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Donald and Walter would like to thank all of the people who contributed to the music on these albums, you know who you are, but in case you don't:

Terry, John, Kenny, Marty, Sandy, Howie, Adrian, Dell, Jay, Jay, Howard, Marv, Evan, Len, Joel, Dennis, Charlie, Gary, Warren, John, Chris, Keith, Dinky, Nancy, David, Elliot, Victor, Jerome, Snooky, Clydie, Shirley, Venetta, Roger, Tim, Sherlie, Myrna, Patrica, Royce, James, Michael, Lanny, Bill, Ernie, John, Jimmie, Ray, Rick, Ben, Miss Natalie, Michael, Jim, Jim, Jeff. David, Chuck, Dean, Tim, Plas, Ollie, Lew, Ernie, Wilton, Jerome, Michael, Hugh, Larry, Hal, Carolyn, Phil, Stuart, Bob, Paul, Don, Rick, Bernard, Gary, Chuck, Bob, Slyde, Ed, Paul, Jim, Paul, Joe, Jim, Tom, Wayne, Peter, Jackie, Lou, Rebecca, Bill, Al, Lenise, Ken, Linda, Ed, Joe, Ron, Johnny, Anthony, Patrick, Bob, Hiram, Mark, Crusher, Ralph, Randy, George, Walter, David, Ronny, Wayne, Mark, Howard, Jerry, Wendal, Barbara, Tom, Georgie, John, Clara, Craig, Gerry, Rosa, John, Marti, Linda and Gary.

Digitally Remastered by Glen Meadows, Masterphonics, Nashville
MCA Coordination: Andy McKaie
MCA Photo Research: Geary Chansley
Creative Direction: Vartan
Art Direction: Red Herring Design

Ed Caraeff page 5, 37
Randall Kennedy page 23
Michael Ochs Archives: Front & Back Cover, pages 15, 26, 27

Memorabilia courtesy of Pete Fogel

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