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We hear almost constantly that it is woefully remiss of us -- if not legally actionable -- to have suspended regular posting of fan email. Apparently, the 1.3+ Megabytes of it we have posted through the years leaves some crucial sentiment or sentiments unsaid. Also apparently, our attempt to faithfully represent the gist of what we have not posted, via our magnificent Dead Letter Department, is also an inadequate representation of the important communications we receive at this site.

Oh, we just got it --- you haven't seen your email posted that it?

No matter...we've decided to make things right.

Here's your chance to vote for what message should be posted as steelymail file #28 on our mail page.

Below is a quasi-representative subsampling of email received in the last several months. To cast your vote, just click on the "Vote For The Email Below" box that appears at the top of your chosen message. This should open up a vote-coded message window in your designated email program, which you then simply send to us, unaltered in any way.

Voting ends on May 23, 2002 . At that point we'll randomly select some number of voters to receive a promo item (where the number of selected voters = the number of items we have to give away).

We will also tally all votes, with the proud winning email then and forever posted as steelymail file #28 in our mailroom.


  • Voting ends on Midnight EST, May 23, 2002
  • Do not change or add any text to the Subject line or Body of the outgoing email message generated when you click on your chosen Vote Box. Votes with any altered or additional text will not count and will not be entered in the drawing.
  • Vote only once.
  • The vote links on this page will only work a) if you have set your Browser preferences to select an email program when a mail link is clicked, and b) if your broswer is Javascript-enabled. If the links do not work for you, you cannot vote -- sorry.
  • Read disclaimer on prize items here
  • No Whining
Vote [contest closed]

Subject: U of A

Is it true that one of the members attended the Univerity of Alabama. Can you send me any information on that please.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Question

In Cousin Dupree the narrator refers to "watching her wax her skis." In a discussion with my cousin and my wife, there was some disagreement about what that meant. Did Janine actually have skis which she waxed? I said no, this story occurs in the South, where it is unlikely that anyone skis on anything other than water. I opined that this was a reference to Janine shaving or depilating her legs, which Cousin Dupree found quite erotic. The others said they had never heard this called waxing one's skis, and didn't believe me.

Could the authors please settle this debate for me?

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: (no subject)


Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Free Travel


You've been selected for a chance to receive a Florida Vacation Getaway

Click here for your Florida Vacation Getaway

Vacation includes:
8 days/7 nights of first-class accommodations
Allows up to four travelers
Rental car with unlimited mileage
Adult casino cruise

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: music analysis

Mr. Fagen,, I have listened carefully to your music and have identified why it is so popular,, I could identifiy other potentially popular music trends if you could point me in the right direction. I hope you could refer me to someone who might be interested in my services, thanks,, xxxxxx

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Steely Dan Music

This is the worst music I have ever heard! They are horrible musicians. Just MY opinion.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: one question

I just want to know, Who is Peg? I mean the song Peg, who was or is she, or is she ficticious? I can't think of anyone famous named Margaret which peg is usually a nickname for.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: 2VN lyrix

when might you post the 2VN album lyrix on the website?

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Help make Steely Dan stars with

Have you heard of the Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx? We are a virtual stock market where visitors buy and sell virtual shares of celebrities, movies and music with a currency call the Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx*.

We are offering you a unique opportunity to show Steely Dan how much you love them. Encourage your fan base to register with and buy Steely Dan (XXXXX). Drive their price up on the Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and increase their worth in Hollywood.

Please respond if you'd like to do a link share. We will add your link to Steely Dan's Xxxxxxxx* page.

Thanks and look forward to talking with you soon.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: question

can I get music and words for song titled "Opposite's Game"? I didn't find it on the official web site....thanks a ton!!

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: dancam

Sorry guys, the dancam sucks, just old pictures of 6 years ago.

I expected more of you.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Your Site


I'm a big Steely Dan fan who owns a web design company. I would gladly redesign your site with a cool Steely Dan feel for free if you want. You can then maintain it. I like all the areas, and I could make this site look awesome! If your interested I could come up with a design and let you approve it.


Vote [contest closed]

Subject: concert on Long Island??

I saw an ad on t.v. 5 minutes ago which brought me to this site. Are they appearing on Long Island sometime soon? Ticket location? thanks...

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Old song

Hi there can you help, im looking for information on a song called "still the one".I was in a resturant and heard the song and everyone thought i was an alien as i knew the chorus from many years ago and since then i have been trying to find an album that its recorded on.So can you give me details please.


Vote [contest closed]

Subject: question about William and mary

I am a big fan of your band and am very confused about some lyrics in "My Old School". I know two of you went to Bard college in Annondale, but Why did you mention my college....The college of William and Mary? please email me back at

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Peg

Hi Guys.
My name is xxxxxx and I am trying to figure out something. I want to know what your song "Peg" is all about. I am writing a paper for my College English class and I will be using your song. I just wanted to get a basic idea of what the song means before I start writing about it.

Thanks xxxxxx

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: (no subject)


Vote [contest closed]

Subject: plagurism

I once read an interview where I think Donald said they were the robber barons of rock&roll. As a tribute to you guys I have ripped off parts of Parkers Band to write my own smash hit called 'xxxx xxxx' It's now the ultimate show stopper when we gig. Thanks for the inspiration respectfully yours xxxxx

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Comics from Argentina (look at ,pease)

A sample of our work We make Comics , ilustratedstories and some other an request things. PEACE

[image attachment omitted]
[image attachment omitted]
[image attachment omitted]

WARNING: Your server configuration forbids transfer of attachments to this message.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Requesting info to book @ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Bar And Grill

Request info to book in our Club...we have and currently will book. Kenny Rodgers, Bob Seiger, Freddie Fender, Huey Lewis and a few more. I am interested and willing to bring big names into XXXX to put this Bar on the map.

We are a House of blues concept, with live music 7 days a week. please email me or have agent call.

thank you


Vote [contest closed]

Subject: (no subject)


xxxxx UK

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Long Island gig

Hello Steely Dan mail person,

A friend of mine recently told me that the guys are playing a gig in Long Island somewhere, sometime in the next few weeks or so. Do you know anything about it? If so, can you give me all of the details please. I live in NYC and would love to see them for my first time!


[memo to self: consider contacting that "Stealin' Dan" tribute band and let them know their ads are causing a bit of confusion -- ed]

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Hometowns

Where are y'all from originally? I always heard y'all were from Tuscaloosa (home of the Crimson Tide). Is that true? If not, are y'all Alabama football fans? Obviously, I am and want to get to the bottom of why y'all had the lyrics "they have a name for the winners in the world, they call Alabama the Crimson Tide"....

I LOVE your music!

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: Steely Dan's Aja DVD.

Would there be any chance that tha Dan could do CD of instrumentals, like "Peg" and "Josie" on the Aja video DVD. My wife and I both like these versions better than the originals. Thank you.

Vote [contest closed]

Subject: acthung

Get off your lazy collective asses and give out some new gossip/fodder/alfalfa/hemp to the collective masses. Otherwise shut down the website until you have comments that matter about the crux of the biscuit.

Items we're giving away include:

  • Some 2002 glossy promo pics
  • A few '96 tour posters from venues in Europe & Japan
  • Alive in America (Mummy & Girl) CD release posters
  • Some 2002 Presskit "bio wheels"
  • Record store posters announcing "Two Against Nature" as a Grammy winner (we never saw a single one of these things actually displayed in a record store...did you?).
  • Guitar pics from early '96 with "" on them (!)
  • A few other things we can't recall at the moment

Disclaimer: None of the items are autographed. Items will be randomly selected for each winner. No item is guaranteed to be or arrive in perfect condition.

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