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Steely Dan In Print

A Few Lexical Lunacies by Them and by Us

Them: Rolfe Howls: The Woof on "Everything Must Go" ('03)
The People Speak: Reviews and features on "Two Against Nature" ('00)
A World Of My Own: Rob Toth on 'The Loyal Fandom'
Raves & Disses: Interviews and reviews from the fourth estate ('95-6)
SD's Modest Proposals: in the LA Times


Nostradamus Predicts : What are the odds?

Hey Luke Wilson: An Open Letter
Attention Wes Anderson: You Too...
Don't Think We're Done! The Remainder

Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame: Countdown to Infamy in 15 movements
2vN Communiques: Misc business Re: "Two Against Nature"
     Grammy Dispatch
     WB on Travels in W. Europe
     Band Aid
     The Pengo Papers
     Let The Corrections Begin
     Incredible News!
     MSA'ing In Action
     Press Bio 1999
     A New Strategic Partner?
Golem Troubles: Good help is hard to find, Part II
Collected Writhings: A few-score of WB's electronic memos
DF In "Premiere"
     Mancini's Anomie Deluxe - 10/87
     In The Throes of Lakmania - 1/88
     Tell Blondie to Break Out The Ice - 12/88
     A Talk with Ennio Morricone - 8/89

Waiting For 2vN: That wasn't long, was it?
     Match The Tracks
     Words Not To Use
     Hey Dave
     Studio Glossary
     Hey Craig
     Class of 77
     Ask Dr. Klamm
     Expressions To Avoid
     Catalog of Miracles
     Don't Ask Don't Tell
     Name That Kid
     The SD B-Board

The Artificial Interview: WB in EQ Magazine
(We Don't Want To Do Your) Dirty Work
Bon Appetite: The SD Restaurant Guide
Les is More: (I) Good help is hard to find
SD interviews SD: From "Boston Magazine"
Gas Attack: WB in "Guitar Player"
Blindfold Test: Lorraine Feather quizzes WB
Loyalty Oath: The bosses at River Sound sound off
Dear Andy: Letter from "Citizen SD" liner notes
Alive and Kicking: Liners from "Alive In America"
Fundamentals of Mu-sic: Intro to SD songbook, c 1977

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