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WebDrone Letterhead

Listen: you DON'T need Flash to view this site. You DON'T need Shockwave. You don't need a single fancy schmancy Plug In-Of-The-Month to see a blessed thing. Hell, we don't even use frames, for chrissake. We are defiantly, proudly low-tech and text-based. And Netscape, Internet Explorer, -- hey, it's all the same to us. We try to make our pages look decent and work right on either one -- no small feat, especially since our '90s code looks like (and works like) it was written by a 3-year old who will never ever (nevah evah?) never ever learn any new technique or new web capability. [The only people we can't do much for are you poor AOL users, burdened as you are with unique limitations on what you can do and use in the Real World of the 'Net at large]. All in all, we're really quite easy to get along with, wouldn't you agree?

But if you really do INSIST on setting your default font size to some nonstandard level, well, then most of our lovingly constructed pages and tables will come out looking like your average download portal on Or worse. Such a headache you'll get!

Here's how to set your browser to the standard type size assumed by most HTML pages throughout the web (including ours): *

Look at the two sentences below:

This sentence just fills up a single line
And this one too -- it just fills up one line

If either sentence breaks into more than one line, please adjust your browser font size downward until it doesn't break.

If either sentence does not fill up its line, please adjust your browser font size upward until it does fill up its line.

Netscape Users:
Edit Menu->Preferences->Appearance->Fonts->Set Font Sizes

IE Users:
Toggle the "Smaller" and "Larger" Type Icons along your top browser menu

Listen to the WebDrone. It'll make everything sooo much better. Honest.

Signed: SD WebDrone
* Now admittedly, those of you who have large monitors set to high resolutions (1024 x 768 or higher) might find this standard type size a tad, um, diminutive, shall we say. But that's because your monitor resolution is shrinking EVERYTHING -- type, windows, icons. A lower screen resolution will probably make the very readable 12pt type actually 12pts in size. But far be it from me to agitate.


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