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January 22, 2003


In Stores Tuesday, May 6 June 10

Steely Dan is releasing Everything Must Go (Reprise) on
May 6 June 10. It is Walter Becker and Donald Fagen's first release since 2000, when their Two Against Nature -- the duo's first studio release in 20 years -- garnered multiple Grammy® awards including "Album Of The Year".

Listeners anticipating Steely Dan's patented amalgam of sonic perfection, sinuous musicality, and subversive storytelling will not be disappointed by the new release, whose musical allusions range from Pharaoh Sanders to Tommy James, and whose literary echoes bound from William Gibson to Burmashave. Featured lyrics include such catchy phrases as "and that's when she jumped the turnstile" and "hey -- is that a horseshoe crab"?

Everything Must Go took roughly a year to record -- a veritable wind sprint given Becker and Fagen's legendary meticulousness in the studio. "We went for live tracking this time and got great, in-the-pocket tracks," says Becker. Donald Fagen adds "It's mad: it's wiggy: I love it".

The core band included Keith Carlock (drums), Ted Baker (keyboards), jazz sensation Bill Charlap (keyboards), and Jon Herington and Hugh McCracken (guitars). Becker played bass and guitar, while Fagen contributed keyboards, organs, Rhodes, synths, and -- on all but one cut -- lead vocals. Becker's solo singing on one tune marks the first such credit for him in Steely Dan's studio oeuvre.

Engineering were Elliot Scheiner, Dave Russell, Roger Nichols -- all of whom received Best Engineering Grammys® for Two Against Nature -- along with newcomer T.J. Doherty. Superstar tracking and mixing engineer Elliot Scheiner comments on the process, saying "We did a few things differently -- including tracking and mixing in analog instead of digital. That contributed to giving this album a really rich and satisfying sound".

Steely Dan's official website -- Becker and Fagen's personal internet playpen since 1996 -- can be found at www.steelydan.com, and will be running news, updates, and commentary throughout this promotional season and beyond.

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Steely Dan inveigled themselves onto the soundtrack of the '70s with radio hits such as "Reeling in the Years", "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," "Peg", and "Hey Nineteen" culled from their seven platinum albums issued between 1972 and 1980 (including 1977's groundbreaking Aja). Both their sound and their notoriety survived the '80s despite Becker and Fagen's only occasional surfacing for a solo project. They reunited as Steely Dan in the early '90s, touring successfully throughout the decade and releasing a live album in 1995 (Alive In America).

In 2000 they released their multi-Grammy® winner Two Against Nature, and were awarded ASCAP's prestigious Founders Award. The year 2001 saw Steely Dan's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; no one is entirely sure if the honor was because of or in spite of Becker and Fagen's intensive 3-year "campaign" on steelydan.com to catch the Hall's attention -- a campaign during which they proffered various inducements to Hall voters, such as a 3-M digital recorder, Mr. Fagen's childhood piano, and a case of honey mustard.

For more information,
please contact Luke Burland at Warner Bros./Reprise Publicity
818-953-3626 :: luke.burland@wbr.com

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