: For chrissakes, have Craig send this guy a fucking lithograph before he takes down a McDonald's. We don't want one of those Tasmania deals on our hands, it would ruin the whole website thing for me.

Subj: Shoreline amp. Aug 13?
Date: 96-04-29 22:18:21 EDT

I've tried to get decent tickets two years in a row, the first year I was outside the wherehouse all night, was 20th in line and by the time I got to the window all seats (decent seats) were sold out. I love steely and all but there was no way I could afford to pay a scalper, Besides I don't wan't to support their cause. I was so fed up that the next year I tried but was not going unless I could Get Close. Could you offer any suggestions as to how I could get some decent seats to the show at face value? This is one of the shows that the on sale date is posted as TBA Please let me know; and thank all who have ever donated their talents to the Steely Cause.
Jeff Cameron

Subj: Squonk in Any Major Dude
Date: 96-04-30 17:12:24 EDT
From: (Kevin Andresen)

Which squonk came first, Genesis or Steely Dan?

Are they related?

Enquiring minds, and all that...
--Kevin Andresen []


We copped our squonk from a Borges bestiary of imaginary creatures, whereas - hey, two Borges in one batch of letters, plus a pair of Pynchons, bet the Genesis page doesn't have anything like that going on. Damn, I'm proud of you guys right about now! w

Subj: Dan Cam Spam Scam
Date: 96-04-30 17:21:08 EDT
From: (Eric Lund)

What's with the bogus cam? And who are the hottentots running amok with Walter and Donald?

No kiss-and-tell on the SD page, okay?

Subj: The Gorge
Date: 96-05-01 01:20:14 EDT
From: (Pat Beemer)

Here are just a few of the thoughts that come to mind regarding the cancelation of the August 16th Gorge show......

oh well,

Subj: slide inti decadence or healing regression
Date: 96-05-01 12:28:36 EDT
From: jpdujardnospam@nospamMailBox.Syr.Edu (Jeremy P. Dujardin)

Howdy boys! Lester here dropping a note by e- mail (the tunabomber would be proud!!), to let you know that my first show this summer should be at Irvine Meadows. This should give you plenty of time to get together a nice little version of "Yellow Peril." That Ari Ambrose guy should like that one! Also, wouldn't "Shanghai Confidential" make a nice little 2nd set intro? Anyway, gotta go, I'm working 'round the clock at perfecting that fart-sounding-like thing on "monkey in your soul." English baked beans and various varieties of mexican chilitos, peppers, and frijoles, combined with a touch of baritone sax are the key ingredients to perfection of this all too hard instrument which thrives on those crazy ole moo major chords. See ya out west! Feel free to get back to me at my friend's e- mail account: until may 7th,or feel free to leave a message at 212-542-4326. Yes I'll be there.

Date: 96-05-02 06:22:25 EDT
From: (Michael Richardson)

Don and Walt,

If you do not come to Texas on the tour this summer, I will become angry and do something know how things can get when I become angry......

It us unexcusable that you have not released a CD(s) with unreleased tracks and outtakes (Dallas, Sail the Waterway, and god knows what else). I know you guys aren't too fond of that old stuff, but your opinion is negligable, because it only matters what we, the people who pay your rent, think about it. Do it now or forever hold your piece. I will be glad to go through old tapes and assemble it if your precious time won't allow it.

Cheers, and a big B ma9 to everyone involved.

Michael Richardson
Austin Tx.

Subj: Kansas City Hospitality
Date: 96-05-02 18:53:42 EDT
From: (Michael D. Kelly)

I'm sure youv'e got it covered... just in case you don't... if there's anything I can do for y'all when you're in KC then contact me via email... even if it's something as trivial as a recommendation for a good place for barbeque carry out!! I'd offer other sorts of hospitality but you never know who reads this stuff... brief bio info on myself... pushing 40, living/working in a college town, single, play bass, and I know the feeling of being invisible (well maybe not really but it seems like those coeds look right through me!).

so - let me see if I've got this right - if we need somebody to fix us up with a box of ribs or a couple of cute girls with x-ray vision, then you're our man - is that it? Well thanks w

Subj: live video
Date: 96-05-02 22:43:06 EDT
From: (Michael Richardson)

Don & Walt....

Will there ever be a live Dan video...that would like be cool or something...

Your biggest fan in Austin (315 pounds),
Michael Richardson

...and if my bad luck ever blows me back this way....

guessing it would take a rather mighty blow. thanks for listening w

Subj: The future
Date: 96-05-02 23:44:03 EDT
From: (Jerome Catalino)

Dear Don and Walt,

I look forward to hearing of your every move. I've already got my tickets for the Detroit show. I hope you spruce up the show this summer. I saw your show in 1993 in Boston and 1994 in Detroit. I was dismayed that 1995 didn't happen. Am very glad '96 is. My humble suggestions for the show this summer are as follows:

1) anything new you both will do as Steely Dan will be great.

2) Please include King of the World anywhere (maybe as an encore). In your early bootlegs it really cooks. You could board out the solos on this one and make the place come apart.

3) Please go back to the old basic format of Reelin' In the Years. I can only imagine what it must be not to have Denny and Skunk behind you on this one but it is a classic. Long after we're all dead this one will still get alot of play time in any and many of its incarnations. On one of my bootlegs from 1974 there is skunk (I think) that is all over the place with the guitar after finishing Do It Again. He's zipping all over the place with his guitar licks and then slams into the intro of Reelin'. Please get your hands on some of your old tapes and have a listen.

4) Xlnt job in the past with Bodhisatva, Kid Charlemagne, Chain Lightning (unfortunately'93 only)
5) Time Out of Mind might make for an interesting live performance.

6) You surprised me with one of my absolute favorites in '94 and on the album: Sign in Stranger. Please play it again.

7) In the Detroit 1994 show while the band was warming up they played an instrumental of Parker's Band. I humbly suggest plugging that one is at it has some real flavor live. I think your public can't yet appreciate riding bareback on armadillos (I can) and you could make this one fly.

Please understand that you have written a classic gendre of rock. The endorphin secretion synergizes well with your melodies. They will always. Alot of these songs don't lose their spark the 30th time around. I'm sorry you're not happy with your physical appearance of that time as you expressed in the Citizen Steely liner notes.

Mr. Becker I'm glad to see you wear glasses. I am half way through with my ophthalmology training and plan on settling in Hawaii. I know you live on Maui. I don't know if I will end up on Maui but I hope that one day I may have the privilege of serving you as an ophthalmologist. (Donald you're always welcome).

As Donald signed off in your May 1974 Memphis concert at the end of the show:

"Dreams Kids,"

Jerome Catalino

well thanks for the offer, Jerome, us myopic gendre- rockers need all the help we can get. w

Subj: What song?
Date: 96-05-03 01:36:55 EDT
From: (Brad Timm)

Steely Dan (or whoever reads this):
I am a 19 ear old college student and just heard one of your songs on the radio. It is a jazzy song about the saxaphone. My older friend told me that the song was by you, but he didn't know the name of it. Could you please write back telling me the name of the song and the album that you feel is the best to experience your music. I don;t think you will even read this, but if you do, please respond quicky because I would like to buy your album. Thanks.
Brad Timm

sorry Brad, can't recall anything along those lines right now. I'm forwarding your letter to the Genesis home page.

Subj: Hi Guys
Date: 96-05-03 09:46:37 EDT
From: (Strayhorn)

W & D

Spent my 40th birthday with you guys at the Walnut Creek (Raleigh NC) amphitheatre two summers ago. I was the guy with the goatee way back in about the billionth row. Took my two best friends from college as well - they say "hi" too. Really can't think of who else I would have wanted to see on that famous day. Your cynicism helped me through college and its lingering aftereffects have kept me afloat in the world of sewage otherwise known as academia. Whenever I'm surrounded by total cant, the Angel of Cynicism descends and saves me. Glad to see you both in apparent good health. That's more than I can say for Lowell George.
Ken Strayhorn

PS - who are those babes in the studio? Everytime I dial up the Dan Cam you are entertaining instead of working.

Hadn't you heard? the race is over, the rats won - we gotta live too, you know.

Subj: Dan Cam
Date: 96-05-03 12:49:50 EDT
From: JNEWSOMnospam@nospamVMS.CIS.PITT.EDU (Jason Newsom)

Hey Guys, the Dan Cam is great, but could you two move out of the way so we can get a better view of the equipment!

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