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Craig -

I'm up late again thinking about what we can do to keep the Steely gig alive long enough to get the album finished and into the stores (assuming there will still be CDs and CD stores by then). Here are a couple of things D and I have been talking about. See what you think.

1. Publicity stunt - Have you been following this Joni Mitchell thing, where she finds her long-lost daughter? Now is that an incredible story or what?!!! Craig, you are my manager, Donald's manager too, let me ask you something: why doesn't something like that ever happen to one or both of us? Are we not men? Cut us, do we not bleed? Why don't we find out that we have long - lost daughters who just happen to be attractive fashion models or something like that? Just because Joni knows all those open tunings and maybe slept around a bit now and again, does that mean she is the only one? I sure hope not. Or - what about an alien abduction of some sort? That would be absolutely perfect for the web page, every third site on the 'net is about aliens these days. But I don't think I personally want to get abducted, nor Donald either, maybe we could have Denny or - say, Craig! do the name "Skunk Baxter" ring a bell?

2. Infomercial: I know that these things are usually used to promote some product or other but what about some kind of round table discussion about Steely music and stuff - featuring fans, critics, musicians, whoever we could get? Maybe we can get one of the Fogels to host the whole thing, it could be a regular feature. And get this: because there is no actual product of any kind to promote, we could do it on public access in NY and LA and who knows where else. It wouldn't cost a dime, and it would keep our names etc in the audience's minds until we can get the record out.

3. Anne Heche thing: you remember this one from last summer I believe - I say we hit this one hard and often, because Anne is still a #1 babe in our books, now maybe more than ever. By the way, if you ever get a chance, maybe you could shoot out some kind of "thank you" note to Marilu (Henner) for sending us copies of her book last fall. Donald's had a wonderful inscription. No hurry.

4. Yard Sale - there is a ton of old junk lying around at River - lots of stuff out Hyperbolic way too. Is it possible that we can donate this stuff to some museum or other and get some kind of megabucks tax break? I know people who will appraise the stuff at whatever figure we want. Let's look into this one. Or maybe we can unload some more junk on the Hard Rock guys? Let me know.

5. Every time I turn on the TV I am seeing Sting and Don Henley promoting some cause or other, as if they were the only idealistic concerned pop stars who ever came down the pike. It so happens that Donald and I are also plenty idealistic and concerned, plus we need the fucking exposure like twenty times more than these guys let's shop around a little and find out which one of these causes pay enough money to make it worth our while to get out there and do a few tunes some time. Let's try to stay away from anything really sappy or embarrassing, though, we don't want to come off like a couple of chimps.

6. Xanadu modelling agency - I keep coming back to this one

7. Get big Hollywood director to make movie about us - like Rick Moranis' idea but with real director

...I could go on and on, the coffee here is very very good, but I won't, because I know you have lots of good ideas yourself about ways we can keep the faithful all sauced up til the album is done. Let me know what's up.


Header Graphic: Eric "Rudy" Schuttler
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