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From: Becker
To: Claims Adjuster, InFidelity Mutual Insurance
Re: Claim # 296748
Dear Sirs:

I am writing in reference to a claim filed on behalf on Mr Les Weaver, a former employee of Steely Dan and, more specifically, the former webmaster of the Official Steely Dan website. As you are no doubt aware, a claim has been made for 100% disability on Mr Weaver's behalf, by his legal guardian Mr Walter Becker, with all benefits made payable to Mr Becker for disbursement on behalf of Mr Weaver or as Mr Becker sees fit.

In regards to this claim, it is our position that Mr Weaver's disabilities are NOT the result of his employment by Steely Dan Inc., but rather stem from his employment at Anodyne Technologies, where he was a "security consultant", which as you know is a glorified rent-a-cop. While on night patrol at Anodyne, Mr Weaver was in the habit of listening all night long to various Cd's by 70's recording artists, including but not limited to Steely Dan, the Eagles, Billy Joel and Sting. We contend that the brain damage suffered by Mr Weaver is directly linked to his long-term exposure to recorded sound digitized at the pernicious 44.1 Khz frequency. We have solid scientific data to support this claim. This data has been made available to the aforementioned 70's recording artists and others, in the hopes that we can band together and call for a new digital sound format or formats to be developed for commercial releases - one which will make all the great music from that era available to the public in a safe and euphonic form. The sooner the old 44.1 stuff is recalled from the shelves and listeners begin replacing their collections with the new format(s), the better off we will be. It's too late to save Les (and probably not worth the trouble anyway; see below) but it's not too late for the rest of us.

Please make the disability checks payable to:

Walter C Becker
c/o Watanabe, Mishkin & Capone, Esq.
1 Federal Plaza
Philadelphia, PA 17436

Thank you for your prompt action on this matter.

Walter Becker


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