Ultra-Rare! Commemorative Music Trophy
Item #0000001
Music:Rock-n-Roll:Memorabilia:Depraved Spectacles:Televised:Morally Bankrupt Vainglories:Figurines

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Quantity 1, maybe 2 # of bids billions and billions
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    Country/Region USA/New York
Started Mar-19-01 22:16:51 EST  
Ends Apr-27-01 22:16:51 EST Provenance: You Don't Want To Know
Seller (Rating) moodybastard (0)
High bid TBA
Payment Money Order/Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks: See item description for payment methods accepted
Shipping Buyer pays actual shipping charges. Seller ships internationally (worldwide), See item description for shipping charges

Seller assumes all responsibility for first accepting and then listing this item. You should contact your conscience to resolve any moral ambiguities before bidding.
Ultra-rare commemorative trophy from self-styled "official" music honorary organization, issued to quasi-prominent and appropriately sheepish musician. Statuette approx. 4" x 4" x 16", made of unidentified metal alloy mounted on a marble base (see picture below). Inscribed. Representing as it does a craven lapse of taste, judgement and self respect on his part, the owner is eager to be rid of this appalling artifact ASAP. Cheaply made and intrinsically worthless in all important ways, this little baby will nevertheless be obscenely expensive to its next owner - making it the ultraperfect collectible icon of its age. Hefty reserve price. Note: A companion piece (identical but inscribed to owner's colleague) may possibly become available in conjunction with this statue to the discriminating and well-heeled collector whose bid demonstrates that "price is truly no object". May consider partial trade of valuable goods and services.
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