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This page is dedicated to e-mail received from interested readers of the SD web page, and will include responses from Donald and/or Walter or, occasionally, other relevant individuals who may have information or opinions bearing on readers' questions. Name and e-mail address may be withheld on request.

Subj: the next album Date: 96-03-27 15:47:42 EST From: jfw_nadnospam@nospamCAM.ORG (Jean-Francois William) To:

O.K. you guys...yes you were the best! Now why did Walter play like it was amateur hour on Donald's latest ? Like he said to himself "Hey let's go and fuck Fagen's album!"... not that it was that great! Mind you the new solo on the Snowbound video is fine (Amazing vid by the way!) Walter's album is just fine by me, love the lyrics and all. Now you boys get your ass in the studio stop fucking with the hi-hat and give us some of that sophisticated shit only you guys can come up with!

P.S. The live album was nothing to write home about you lazy bums ! I love you

Jean-Francois Couture

Mr. Becker replies: by far my favorite fan letter to date, although none too good in itself. But invoking as it does our possible better selves, goading us into action, at least it represents a middling attempt to do the right thing. Many thanks.

Subj: (no subject) Date: 96-03-21 07:33:33 EST From: (Andreas Fleckenstein)

Would one of the band members be willing to do a benefit "unplugged" session at Jansen's at Cornell University, located in upstate New York? Jansen's is a large dining hall and is home to many freshman and aspiring musicians. It would be wonderful if one of the band members could do this for us on a benefit basis. It would boost the morale and raise the hopes of the students. I know this is a long shot, but I figured it would be worth asking anyway. Please let me know either way what you can do.

I am Lynette Fleckenstein, supervisor and special events coordinator at Jansen's/Cornell University Dining Services The address at the top of the screen is my husband's at home and e-mail can be returned to that address or to my e-mail which is


Lynette Fleckenstein

Mr. B says: per your request, I am writing to our new drummer to find out if he can do a dinner show for you sometime, although for the type of morale boosting event you mention, I would recommend a larger ensemble.

Subj: suggestions for a brighter future Date: 96-03-21 15:57:27 EST From: (Lars Carlman) Reply-to: To:

mr. fagen & mr. becker; why not making a "true" jazzalbum. Get yourself a decent tenorplayer and put either mr. chambers or mr erskine behind the drums and then show us the ultimate treatment of the steelydan soongbook. or monk. or coltrane . or....

Mr. Becker rejoinds: I did something along these lines a few years back with Los Angeles tenorman Marty Krystall and the aforementioned Mr. Erskine. The album, which was to be called Beyond the Blue Horizon, was so scary and fine that it was immediately shelved by Windham Hill Jazz and has never been released.

Subj: Nice page! Date: 96-03-22 03:09:34 EST From: (Reinhard Heller) Sender: To:

Hi there,

Got to tell you this is great: SD sites keep popping up every week. But that was the way the net's meant to be - fun-times for tech fans!

Well, by the way: who reads my mail here? Any comments/replies etc.?

One hope I still have - nourished through all of the "dry 80's" - now that you seem to be going on with some SD music, is a STEELY DAN TOUR IN EUROPE !!! Well if you guys can't make it, now with all of the networking in place I get the news about US tours at least and might be able to book on something on the east coast maybe. Still ... you'd probably like Europe, too!

Good start, Reinhard.

Mr. Becker declares: Thank you for your interest. We are persuaded by your twisted logic and may be visiting the continent in September for a few weeks, Germany included. Stay tuned for details.

Dear Walt + Don,

If I win your trivia contest, I would like to receive the vacuum cleaner for my prize. I already have a mixer and a couple of rings.


Mr. Becker recurs: All right. This is the kind of mail we like to get from the kind of fan we need, i.e., a woman. Where do we send the Electrolux?

Subj: danmacusers Date: 96-03-22 21:36:32 EST From: To:

Don & Walt, Are you mac users as has been rumored and even more importantly can we expect to see you in Columbia, Md. this summer---we've been lucky enough to see the NYR&SR, 93, 94' and Roseland 95...let's keep it going

Bill & Marie Harris, parents of Fagan Harris

Mr. Becker quips: Letters from parents who have named their children after us are always answered, altered spellings notwithstanding. See you somewhere in the area in July.

From: (Ross McCloud) To:

Ok, tell me the rumor is true... There is a 20,000 seat auditorium being built in Virginia Beach, VA. , and the "tentative" guest lists my fav. group: Steely Dan!!

Is it true? Will I go to my first rock concert in 20+ years?

I certainly hope so...

Ross McCloud ODU Music Dept./Music Teacher in Training (43yr. old Steely Dan fan!!)

Mr. Becker rejoinds: Remember to bring your butane lighter if you want us to do an encore.

Subj: Europe ?? Date: 96-04-05 09:30:13 EST From: To:

Do you forget Europe ? Please Think about us in the next tour.

W says: We are thinking about you very hard right now, 100021.271, stay tuned for the product of these ruminations

Subj: The UK needs you now Date: 96-03-24 11:50:44 EST From: (Toby Howard) Sender: To:

Hi Walter, Donald

I back that other guy up. We'll get Prince Charles to MC your gig if you make it over here. Why not come back to sunny Manchester!

Best wishes Toby

Mr. Becker returns with: Why not? many good reasons I would guess, but none of them shall keep us from our appointed rounds. Details at eleven.

Subj: R=?iso-8859-1?Q?=E9pondez, s'il vous pla=EEt?= Date: 96-03-25 16:22:48 EST From: (Ti "Josie" Reynaga) To:

To M. Fagen and M. Becker (or some combination thereof):

Be it ever so far from me to have forgotten to invite you gentlemen to the danVention! I was only seeking to relieve you of news you may already have heard of and chose to ignore. Or maybe I just didn't want to catch some of your biting sarcasm, which might have jarred me out of action (and which I now expect to catch anyway). In any case whatsoever, I am now formally extending my invitation to you. This danVention is going to be a party in Santa Monica: nothing more and certainly nothing less. We will have activities such as cover band competitions, "danRelated" games (imagine what you will), and general hoopla. As details are worked over, more activities will be available for your pleasure and/or ours. So far, without any advertising, I have amassed 100 or so luckless souls who are ready and willin', including some from overseas. Having you would be fab, although I refuse to work myself up for an appearance. We were looking at a late summer date, but would prefer some sort of tailgate held in conjunction with a summer tour stop in So. Cali. So that was it. You're invited. J'ai essay. For a little personal background, I am a nineteen year-old female majoring in English at Yale. Unlike numerous Yalie women, I do shower and shave regularly. You may know me as "Josie" on the danPage. See ya @ Greatwoods..

Sincerely yours
Tahia "Ti" Reynaga Co-Pres.danVention Committee Elm City, CT

Mr. Becker retorts: Dear Ti- thanks very for the invite - we may be a little busy this summer, but we can't rule anything out in the way of parties, in the way of being had by a spectacularly well-educated and impeccably groomed hostess like yourself & co., now can we? We'll be watching the guest book to see how things develop. Let us know what you'll be wearing at Great Woods, we'll keep an eye peeled after the sound check and as the crowd files in. WB

Subj: Lost Wages for your Steely Dan T-Shirt Date: 96-04-04 14:44:56 EST From: (Putyour Namehere) To:

Hey Don + Walt:
Glad to hear you guys are coming back to Los Angeles this time around - To the Hollywood Bowl, no less. Question: Do you feel different playing gigs at more prestigious venues (i.e. Madison Square Garden) than playing at other places such as ampitheaters or other generic hockey-arenas? Also, now that you guys finally have your very own official web-site, are you going to branch out and make Steely Dan items and/or merchandise available through this location. I'm sure there are many of us who visit these various cyber-admiration society pages who would love to........... say,...... order tee-shirts, tour programs perhaps a second live album (PLEASE DO IT!!) and long overdue live performance video through your website. Do you think that is too tacky?? Too entrepreneurial?? Too Greedy?? I don't think your fans would think would hold it against you. How 'Bout it?

A Longtime Fan and admirer of yours (and anyone else who can make altered dominant chords catchy!)

See you in August!
Peter Noss

Herr Becker responds: Thanks, Peter, trying to wrap my mind around the concept of too tacky, still without much luck. This is the first I've heard that there might be such a thing. WB

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