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The Morning Scan
Random Notes From Far Arcturus


As you know, we will be playing two shows in New Jersey this week, with a day off before and a day off afterwards. The band members who live in the New York metropolitan area will be basing out of their residences in Manhattan or (gasp) outlying boroughs, giving them access to the comforts of home and the full cultural and recreational resources that New York has to offer. The L.A.- based band members might also have been put up in a hotel in New York, but instead I find that they are staying in the Hilton Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey. No doubt there is some logistic or financial advantage from our perspective in having them somewhat closer to the venue, but from the musicians' perspective the recreational activities and opportunities offered by Iselin vs. Manhattan are somewhat dubious. A comparison of same is given below.

New York, New York Iselin, New Jersey
Village Vanguard D's Bowl-A-Rama
Central Park Parkway (Garden State)
New York Pizza 7-11 U-Heat'em Burrito
Soho gallery babes hookers at Bowl-A-Rama
brunch at the Whitney Chili Dog Special at D's
Madison Avenue shopping New! Target on Rte. 46
Jarmusch festival at Angelika Supervixens 17 at Video Shack
Prince Street Wine Bar Larry's Liquor World
interesting street musicians cars that go boom
midtown sushi bar Long John Silver's
annual block party on 14th Street occasional 3-car pileup at stoplight
talk lefty politics at Village cafe talk sports with Doug on bus
web browse from "@" Cybercafe dual speed Magic Fingers
romantic moment atop the Empire State quickie in Bowl-A-Rama parking lot

See what I'm thinking? Our dolls might be a tad better off cruising the City of Class than they are languishing by the side of the road in a prototypical outpost of the American Wasteland. By the way: some of the items on the right hand column may suggest to you that Iselin is sort of like L.A. and therefore kind of cool. It is not.



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