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Complete transcript of the chat before the Donald Fagen and Walter Becker chat on March 22, 1996.

(MockTurlte) I had a canary named Gaucho

(StAlfonzo) I see some familiar faces here

(MODERATOR) Welcome all you new dudes and dudettes...we'll get started at 8:00.

(HoopsMcCann) this is the best way to chat!

(smokin88) hi ST

(HiGenius) How do I send a private message?

(eugie) How long will they be visiting?

(Domino) Where do we read the Dans replies?

(StAlfonzo) Hi G -- Highlight the individual

(DaveS) for my computer password at work, I use ARCMBI1954 ya know what song that's from?

(conneen) with the /msg command, e.g. /msg conneen we know that, conneen

(HiGenius) ok

(cboldt) do /msg (nick) message to send private

(cargo) Question: what's the average age around here?

(HoopsMcCann) I think you just type "MODERATOR" in the "to:" box

(conneen) 75

(DaveS) im 27

(cboldt) I'm 40

(MockTurlte) Hey Hoops. Do you mind if I try to send you a private just to check??

(eugie) 43

(Domino) im 21

(conneen) I'm 25

(bowwow) 45

(rlewis) 36

(HoopsMcCann) im 18

(MockTurlte) 32

(cargo) 17

(DaveS) I've been a fan since 1986

(smokin88) 35

(HiGenius) 23

(conneen) Bingo!

Keef joined.(total 22)

(StAlfonzo) I feel like im in AOL chat....31

(epowers) 46

(Keef) Good evening, fellow addicts. ,g)

(cargo) how varied! Alas!

(eugie) Alas?

(smokin88) whaddya think Mac or PC for walt+don?

(HoopsMcCann) alas?

(cboldt) mac

(conneen) Linux for both :)

(Keef) Definitely a Mac.

(cargo) hey, when you're reading shakespeare .. .

(eugie) yeah, cargo said "alas"

(HoopsMcCann) Smokin88: I know that Don has a Mac

(smokin88) Mac*:O)

(cargo) alas!

(eugie) alack!

(Domino) Go back, Mac, do it again.........

(smokin88) LOL

(cargo) Come on, put on a half smile . . .

(eugie) Hearing that the 1st time was an epiphany

(smokin88) 1st Dan i heard...

(HoopsMcCann) 8:00, outside the stadium. Special delivery for...

(eugie) same..

(DaveS) there was an ad in the New York Times sunday...someone wanted private Macintosh Lessons in his Upper East Side home & was offering a cash salary...I wonder if that was Donald.

(MockTurlte) "The rumors of my demise are greatly overstated" Macintosh

(Domino) 11 tracks of Mac

(DaveS) Yes Mac, I gave it back, the ring I could now own

(smokin88) hoops Mac-can

(HoopsMcCann) Be cool Junkie Kids

jbeech joined.(total 23)

(MockTurlte) The world wants to know: PC or Mac ?

(eugie) I was home from school (sick) laying on the sofa...that song came on I said "what the hell is this?"

(MockTurlte) and

(MockTurlte) and .....

(eugie) and?

(Domino) Drivin like a fool at the HackenMac......

(HoopsMcCann) alas!

(DaveS) I live 2 blocks from Hackensack

puppy joined.(total 24)

(kevin19) 40

(MockTurlte) 32

(bowwow) who is that gaucho, amiga...

(Domino) What is Hackensack anyway?

(smokin88) NJ

(DaveS) a city in New Jersey

(eugie) and I bought the 1st album & never bought another for 5 years

(DaveS) immortalized in Steely Dan and Billy Joel songs

(StAlfonzo) You aint missing much, either

(HoopsMcCann) My hat is still too flat...

puppy left(total 23)

(Domino) Aaah. right. im from Norway and dont know these things

tmacc joined.(total 24)

GoldenC joined.(total 25)

(GoldenC) Hello everyone

(MockTurlte) Hey Domino. Do many people in Norway listen to SD??

(smokin88) hoops- is maj. dude coming?

(HoopsMcCann) Sweet little cringe maker...

(Keefs) where's Jerome when we need him!

(Domino) Nobody is that cool in Norway except for me and a pal..

(conneen) T -0:06

(HoopsMcCann) Down in the bottom...

(GoldenC) Hello there

(smokin88) hi C

(Domino) Hey C

(MockTurlte) Have any of you guys tried to answer the three questions in the SDpage??

(GoldenC) Alguem fala a minha lingua?

(HoopsMcCann) Anyone here from NY?

(cargo) i think the dissonant ending of "Throw Back the Little Ones" to end the Katy Lied album is one of their greatest accomplishments. Always smile when Ihear that.

(smokin88) (((Nashville

Aron joined.(total 26)

(GoldenC) sorry

(MockTurlte) Voce fala tambein


(eugie) How about the solo(s) on "Black Friday?"

(Domino) Yeah. "little ones" is cool!

(smokin88) great!

(conneen) I read that the end of TBtLO was improvised by the pianist. True?

(HoopsMcCann) MODERATOR: Great!

(Aron) hi fellow Dan fans

(MODERATOR) We're gonna start in a few minutes...

(GoldenC) Old Mock!!

(tmacc) Lucky Henry says hello...


(cargo) conneen: really?

(Keef) (clap, clap, clap, clap)

(conneen) Wish I had the reference for that tidbit

Firebird joined.(total 27)

(conneen) Some magazine article

(MockTurlte) Hi C

TWB joined.(total 28)

bebop joined.(total 29)

Firebird left(total 28)

(HoopsMcCann) Surf And/Or Die to solve your Hard Up Cases

(smokin88) bebop- you on apl?

(MockTurlte) Bolivia

(Keef) I only know I must obey, this feeling I can't explain away.

(smokin88) (aol)

(MODERATOR) Here's the deal...send your questions to me via private message...and walter and don will respond...

TWB left(total 27)

(DaveS) can we start now?

(bebop) apl?

HOST left(total 26)

hoopsmck joined.(total 27)

len joined.(total 28)

(Domino) YeeHaw

(MODERATOR) I will make the channel moderated at 8:00. You'll be able to talk to each other privately, but your public messages won't be visible...

Bal joined.(total 29)


stvn joined.(total 30)

(bebop) apl

(bebop) apl?

(MODERATOR) It's a great site, and I'm very honored that the boys in the band have played such an active role in developing it....

(Keef) Any drumming fans?

(MBigUS) ha ha Keef

(Keef) (cough)

HiGenius left(total 29)

NONE joined.(total 30)

(MBigUS) ahem

(Aron) Moderator, will there be a public discussion?

NONE left(total 29)

(DaveS) It's 8:01 my time

(conneen) My question: boxers or briefs?

(conneen) Not!

(Keef) They've been asked that!

Rocnrol joined.(total 30)

(Keef) (--- knows every friggin' question they've been asked (g)

jing left(total 29)

jing joined.(total 30)

(conneen) I want to ask if they've read the Steely Fan digest.

(DaveS) they haven't

(DaveS) but walter said it sounds delightful

(conneen) Doh!

(hoopsmck) how long will the session last--anyone know?

(DaveS) a half hour probably

(Keef) Not long enough!

(MODERATOR) We'll get going in a second here...

(Aron) not at all

(hoopsmck) I even practiced typing 50% less errors (only 50% typed wrong :-))

skadel joined.(total 31)

(conneen action) stands by for moderated mode

(Keef) Ahhh, greets.

(eugie) will this be published later on as the other chats have?

(MockTurlte) Show time!!!!!!!

(DaveS) im sure it will be

(Domino) Lets Go

(conneen) Probably... there is a used called steelyscribe

(Keef) Yes, eugie! I'm certain of it!

(StAlfonzo) Nah

(StAlfonzo) ;)

(Aron) giddy up

(conneen) Good evening ladies and genemen

(skadel) Ahhh What a night!

(conneen) What we gonna give you tonight

(conneen) It'll be down to the nitty gritty

(DaveS) the best damn thing santa monica has ever had

(Keef) Sanna Monica is deffinaly seh ohn fiah tonight

(DaveS) right on

(hoopsmck) 8:05 EST by the hoops mckay clock--bet they are making walt put on makeup or something ;-)

(skadel) You can tell Mr. Whatever

(conneen) yeh

(eugie) kill the glare

(Rocnrol) Hi hoops. Thanks for the info on the list. Couldn't live without it.

(bebop) Yes, thanks Hoops

(Domino) Ha ha ha. Walts trimmin his facial hair

(StAlfonzo) Everybody should thank Hoops

(MockTurlte) Ditto

(epowers) my watch must be fast

(GoldenC) Hello, anybody talks Portuguese?

(Aron) thanx hoops

CincyChubs joined.(total 32)

(kevin19) Hey hoops, love the list - keep it comin!

(hoopsmck) Your words are kind but EVERYBODY makes it happen. I think we'll see changes now that we have an official source

(skadel) Many tanks hoops!

(Domino) Hoops Da Man

(eugie) Thanks Hoops!

(DaveS) here in cyberspace, the Dan internet lords are as celebrated as the gods they worship

(hoopsmck) Oh no! You mean Walt's gonna do this in Portugese! Damn!

(eugie) C'mon guys, I have to pee!

(Domino) Hey I cant hold my breath much longer

(tmacc) Use tact, poise and reason...

(StAlfonzo) I got my dictionary. Im ready. Bring em on

(DaveS) a source of disinformation

(Keef) This reminds me of the tension at the start of the 1993 tour...

(CincyChubs) are we still awaiting?

(MockTurlte) Paciencia

(Keef) just before they walked onstage and shook hands.

(Aron) and gently squeeze them

(DaveS) you mean we can all go out for hot dogs and beer when walter talks?

(CincyChubs) thanks

(conneen) Did the mode change work?

(MockTurlte) them what!!!

(GoldenC) Yes, what can i do?

(hoopsmck) hey the guy down the hall wore Depends so he won't miss a bit of this thing

(Domino) Hey phone rates are expensive


(MODERATOR) We're going to moderate the channel in a minute, stay tuned...

(MODERATOR) All right... let's get this thing started...

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