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6:47 (St Petersberg, FL 8/19/94) Late seventies L.A. noir. Apocalyptic. Burned out. Slide into decadence or healing regression? Cool beat. Tenor solo: Bob Sheppard.

5:20 (Irvine, CA 9/10/93) Minimalist lyrics. Quartal harmony. Suave criminal. Picaresque. Power over women. Altered blues. Solos: W.B., Bernhardt, Zingg, Bumpus, Zingg.

5:47 (Detroit, MI 8/27/94) Lure of East, Hubris of hippies. Quick fix. Jokey blues. Wadenius, Chambers awesome. W.B. wraps it.

6:24 (Chicago, IL 8/26/94) Reclaimed juvenilia. "Infernal woman." Escape from relationship. Neat solos: W.B., Potter, Wadenius.

6:12 (Phoenix, AZ 9/18/94) Mock-sacred intro. Ritualistic. Wasteland. Return of town hipstress sparks healing regression. Fertility. Regeneration. Human sacrifice? W.B. throughout. Drum solo: Chambers.

4:19 (Phoenix, AZ 9/6/93) Betrayal in the 'burbs. Blue Xmas. Faux Afrique, c'est chic. Triadic. Tribadic. Chef Bob pipes. Fortean Bernhardt tinkles. W.B. sings!

4:19 (Detroit. MI 8/27/94) Girlfriend. Narcissistic. Showbiz. Cult of self. Karmic payback. Wadenius plays.

6:38 (Charlotte, NC 9/19/93) Minor chords. Brooding. Scary little kid. Terrorists, media, identifies, Oedipal transposition. How resolved? Zingg, Erskine perfect.

5:16 (Detroit, MI 8/27/94) Sixties epitaph. Designer druggist. Power, glory. Running on empty. Wadenius solos.

6:34 (Detroit, MI 8/27/94) Boom planet. Bill Ware: vibes. New sax break. Proto-cyberpunk. Bridge: new lyrics (!)

9:00 (Irvine, CA 9/17/94) Eclectic. Orientalism. Slide into decadence or healing regression? Structure: AABBCCAC. Original had Wayne Shorter. New has Chris Potter. Plus great Chambers. Show over

All songs written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen and published by MCA Music Publishing ASCAP except "Babylon Sisters" and "Third World Man" published by Zeon Music/Freejunket Music ASCAP, "Reelin in the Years", published by MVA Music Publishing ASCAP/Red Giant Music, Inc. ASCAP and "Book Of Liars" Written by Walter Becker and published by Zeon Music ASCAP.

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