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We are pleased to present the winners of The Steely Dan Name Game Contest-- needed to go aong with our penning one of the top Rap songs of 1999. , along with their entries. Grand prize winners will receive a signed CD from the latest batch of Steely Dan reissues, which feature all original artwork and new liner notes by DF and WB. Honorable mentions get exactly that - honorable mention.

Your pals,

- Donald "Big 'Noids, New York" Fagen
- Walter "Medical Science Diet" Becker

Grand Prizes

- Donald "Motivated Seller" Fagen
- Walter "DJ Honeycutt" Becker

     Ray Hadlock and Terrence Dugan

- Sir Smirk-A-Lot
- Groove Situator

     Eric Brewer and Bruce Bush

- Donald "DJ Kopyrite" Fagan
- Walter "MC Kooldaddy Infringement" Becker

     Joe Chapman

- Donald "Dizzy" Fagen
- Walter "Cannonball" Becker

     Leesa Kerns

- Walter "Homewrecker Mighty Likea Woodpecker" Becker
     Harry Prutzman

Honorable Mentions

- Donald "DJ Static Cling" Fagen
- Walter "Grand 'Puffy' Rice Cakes" Becker

     Brian Robinson

- Donald "Solid Gold SCSI Chain" Fagen
- Walter "Lord WSYWYG" Becker


- Donald "Incessant Car Alarm" Fagen
- Walter "Exact Change" Becker

     Dag Juhlin

- Donald "What Me Hurry" Fagen
- Walter "Don't Worry, It's Loaded" Becker

     Pekka Tarkiainen

- Walter "Gizmo D" Becker
- Donald "Born 2 Brill" Fagen

     John Bryer

- Walter "Puff Kilohana" Becker
     Dan Krouse

- Walter "Tu-WhackTrack-Ur" Becker
     Dave Williams

- WD-40something
     Eric Brewer

- Walter "Cynic Clinic G" Becker
     John Bryer

- Donald "Notorious I.G.Y." Fagen
     Dan Krouse, John Lawler, Scott Allman

- Donald "Guy Feltafish" Fagen
     Jeff Lehman

- Donald "Spoon Indigo" Fagen
     Pekka Tarkiainen

- Verbonizer Elegante
     Bruce Bush

- Donald "The Other White Meat" Fagen
     Harry Prutzman, Ronnal Horschler

- Last Exit To Brooklyn
- Baby Don't Panic I'm A Weekend Mechanic
- All I Saw Was The Poor Monkey Trying To Put The Cork Back In

    Ray Hadlock

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