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...during the Art Crimes '96 tour, the talented and gregarious members of the Steely Dan Art Crimes Orchestra made lots of new friends - people they met at shows, fellow music lovers, masseurs, waitresses, etc. - and were reunited with all sorts of dear old friends as well. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, the distinguished Art Crimes players may have lost contact with some of their newfound or newly rediscovered buddies. S0 - the Message Board is presented here to help old friends and new get back in touch with their DanPals and make the summer of '96 truly "everlasting", if possible. Just drop us a line and we'll post it here for your pals(s) to see.

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997
From: Sheldon Dealy
Subject: Wayne Krantz


It was sure nice to see that one of us made it. Watching you playing away with a sweet smile on your face was definitely a high point of the year(96). From my vantage point at the Portland Rose Garden last fall, it looks like total fun.

Please don't be a stranger on your next pass through Oregon.

Lake Oswego, OR

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997
From: Michael Jessup (
Subject: my demo tape

hey Mr. Bigshot -

We never met this summer. You knew my girlfriend Cheyenne though. You knew her in Kansas City, remember? out by the buses? between the sets? Cute little blond girl, green eyes, nice all over? You remember?

You know what - it's nice, when something nice like that happens, to call, send a little card maybe, some flowers or whatever. You didn't do that. I wouldn't a minded a bit either, I got over the whole thing pretty much. later that week. I'm a musician too, I know how it is, all's I'm saying is this: a call, what could it cost you?

Look, I don't want no trouble. I am a singer songwriter, good one too, just like you or Donald or Walter, or maybe even better - definately not as weird, anyway. You are a big Hollywood session star, you have lots of friends in the record business, right? I think you remember that Cheyenne gave you a tape of me singing my songs, the first one is definately a smash hit. That's my friend Nick on the maracas. He's just a friend. The third song, I rewrote the whole chorus on that one, it's even better now. The last one is about what happens when you meet Jesus for the first or second time.

Let me know what you think ASAP. I don't want no trouble.

signed, Michael Jessup

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