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Dear Daddies,

Well it's been a couple of weeks now and I haven't heard back from you or Mr Ertegun or anybody else, so I am supposing that there is a problem and that maybe just maybe you guys are not absolutely convinced by my claim to be the true long-lost daughter of one or both of you's. And because I am not able to get ahold of my mother just now I am unable to ask her to make herself known to you again so that you would remember who she was and what all happened that weekend long ago. I would gladly take a blood test, except that bloodwork is not permitted by my new religious affiliation. I am a Rosicrucian. Plus those tests don't work all that well anyway, that pregnancy test I got at the drugstore two weeks after last year's Lollapalooza was dead wrong. The itch cream they sold me after the Nine Inch Nails concert didn't work either. So Science, despite its many successes and triumphs - look, I ain't knocking it, after all I am writing this letter on a Windows brand computer, which is the only kind you can find here in the trailer park these days - it's just that there's lots more to life than science, anymore, don't you agree?

Be that as it may, I am presenting to you the only evidence I have from my poor mama concerning her connection with you guys. She did have at one time a packet of Polaroid pictures which showed you guys with her on that fateful weekend - and I'll be damned if I don't wish I had those polaroids right now! But the people at the hospital in Bradford took those pictures away from her, so I don't have'em now. What I do have is some pictures my mom took later which show some miraculous events which happened to her, which she believes demonstrated conclusively the proof of the divine union between you guys and her. This particular kind of proof is not the sort of thing which everybody goes for, I am aware of that, and I am presenting it here because I know my mom held it in very high esteem, and because it does speak for itself, sort of.

There are several other pieces of circumstantial evidence which I would like to mention.
I have dirty blonde hair and lovely blue eyes, people compliment me all the time on them.

I have a great body and I believe in freedom of personal expression, whenever and with whomsoever I please.

I have always loved all forms of Jazz Music, particularly Country Swing and Tex-Mex Style.

While I generally abstain from strong drink or intoxicating Substances, I got a real taste for'em and can really hold my own with a snootful.

I have terrible sinuses, just like one of you guys do.
That's it - I feel confident that by now you are pretty much convinced that I am who I claim I am. All I want is a fair shake and a chance to stand up on that podium with you all when you and your buddies get your trophies. That's a magic moment I wouldn't want to miss for anything. That, and maybe a little seed money for what will I hope prove to be the kind of a life that will make you both proud of me as I am proud of you. So take care, Donn and Glenn, I love you both, and I hope I will get to meet you soon, one way or the other.

love, Monique

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