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Alive In America (1995)

Donald Fagen:
Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Keytar, Melodica Walter Becker: Guitar, Vocal on "Book of Liars"

CITIZEN STEELY DAN ORCHESTRA '94: Tom Barney: Bass Guitar Warren Bernhardt: Rehearsal Director, Piano, Fender Rhodes Dennis Chambers: Drums Georg Wadenius: Guitar Bill Ware III: Vibes, Percussion Cornelius Bumpus: Tenor Sax Chris Potter: Tenor & Alto Sax Bob Sheppard: Tenor & Soprano Sax Diane Garisto: Background Vocals Catherine Russell: Background Vocals, Percussion, Whistle Brenda White-King: Background Vocals Gary Blu: Music Copyist ALL NEW STEELY DAN ORCHESTRA '93: Same, except substitute: Peter Erskine: Drums Drew Zingg: Rehearsal Director, Guitar

Joseph Anthony: Tour Assistant Douglas Casper: Tour Manager Richard Fernandez: Tour Manager Jerry Gendron: Tour Accountant Thomas Kipphut: Production Manager Jessica Piper: Production Assistant Christopher Bishop: Monitors William Celello Jr.: Guitar Technician Ed Conrad: Clair Bros. Dean Cornell: Lights Bryce Heugel: Lights James Khalaf: Sound Kelly Lapping: Lights Roger Nichols: Monitor Engineer Jeff Ravitz: Lighting Tony Rossi: Clair Bros. Amy Skelton: Merchandise Representative Terry Weiland: Drum Technician Peter Wiltz: Keyboard Technician Larry Yager: Lights Ricky Bain: Truck Driver Mike Ball: Crew Bus Gary Cadow: Rigger Larry Ross: Crew Bus Donald Rouzano: Carpenter Paul Singer: Truck Driver Jeremy Van Lamer: Truck Driver ALL NEW STEELY DAN CREW '93: Same, except substitute the following: Harvey Schaps: Tour Manager Harvey Schaps: Tour Accountant Ed Dracoules: Monitors Jimmy Issacs: Guitar Technician David Kobb and Craig Shertz: Sound Les Midley: Merchandise Representative Gary Grimm: Drum Technician Mark Nalore: Keyboard Technician

Donald thanks:
Craig Fruin, Suzzana Haugh and the gang at HK for making touring easy and fun; Howard Rose; Harvey Schaps, '93; Richard Fernandez, '94; Doug Casper, Joe Anthony and the whole backstage crew; Everyone on lights and sound, and the rest of our travelling group; Michael Johnson at SIR; Roger Nichols; Scott Barkham and the staff of River Sound; & Michelle Wiley. Special thanks to Walter, Elinor; Sa, Kawai & Annie; Ezra, Amy & Phil; My beautiful wife Libby Titus who put me back in the concert business; The boss cats in the band; And to all the fans who hung in there for so long.

Walter thanks: Mark Twain, Thomas Alva Edison, Charles "Yardbird" Parker, Leo Fender, Mort Fega, Randy California, Jay Lasker, Irving Azoff, Captain Cook, Dalton Priddy of Project 1 and Craig Fruin. Mr Producer and Mr. Engineer. My main man Massy. Dr. Bass, Adam and Eve. M. Poulenc, for the loaner. And of course the Loyal Fandom, most especially those who enriched this recording with their generous applause.

Roger thanks: Connie, Cimcie & Ashlee; T.C. Electronics; Apogee Electronics; Sony Pro Audio; Z Systems; DigiDesign; Rayne; Mytek Digital; Lexicon; Sonic Solutions & O.S.C.

For Your Listening Pleasure: Digital edits and crossfades were used to create the effect that performances from different shows (over two summers) were rendered on one glorious night. A note for guitar freaks: if your speakers are hooked up correctly, Drew Zingg ('93) and Georg Wadenius ('94) are panned over to the left channel, and Walter Becker to the right.

- D.F.

Produced by Donald Fagen

Recorded live on tour by Roger Nichols during the summers of 1993 & 1994 - Mop-up and mixdown by Roger Nichols at River Sound, NYC - Mixed with Apogee 20 bit AD1000 and UV22 - Additional Engineering by Phil Burnett - Second Engineers: Anthony Gillis, Tony Gonzalez - Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, NYC - Tape supplied by Tom Salisbury at Ampex. - Production Coordinator/Assistant to Donald Fagen: Scott Barkham - Additional Coordination: Scott Kubrin - River Sound Crew: Robert Siciliano, Larry Shea, Debbie Levitt, Don Spangler, Luc Guillaume - Piano Tuner: Sam Berd - Management: Craig Fruin at HK Management - Accounting: Ira Yohalem & Scott Guber at Yohalem Gillman & Co. - Publishing Administration: Leonard Freedman - Booking: Howard Rose - Art Direction: Carol Bobolts at Red Herring Design - Art Research: Margot Norton - Photography: Stephen Cridland, Jacky Sallow, Pete Fogel, Donald Fagen. Inlay and page 11 photographs taken at The Gorge Ampitheater, George, Washington.

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