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Music and Lyrics by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen,
except "East St. Louis Toodle-oo" by Duke Ellington - Bubber Miley
and "The Fez" by Walter Becker - Donald Fagen - Paul Griffin,
and "Gaucho" by Walter Becker - Donald Fagen - Keith Jarrett

Produced by Gary Katz

Donald Fagen - Lead vocals (except as noted below)

(Originally ABC LP 758)
Do It Again
Dirty Work
Midnight Cruiser
Only A Fool Would Say That
Reelin' In The Years
Fire In The Hole
Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)
Change Of The Guard
Turn That Heartbeat Over Again

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Spanish Walter Becker: Electric Bass Guitar, Vocals Denny Dias: Guitar, Electric Sitar Donald Fagen: Piano, Electric Piano, Plastic Organ, Vocals, Co-Lead Vocals on "Change of the Guard," "Only A Fool Would Say That," and "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again." Jim Hodder: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Lead Vocal on "Midnight Cruiser." David Palmer: Vocals, Lead Vocal on "Dirty Work," "Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)." With: Elliot Randall: Guitar Victor Feldman: Percussion Jerome Richardson: Tenor Sax Snooky Young: Fluegelhorn Clydie King, Shirlie Matthews, and Venetta Fields: Background Vocals on "Brooklyn" and "Kings" Recorded at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA Engineered by Roger Nichols/Asst. Engineer: Tim Weston.
(Originally ABC LP 779)
Razor Boy
The Boston Rag
Your Gold Teeth
Show Biz Kids
My Old School
King Of The World
Pearl Of The Quarter

Denny Dias: Guitar Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: Guitar, Pedal Steely Guitar Walter Becker: Electric Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals Jim Hodder: Drums, Percussion, Vocals Donald Fagen: Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals Sherlie Matthews, Myrna Matthews, Patricia Hall, David Palmer, Royce Jones, James Rolleston, Michael Fenelly: Background Vocals Additional Background Vocals Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins, Ernie Watts, John Rotella Saxes on "My Old School", Arranged by Jimmie Haskell Victor Feldman: Vibes, Marimba, Percussion Ray Brown: String Bass on "Razor Boy" Rick Derringer: Slide Guitar on "Show Biz Kids" Ben Benay: Acoustic Guitar Engineered by Roger Nichols/ Assisted by Miss Natalie at Village Recorder, Santa Monica, CA Rick Derringer recorded at Caribou Ranch, Nederland, CO (Courtesy of Columbia Records)
(Originally ABC LP 808)
Rikki Don't Loose That Number
Night By Night
Any Major Dude Will Tell You
East St. Louis Toodle-oo
Parker's Band
Through With Buzz
Pretzel Logic
With A Gun
Charlie Freak
Monkey In Your Soul

Collective Personnel: Donald Fagen; Walter Becker; Michael Omartian; Jim Gordon; Jeff Porcaro; David Paich; Chuck Rainey; Ben Banay; Dean Parks; Tim Schmit; Victor Feldman; Plas Johnson; Ollie Mitchell; Jerome Richardson; Lew McCreary; Ernie Watts; Wilton Felder Orchestration by Jimmie Haskell Fuzz Box Courtesy of Valley Sound Tim Schmit Courtesy of Epic Records Engineered by Roger Nichols at The Village Recorder, West Los Angeles Overdub and mixdown at Cherokee Sound, Chatsworth, California
At The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium,
Santa Monica, California,
June, 1974
Originally "B" Side
"Hey Nineteen" Single (1980)
Bodhisattva (Live)

Jerome Aniton: Spoken Intro Donald Fagen: Piano Walter Becker: Bass Jeff Porcaro and Jim Hodder: Drums Denny Dias and Jeff "Baxter: Guitars Michael McDonald: Keyboards, Vocals Royce Jones: Vocals, Percussion

KATY LIED (1975)
(originally ABC LP 846)
Black Friday
Bad Sneakers
Rose Darling
Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More
Doctor Wu
Everyone's Gone To The Movies
Chain Lightning
Your Gold Teeth II
Any World (That I'm Welcome To)
Throw Back The Little Ones

Walter Becker, Denny Dias, Rick Derringer, Dean Parks, Elliot Randall, Hugh McCracken, Larry Carlton: Guitars Michael Omartian, Donald Fagen, David Paich: Piano and Various Keyboards Walter Becker, Chuck Rainey, Wilton Felder: Bass Jeff Porcaro: Drums and Dorophone Hal Blaine: Drums on "Any World (That I'm Welcome To)" Victor Feldman: Percussion and Vibes Michael McDonald: Background Vocals Sherlie Matthews, Carolyn Willis, Myrna Matthews: Background Vocals on "Everyone's Gone To The Movies" Horns on "Throw Back The Little Ones" Arranged by Jimmie Haskell Alto Solo on "Doctor Wu" by Phil Woods Engineered by Roger Nichols/Sound Consultant: Stuart "Dinky" Dawson Real Time Analysis: Bob DeAvila Recorded at ABC Recording Studios Inc., Los Angeles
(Originally ABC LP 931)
Kid Charlemagne
The Caves Of Altamira
Don't Take Me Alive
Sign In Stranger
The Fez
Green Earrings
Haitian Divorce
Everything You Did
The Royal Scam

Donald Fagen, Victor Feldman, Paul Griffin, Don Grolnick; Keyboards Walter Becker, Larry Carlton, Denny Dias, Dean Parks, Elliot Randall: Guitars Walter Becker, Chuck Rainey: Bass Rick Marotta, Bernard Purdie; Drums Gary Coleman, Victor Feldman: Percussion Chuck Findley, Bob Findley, Slyde Hyde, Jim Horn, Plas Johnson, John Klemmer: Horns Donald Fagen, Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews, Michael McDonald, Tim Schmit: Background Vocals Horns Arranged By Chuck Findley, Walter Becker, and Donald Fagen Engineered by Roger Nichols at ABC Studios in Los Angeles and Elliot Scheiner at A&R Studies in New York Mix Down Engineers: Roger Nichols, Barney Perkins
Santa Monica, California,
Originally Released Greatest Hits (1978)
Here At The Western World

Michael Omartian: Piano Chuck Rainey: Bass Bernard Purdie: Drums Dean Parks, Jeff Mironov: Guitars Leslie Miller, Casey Syszik, Florence Warner: Background Vocals Recorded at ABC Studios, Automated, A&R Studios New York and Cherokee Studios Mixed at Automated Engineered by Roger Nichols, Elliot Scheiner

AJA (1977)
(Originally ABC LP 1006)
Black Cow
Deacon Blues
Home At Last
I Got The News

Larry Carlton, Walter Becker, Denny Dias, Jay Graydon, Steve Khan, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour: Guitars Chuck Rainey, Walter Becker: Bass Steve Gadd, Ed Greene, Paul Humphrey, Jim Keltner, Rick Marotta, Bernard Purdie: Drums Victor Feldman, Paul Griffin, Joe Sample: Electric Piano Don Grolnick, Joe Sample: Clavinet Donald Fagen: Synthesizers Victor Feldman: Vibes Victor Feldman, Gary Coleman, Jim Keltner: Percussion Tom Scott: Lyricon Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Wayne Shorter, Peter Christlieb, Plas Johnson, Tom Scott, Jackie Kelso: Saxes/Flutes Chuck Findley, Lou McCreary, Slyde Hyde: Brass Horns Arranged and Conducted by Tom Scott Michael McDonald, Paul Griffin, Donald Fagen, Tim Schmit, Clydie King, Venetta Fields, Sherlie Matthews, Rebecca Louis: Background Vocals Rhythm Charts Prepared By Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, and Michael Omartian in Collaboration with the Composers Recorded at Village Recorders, West L.A.; Producer's Workshop, Hollywood; Warner Bros. North Hollywood Recording Studios: ABC Recording Studios; Sound Labs, Hollywood; A&R Studios, New York Engineers: Roger Nichols; Elliot Scheiner; Bill Schnee; Al Schmitt/Assistant Engineers: Lenise Bent; Ken Klinger; Linda Tyler; Ed Rack; Joe Bellamy; Ron Pangaliman Executive Engineer: Roger Nichols Steve Gadd and Michael McDonald appear Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc. Chuck Rainey Appears Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc. Victor Feldman Appears Courtesy if Caribou Records Lee Ritenour Appears Courtesy of Zembu Productions Wayne Shorter Appears Courtesy of Columbia Records, Inc. Tom Scott Appears Courtesy of Ode Records
(MCA LP 1200/2)

Donald Fagen: Piano Walter Becker: Bass Jeff Porcaro: Drums and Percussion Walter Becker: Guitar Strings Arranged by Johnny Mandel Recorded at Village Recorders, Armand Steiner Soundlab, Studio 55 and Capitol Studios Engineered by Roger Nichols, Al Schmitt

GAUCHO (1980)
(Originally MCA LP 6102)

Babylon Sisters
Hey Nineteen
Glamour Profession
Time Out Of Mind
My Rival
Third World Man

Steve Gadd, Rick Marotta, Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie: Drums Walter Becker, Anthony Jackson, Chuck Rainey: Bass Donald Fagen, Don Grolnick, Patrick Rebillot, Joe Sample: Electric Piano Donald Fagen, Rob Mounsey: Synthesizers Walter Becker, Steve Kahn, Hugh McCracken, Hiram Bullock, Larry Carlton, Mark Knopfler, Rick Derringer: Guitars Crusher Bennett, Victor Feldman, Steve Gadd, Ralph McDonald: Percussion Donald Fagen: Organ Rob Mounsey: Piano Randy Brecker: Trumpet, Flugelhorn Tom Scott: Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Lyricon and Clarinet George Marge, Walter Kane: Bass Clarinets Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone David Sanborn: Alto Saxophone Ronnie Cuber: Baritone Saxophone Wayne Andre: Trombone Nicholas Marrero: Timbales Leslie Miller, Patti Austin, Toni Wine, Lani Groves, Diva Gray, Gordon Grady, Frank Floyd, Zack Sanders, Valerie Simpson, Michael McDonald: Background Vocals Horns on "Babylon Sisters" and "Time Out Of Mind" Arranged by Rob Mounsey Horns on "Glamor Profession," Gaucho," and "My Rival" Arranged by Tom Scott Rhythm Arrangements by Steely Dan with Rob Mounsey, Don Grolnick and Paul Griffin Recorded at Soundworks, N.Y.C.; A&R Studios, N.Y.C.; Sigma Sound studios, N.Y.C.; Automated Sound Studios, N.Y.C.; Village Recorders, West L.A.; Producers Workshop, Hollywood/Mixdown at A&R Studios and Village Recorders Executive Engineer: Roger Nichols/ Tracking: Elliot Scheiner, Bill Schnee/ Overdub: Roger Nichols; Jerry Garszza/ Mixdown: Elliot Scheiner / Sequencing and Special Effects: Roger Nichols and WENDAL/ Assistant Engineers: Barbara Isaak, Tom Greto, Georgie Offrell, John (Doc) Dougherty, Carla Bandini, Craig Goetsch, Getty Gabinelly, Rosa Howell, John Potoker, Marti Robertson, Linda Randazzo Patty Austin Appears Courtesy of CTI Records Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker, and Steve Kahn Appear Courtesy of Arista Records, Inc. Rick Derringer Appears Courtesy of CBS Records and Blue Sky Records Mark Knopfler Appears Courtesy of Phonogram Ltd. and Warner Bros. Records Inc. Nicholas Marrero Appears Courtesy of Fania Records, Inc. Rick Marotta Appears Courtesy of Phonogram-Mercury Records Jeff Porcaro and Tom Scott Appear Courtesy of Columbia Records David Sanborn and Valerie Simpson Appear Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
Demo - 1971
Everyone's Gone To The Movies

Original Band with: Victor Feldman, Percussion Backup Vocals: Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan Recorded at ABC Studios Engineered By Roger Nichols

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