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An Invitation To Our President

Dear Bill:

It has come to our attention that you will be spending the evening here in Charlotte tonight. Coincidentally our band, Steely Dan, will be performing here at the Blockbuster Pavilion just outside of town. We would like to invite you to come on down to the gig and sit in with the band. Our tunes are pretty simple and all are in easy keys. The other guys in the horn section are eager to have you play, and in fact so is the entire band, as you can see from the personal invitations printed below. So feel free to fall by if you get the urge to blow.


Donald Fagen and Walter Becker
a.k.a. Steely Dan

P.S. In deference to the strong religious sentiment prevalent here in this part of the state, our talented and lovely female vocalists Carolyn Leonhart and Michelle Wylie have been requested to wear esemble # 3, which is the Catholic Schoolgirl Look, for tomorrow night's show. Just thought you might want to know.

Take a break from your regular gig and come rock with us for a couple of hours - Michael Leonhart (trumpet player, son of Jay Leonhart - Nancy LaMott's bass player)

It's the hottest ticket in Charlotte - and we're pretty sure Bob Dole won't show - Wayne Krantz (Guitar)

We've got a horn section full of Democrats just dyin' for you to join us Mr. President - Michelle Wiley (Backing vocals)

I'm praying for you every day, so to take your mind off your work, come and join us and relax! You are the best President - Ricky Lawson (Drums)

My Dad has performed for you (with Nancy LaMott) and I would love the chance to do the same! If you have trouble getting tickets, I'll be happy to give you my comps! - Carolyn Leonhart (Backing Vocals)

It would be an honor to have you play with us. We're also short one tenor player - Tom Barney (Bass)

President Clinton - My grandfather was the High School Band Director in Hope Ark (Ruel Oliver) and my Uncle Dub went to school with your Mom! Take a break and come up and jam with one of your homeboys - John Beasley (Piano)

Bill - We'd love to have you come down, and don't forget to bring your ax - Ari Ambrose (Sax)

Hi Bill - Keep up the good work. You can take my solo on Hey Nineteen - Cornelius Bumpus (Sax)

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